Washington set to be the next state that bans conversion therapy

If the measure passes, Washington will be the eleventh state to ban it.

Some students wanted to do a gay play. So the school district cut theater funding.

The school board said part of the problem is that the play uses the word "faggot."

A pastor may lose her job for marrying a gay couple. Her congregation is rallying.

"She is a walking, talking example of Jesus," a young woman said about her pro-LGBTQ pastor.

Mike Pence gas-lights gay people: I never supported conversion therapy

It's pretty clear that he supported federal funding for conversion therapy. So why is he lying?

A mother didn’t know what to do when her son came out. So she called a gay bar.

Of course, the bartender who answered the phone had great advice.

Helen Grace James
Lesbian Air Force veteran expelled over 50 years ago finally wins honorable discharge

90 year-old vet Helen Grace James was dismissed as "undesirable" in 1955 on suspicion of being a lesbian.

trump evangelical voters
Despite being ‘contrary to what Christ would stand for,’ evangelicals are standing by Trump

This panel of average evangelical Trump supporters will shock you with their willingness to admit they only support him to further their own agenda.

Toronto police identify possible gay serial killer

Toronto gay men keep disappearing. Now police think they've found out why.

A British department store is selling ‘Adam & Steve’ biscuits for Valentine’s Day

The Biblical cookies also come in both a lesbian and standard "Adam and Eve" variety.

Out congressman Jared Polis’ letter to his 3 year-old daughter is everything today

"Hopefully the glass ceilings will be shattered by the time you get there. But if not bring a hammer."

Joey van Niekerk Anisha van Niekerk
Man who allegedly raped & burned a lesbian couple alive claims he was their ‘friend’

“They always came to visit me at the shop. I also helped them with their horses.”

Trump appointee resigns over racist, homophobic, & sexist remarks

Sadly, the remarkable thing about this is that he didn't get a promotion after the remarks surfaced.

Nancy Pelosi will be a guest judge on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race: All Stars’

The longtime friend of LGBTQ equality said she had a "fabulous" time taping the show.

Aetna settles class action lawsuit for over $7 million after outing HIV patients

Some of the plaintiffs said they were kicked out of their homes when it was revealed that they were living with HIV.

RuPaul set to soar in new movie ‘Drag Queens on a Plane’

"RuPaul's Drag Race" is also coming to Thailand, and RuPaul's DragCon is set to go international.

After he kissed his boyfriend & posted it on Twitter, antigay creeps went off the rails

In the end, the two turned the online hate into a way to raise money for a charity.

Alabama Senate passes a bill eliminating marriage licenses to spite gay couples

Probate judges, some of whom have refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, could accept affidavits from couples instead.

Trump’s license to discriminate against LGBT people also allows bias against Christians

If you cite your "religious belief," you can now discriminate against anyone - including the far right evangelical Christians who wanted that ability.

Trump administration announces new ‘civil rights’ division to allow LGBT discrimination

The office is intended to give far right Christians a license to discriminate against LGBT people and pregnant women.

Gay Olympian slams choice of Pence to lead US delegation & says he won’t meet him

"Mike Pence doesn’t stand for anything that I really believe in."

Trump tells gay Republicans he supports them right before he guts LGBT civil rights

The President sent a note to the Log Cabin Republicans and within days the administration was repeatedly attacking LGBT rights again.

Samuel Woodward Blaze Bernstein
College student’s alleged killer tells police he stabbed him after the victim kissed him

Samuel Woodward has been charged with one count of felony murder for the death of Blaze Bernstein.

avril nolan hiv ad
Court says model who appeared in an HIV prevention ad can sue for emotional distress

The court ruled that a significant portion of society still doesn't accept those living with HIV and therefore she has a right to sue.

This couple ordered wedding programs, but got ex-gay conversion pamphlets instead

In court filings, the couple have accused Vistaprint of discrimination and claimed emotional distress over the harassment.

Donald Trump is ringing the death knell of the religious right

They said we were all made in God’s image, then Trump became their God and they remade themselves in his profane image.

Will Grindr help the Chinese government blackmail gay & bi men?

Those pics might be more public than you thought.

donald trump betsy devos
Trump administration refuses to hear trans students’ discrimination complaints now

The number of complaints filed have decreased by 40%. Advocates believe it is due to trans students assuming Trump doesn't support them.

Trump will give healthcare workers the right to refuse to treat LGBT people

Even ambulance drivers could refuse to transport an LGBT person to the hospital if they cite their "religious freedom."