Ballot box with a rainbow background
The Democrats are going to have a huge field of LGBT candidates nationwide this election

Here’s a roundup of some of the successful LGBTQ candidates so far this primary season. This year we're not just voting... We're running (and winning).

McMurdo Station staff display pride flag on Antarctica.
Pride flag waves over South Pole for the first time

Even in as remote a place as Antarctica, you can find community.

Pride in Pictures 1978: Dykes on Bikes take charge of the parade

These women own the road. And they reclaimed a putdown and made it proud.

Trump’s collection of Russiagate deplorables now includes a convicted pedophile

A shadowy businessman convicted for having sex with underage boys is now wrapped up in Robert Mueller's investigation.

Stock photo of a Lyft rider exiting car
Gay couple thrown out of Lyft by irate driver after they kissed

"We basically pecked, nothing out of the ordinary."

Hawaii bans dangerous ‘ex-gay’ conversion therapy

Hawaii has become the 12th state to ban the fraudulent practice.

Pride in Pictures 1977-78: Shirts & skins

Pride breaks through repression — with some great scenery.

Transgender students just won a huge federal court case

The court unanimously decided against the far right legal group and their hateful clients.

Pope Francis
Pope Francis tells bishops to ‘keep your eyes open’ for gay seminarians

One day after the Pope told a man that God made him gay and accepted him, he told Italian bishops to reject applicants for the priesthood who may be gay.

Robert Van Hook
Death row inmate asks for clemency because ‘gay panic’ justifies murder

The convicted killer says going home with a gay man caused him to strangle the victim and then cut open the body and stab the victim's internal organs.

The Nike BETRUE Air Max 270
Nike releases their 2018 pride sneakers & this year’s theme is a little different

The four types of shoes feature "colors and symbols that have been reclaimed and historically repurposed by the LGBTQ community."

George Takei
George Takei’s accuser admits he wasn’t sexual assaulted after all

"This has been the worst thing to happen to George since the internment camps," a personal friend of Takei said.

Nicole Hall
A transgender woman who was found dead in Dallas has been identified

Nicole Hall is remembered as a "pioneer in the Texas Black Trans Community."

Is Amtrak covering up an anti-gay hate crime to avoid bad publicity?

Amtrak police say this might be a suicide attempt, but his injuries aren't consistent with jumping from a moving train.

Dana Rohrabacher
Republican congressman says it’s okay to discriminate against ‘immoral’ gays

Dana Rohrabacher lost his endorsement from the National Association of Realtors after he said it should be okay to refuse to sell a house to a gay person.

Gay Christian Cross
Democrats introduce bill to prevent use of religious exemptions to discriminate

The new bill says that "religious freedom" doesn't trump civil rights laws or protections against child abuse.

Cover of Michelle Obama's new book, Becoming.
Michelle Obama’s memoir is setting people off & it hasn’t even come out yet

The book won't be released until mid-November, but it's already reminding us of what we're missing.

JANUARY 28 2017: Thousands of activists joined NYC council members to protest the detention of travelers with entry visas at JFK airport.
Immigration thugs took this man’s husband & the LGBT community isn’t having it

He was taken into custody during a mandatory marriage interview at immigration offices in Philadelphia.

Tomi Lahren
Someone threw water at Tomi Lahren & Twitter’s reactions were hilarious

She once referred to Black Lives Matter as the "new KKK."

A large group of people
There are at least 11 million LGBTQ people in the United States

According to Gallup, 4.5% of Americans now identify as part of the queer community.

Transgender woman shot & killed by homeless person she was trying to assist

Her generosity and gentle nature got her killed when the woman she was helping turned on her.

A football player takes a knee before the game
Nothing screams patriotism like banning peaceful protests

Forced expressions of nationalism go against what the flag symbolizes and what our brave service members risk their lives to protect.

A gay-owned company is exploiting immigrants. So why are we praising the owner?

Nexus Services has been charging detained immigrants thousands of dollars for their freedom and sending them back to ICE facilities if they can't pay.

Kim Davis won’t face man she denied a marriage license in November election

David Ermold and his fiancé were denied a marriage license by the notorious Kentucky clerk so he decided to run against her.

Nov 20, 2015: Pope Francis during a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko
Can the LGBTQ community trust Pope Francis? Ask sex abuse survivors.

It’s not enough for Francis to say he embraces our community - privately or publicly. He must also do it.