republicans guns
Here’s what conservatives are blaming for the last school shooting instead of guns

From Democrats to demons, the only thing more predictable than the talking points excusing gun violence is the growing body count.

trump pride flag
Gays who love Donald Trump are planning a rally at the Lincoln Memorial

The group's rally last year that drew a couple hundred self-loathing queens.

This Russian video uses homophobia to scare people into voting (for Putin)

What happens when you don't vote in Russia? You end up in bed with a gay man apparently.

Students are becoming the teacher when it comes to gun control

Young people are standing up for social justice - and now they have America's lax gun laws in their sights.

The guy from the Trump dating site was convicted of sexually assaulting a teenage girl

The site doesn't allow gays or lesbians to join, but it's a-okay with married people who want to cheat on their spouse.

Queen Mary 2
Boycott of a major cruise line brewing over Bermuda marriage equality repeal. Can it work?

Registering its ships in Bermuda is saving the company a boatload in taxes, but could a boycott turn the tide and hurt their bottom line even more?

5 examples that prove the NRA hates LGBTQ people as much as gun control

If you think the NRA and its leaders confine themselves to Second Amendment issues, you're wrong.

Should the Secretary of Defense threaten to resign over trans military service?

With the threat of war with North Korea looming, is this the time to take a principled stand?

Lesbian selected as lieutenant governor candidate in Maryland

“Julie and her wife, Emily, represent the essence of Maryland values."

Army Secretary: Soldiers don’t worry about trans soldiers, they ask about food & pay

Mark Esper says no actual soldiers have even mentioned it.

For transgender Kansans, there may be no place as hateful as home

The resolution came from the son-in-law of Sam Brownback, Trump’s "ambassador" for religious freedom.

adam rippon
No, Adam Rippon won’t be an NBC correspondent for the Winter Olympics

He declined the offer for the best possible reason.

SC Republicans want to call your relationship a ‘parody marriage’

Conservative lawmakers say that their "religious freedom" is threatened unless they're allowed to insult same-sex marriages.

Speed skater Brittany Bowe gets three top-5 finishes at the Olympics

"Other than being two-tenths off the podium, I’m really, really happy with that race."

Donald Trump
The recent school shooting shows that we need a better Consoler-in-Chief

17 people were killed in the shooting, but Donald Trump used the tragedy to attack his critics.

An ex-gay activist who says gays are ‘broken’ was invited to speak at Harvard

She said she stopped being a lesbian when she understood that "homosexuality is sinful, abominable, and unnatural."

There is now a Trump supporter dating site. It bans gays & bisexuals.

Straight Trump supporters need a safe space when looking for love, so bisexuals are told to keep out.

In historic first, Gus Kenworthy kisses his boyfriend at the Olympics on TV

"If I'd have known it was a big deal, I'd have made out with him."

An 11-year-old got dumped by his best friend for being gay

A mother writes about how sad her son was when his best friend said, "My family doesn’t hang out with gay people."

5 things Republicans say about gun violence & why they’re wrong

Guns don't kill people, but people with guns kill more people than people without guns.

Tom Daley Dustin Lance Black baby
Dustin Lance Black & Tom Daley respond to hateful comments about their baby

A prominent columnist said of their child: "Pass the sick bag." They chose a classy response.

gateway pundit white house
How the ‘Dumbest Man on the Internet’ aided the Russian election plot

Gateway Pundit's gay owner is best known for his wild conspiracy theories. Does this explain why the White House gave his site press credentials?

Adam Rippon didn’t get a medal, but he’s still a winner

The out figure skater got a lot of fan support.

Christian writer: Figure skating ‘proves’ that straight people are better

This conservative Christian argument really is a slippery slope to group marriage.

Newtown shooting gun control protest
While America cries out for stricter gun laws, politicians keep doing the opposite

The shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is the 18th school shooting so far this year.

jeffrey tambor
Jeffrey Tambor has been fired from ‘Transparent’ amid sexual misconduct allegations

The actor released a defiant statement criticizing Amazon and show creator Jill Soloway, and maintaining his innocence.