Pride in Pictures 2008: The Pride flag is now our icon

Gilbert Baker dyes and sews a symbol that endures.

Billboard for a Tennessee restaurant owner turned congressional candidate Rick Tyler that reads "Make America White Again."
These two billboards tell you everything you need to know about modern ‘conservatives’

Rick Tyler cited Donald Trump and Ann Coulter as the inspirations behind his racist campaign billboard.

supreme court lgbt rights
The Supreme Court is okay with homophobic jurors judging gay defendants more harshly

Jurors can be open with their anti-LGTBQ bias when judging defendants and not worry about their verdict being challenged.

Jeff Sessions
As a minister, I know Sessions is twisting scripture to fit his own dark needs

This is a battle of human will either to uphold justice as Jesus spoke about or to codify discrimination as Sessions is so fond of doing.

Another federal court rules in favor of trans students in religious right lawsuit

The Alliance Defending Freedom had argued that transgender students were threatening the privacy of other students. The court disagreed.

Gay Pennsylvania legislator tells Pence to ‘get bent’ during Philly trip

Brian Sims flipped the bird to Vice President Mike Pence and lambasted him with some choice remarks.

South Bend’s gay mayor gets married and then the couple attend Pride

Pete Buttigieg and his husband managed to celebrate their wedding and Pride all in one afternoon.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speaks at the 2018 CIPAC Meeting on March 2, 2018.
Trump’s Homeland Security chief chased out of a DC restaurant by protesters

The fact that Nielson chose a Mexican restaurant as immigration officials separate children from parents on the Mexican border wasn't lost on the crowd.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow broke down in tears on-air reporting about President Trump's "tender age" facilities to house stolen migrant children.
Rachel Maddow broke down in tears reporting on Trump’s internment centers for babies

The Orwellian term "tender age facility" was simply too much her to continue after an hour of nonstop reporting on Trump's horrific "zero tolerance" policy.

Pride in Pictures 2007: Pride’s Herstory

Untold stories are preserved & celebrated in this lesbian archive.

A doctor makes a roof over a transgender symbol
World Health Organization confirms transgender people are not mentally ill

The WHO declassified "gender incongruence" from their list of mental disorders.

harry styles
Harry Styles waved a MAGA flag at a concert & the crowd went nuts

The former One Direction singer grabbed a "Make America Gay Again" flag from a fan at a concert in Philly and showed the crowd his pride.

‘Jurassic World’ director straightwashed a major character before the film’s release

One of the main characters was supposed to be a lesbian, but the director said the movie was "too long" to include a few extra seconds of dialogue.

Converse's 2018 Pride Collection's footwear options include rainbow stripes and polka dot options.
Miley Cyrus teamed up with Converse for a new Pride sneaker collection

Because you can never have enough rainbows during Pride season.

Is Kathy Griffin just picking a fight or actually helping the resistance?

Was it spontaneous outrage to the administration's sadistic policies, or is she playing into the Trump Distraction Machine?

Close up on Lexie's Grandma ironing the bi pride flag
There was an outpouring of love after this bisexual girl’s grandma went viral

Lexie, a young bisexual woman, was getting ready to spend the day at DC Pride, when a most unexpected and wonderful thing happened. Her story - and her grandma - have now gone viral.

US. Attorney General Jeff Sessions responds to questions from one of the members of the Senate Intelligence Committee during his testimony in front of the Committee. Washington DC, June 13, 2017.
Methodists may expel Jeff Sessions on ‘child abuse’ & ‘immorality’ charges

They will hold a trial to decide his status in the denomination after over 600 ministers demanded he be investigated for violating church doctrine.

Closeup of a man holding a clipboard
Free binders for trans people? This group is making it possible.

For many trans men and gender-non-conforming people, a chest binder can be a literal lifesaver.

Pride in Pictures 2006: Chicago — Oh, My

George Takei takes centerstage.

A major business group is extending its agenda to include the religious right’s wishlist

The secretive American Legislative Exchange Council pursues right-wing policies that its corporate members supposedly abhor.

Michigan is trying to erase LGBTQ people & immigrants out of school history classes

They even struck the small “d” “democratic” from “core democratic values,” changing it simply to “core values.”

FIFA will investigate antigay chants during Mexico World Cup match, but ignores Russian brutality

Maybe one of these is pretty minor in the grand scheme of things?

Dwarf crocodile (Osteolaemus tetraspis), also known as the African dwarf crocodile.
Feminists are blaming trans women for ‘forcibly transing’ crocodiles

So-called "radical feminists" are aping the conspiracy theories pushed by the religious right in an effort to dupe lesbians into opposing trans rights.

‘Progressive’ Pope Francis says gay couples can’t be families

As Catholic charities in America fight for the right to discriminate against LGBT couples, the Pope is wading into the fray.

Thousands of Ukrainian riot police swarmed Kiev Pride & arrested dozens

But you'll be surprised to find out who got arrested.