Defying Trump administration, Ohio moves toward protecting our community

Cities across the state are passing ordinances to protect the lives and jobs of LGBTQ Ohioans.

Mike Huckabee queerbaits Lindsey Graham

Did Mike Huckabee really suggest Sen. Lindsey Graham is gay?

Will Donald Trump’s climate policy lead to the end of the world?

The author says Trump and the GOP "are perpetrating a delusional fraud.. that if allowed to continue, will end in the extermination of all life on this planet."

Watch North Carolina lawmakers debate and vote on replacement for HB2 LIVE

The bill that is being debated will not strip discrimination from North Carolina's books.

4 words to make your day: Ellen meets Ruby Rose

Making her debut on Ellen's show, the gender neutral breakout star of "Orange Is The New Black" revealed an upcoming role in "Pitch Perfect 3."

HB2 ‘compromise’ is just another version of hate in North Carolina

How can you tell it's a bad deal? Former Gov. Pat McCrory came out in favor of it, while LGBTQ groups and allies are sounding the alarm against it.

Is this animated goldfish gay?

Complaints against an Australian commercial say that a goldfish's voice is "camp" and perpetuates negative stereotypes about gay men.

Santa is a black man married to a white guy in new children’s book

A writer has a book deal for a story about Santa and his husband who helps him sometimes.

Wolves in the hen house: Look who Texas recruited to promote its bathroom bill

The Lt. Governor insists that asking the Family Research Council to promote a bill to limit bathroom access to the gender on one's birth certificate is not transphobia.

Republicans claim compromise reached to repeal HB2

No comment yet from North Carolina's Democratic governor, Roy Cooper.

It’s a first: Johns Hopkins loses points with HRC for anti-LGBTQ stance

Never before has any hospital in the history of HRC's Healthcare Equality Index been docked points for activity undermining the LGBTQ community.

Ellen goes to the dogs (and cats) with Oprah

Ellen's latest fun thing for fans is an animated show within a show that gives us a look at what her pets might think of her show.

Christian extremist still furious about ‘gay moment’ in ‘Beauty and the Beast’

James Dobson is outraged over a few seconds of film that acknowledge same-sex attraction, what he calls "Disney's blatant, agenda-driven decision to introduce homosexuality."

Orlando mayor offers non-apology for omitting LGBTQs from Pulse memorial

Nearly one year later, LGBTQ victims and survivors of the Pulse massacre are being erased by politicians from local mayors all the way up to the governor.

Two women of color sue Fox News for racial bias

Top executive Judith Slater has already been fired by Fox, after two women said they endured years of racial hostility working under her.

Outrageous: Trump wants to cut $300 million in HIV/AIDS funding

The White House sent a document to Congress asking for funding cuts that could drastically harm people's access to life-saving medications.

North Carolina just can’t seem to wash its hands of HB2

Democrats claim Republicans are trying to paint Gov. Roy Moore as the bad guy who won't compromise on a repeal.

Rallies for transgender rights gain momentum

Equality Michigan posted photos from the rally held yesterday morning in the state capital.

Gunman who was headed to WeHo Pride with explosives pleads not guilty

Prosecutors say James Wesley Howell had 15 pounds of explosives rigged to blow up and a loaded assault rifle when he was arrested in Santa Monica.

TV talking head fired for calling high school student ‘gay’

The man tweeted that he's a victim of "cultural Marxists" and to invoke MLK, saying he never would have been concerned with "gender, race, and sexuality."

These 2 moves by the Trump administration will hurt LGBTQ Americans

Under orders from Trump officials, the 2020 Census will exclude questions about sexual orientation and gender, basically erasing LGBTQ Americans.

A peek under the hood of Uber shows it needs to hire more women and minorities

As the car-for-hire company investigates allegations of sexual harassment, a survey shows it has a long way to go to diversify its ranks.

Bill O’Reilly apologizes for insulting Maxine Waters for her ‘James Brown wig’

It took the Fox News host 7 hours to admit his "jest" about the African-American congresswoman was "dumb." What's even dumber is to ignore her words.

Gay student publicly attacked by Rick Perry challenges him to meet face to face

Each of them have made history in their lifetimes, but it's clear the former governor could learn a lot about public discourse from the college junior.

Go for a smoke? New study says most teens lighting up are queer or questioning

Researchers found gay, lesbian, bisexual and questioning teenagers smoked more than those who said they were straight. Trans teens were inexplicably left out.

GLAAD is glad to see movies with LGBTQ characters scoring big box office

"A good place to start" is how GLAAD president and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis describes the success of blockbusters featuring openly gay characters.

How long before Republicans take another shot at repealing Obamacare?

House Speaker Paul Ryan says there will be a sequel to his failed bid to replace the Affordable Care Act but won't say when or how it will be different.

Coming to your TV: Reality series set inside the Abbey in WeHo

The most famous gay bar in West Hollywood opens its doors to cameras for a behind the scenes docu-series on E!