Mitch McConnell health care bill postponed
Why you should be happy Republicans have delayed their disastrous health care plan

After the Congressional Budget Office showed the plan would kick 22 million Americans off the healthcare rolls, suddenly the plan was even less popular.

Vandals defaced a monument for LGBT veterans & only the American Legion cares

Only the American Legion was willing to condemn the crime. All other mainstream veterans organizations have remained silent.

You won’t believe what Trump said for National HIV Testing Day

Trump's statement for National HIV Testing Day is incredibly offensive.

ten commandments arkansas
Arkansas installs Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds

A Ten Commandments monument has been placed outside Arkansas' Capitol, two years after lawmakers approved a measure permitting the statue on state grounds.

If Jews can be expelled from Chicago’s Dyke March, who’s next?

Who are these self-appointed purveyors of a demarcation line separating who is to be included and who excluded from our spaces?

steve russell transgender soldiers
Republican congressman makes backward argument against trans soldiers

Rep. Steve Russell told Tony Perkins that he believes letting transgender people serve openly in the armed services will result in cis soldiers claiming to be trans to avoid deployment.

kentucky bisexual teacher fired
Was a teacher fired for coming out as bisexual on Instagram to help LGBT students?

A teacher in Kentucky was cautioned, "We live in a small town" after coming out in a social media post, and then his teaching contract was not renewed.

Most Democrats would give up booze if it meant Trump would be impeached

It wasn't just Democrats who were willing to give up booze for a different political future.

Supreme Court rules in favor of adoption rights, but Gorsuch dissents

In a short ruling, the Supreme Court sided with same-sex partners and against the state of Arkansas's terrible logic. The problem, though, is that Neil Gorsuch dissented.

gay marriage
After 2 years of marriage equality Republicans are still trying to destroy it

Republicans have been seeking ways to dismantle marriage equality since day one, and their most dangerous plan yet could be just around the bend. 

Protests from within the LGBTQ community block Pride events across the country

There was a whole lot of free speech going on -- except at Chicago's Dyke March.

BREAKING: Supreme Court will decide if civil rights laws have broad religious exemptions

The Supreme Court will consider whether a baker who objects to same-sex marriage can refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple.

Mike Pence and Donald Trump turn their backs on Pride

Instead of issuing statements supporting pride, Pence and Trump have expressed their support for anti-LGBT organizations.

Vermont gay bar changes transphobic name

After months of outcry, this LGBT bar says that it will change its name.

Nikki Haley went to pride & New Yorkers weren’t having it

This Republican with an anti-LGBT record is just shocked that New Yorkers at Pride don't like her.

Check out photos from Pride parades this weekend

This past weekend was the big one, with Pride celebrations taking place in New York and San Francisco.

Pride, In All Its Glory

In Prides past, I used to take offense that those were who got the ink and airtime, those groups of "extremes," the uppercase versions of the LGBT spectrum.

Catholic bishop orders diocese to deny funerals and communion to gay people

The Catholic Church does not have a general policy of denying funeral rights to all sinners, but this bishop believes that gay and bisexual people are an exception.

Supportive posters appear in Baghdad

It is unknown who put up the pro-LGBTI posters in Baghdad, and probably for a good reason.

Oregon recognizes a third gender on drivers’ licenses, and more

The Weekly Debrief covers Trump's new attempts to rollback LGBT rights.

Pakistan issues its first third-gender passport

The activist who received the passport posted a picture of it on social media.

When cyber-bullying comes from within the LGBTQ community

When community leaders are more viciously attacked by other queer people than by the right, something needs to change.

LGB question brought back to federal survey

After outcry from organizations and politicians, a question about sexual orientation that was removed from a federal survey during the Trump Administration was brought back.

‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ season 9 finale: Who should have won?

The finale of season 9 of RuPaul's Drag Race was exciting.... that's all I can say here without spoiling.

Thai drag queen performs as Britney in ‘Toxic’ spoof

To welcome the pop icon to her city, "Jenny Spears" performed a Britney classic.

Military to seek another delay in opening doors to trans people

The military was supposed to be ready for transgender recruits next week, but they're trying to push that deadline back.

Toronto puts up ads to combat transphobia

A campaign in Toronto attempts to address the intersection of transphobia and racism.