DC launches innovative new PrEP campaign focused on Latin transgender people

This campaign is notable for the close participation of the Latin transgender community. When taken daily, PrEP is over 90% effective.

Trump elevates another unqualified homophobe to run a federal agency

NASA will be overseen by a climate change denier with no scientific background. But, boy, Jim Bridenstine doesn't like LGBT people.

California & New Hampshire move forward with conversion therapy bans

California could soon have the nation's strongest conversion therapy ban.

420: Ellen is ‘celebrating’ the stoner’s high holiday like only she would

One wonders how many people watch Ellen's show while stoned.

Mike Pence Focus on the Family
Can Mike Pence save the GOP’s bacon in the midterms?

Mike Pence is looking to his political future as the midterm elections loom. So is the Human Rights Campaign.

Teacher forced to flee small Kansas town after parent threatens his life

"You better not think about coming back! Queers will burn and so will you."

Street preachers asked to pray for this ‘broken’ woman. She took them to church instead.

The group stopped her to say they felt called to save "broken" people. Instead, she broke down their holier-than-thou attitude.

Religion can make gay youth more likely to commit suicide

Youth who were questioning their sexuality were three times more likely to report recent suicidal thoughts if they were religious.

This guy says painkillers turned him gay. His dad says he always liked boys.

"We've asked him for years if he likes men and he could have just admitted it to us."

Christian conservatives want a Senator to resign for talking about homophobia

Sen. Cory Booker asked a Trump nominee, "Is being gay a perversion?" Apparently that means he "hates Christians."

A frat party turned violent when students started beating up a gay man

His leg was broken and protruding through the skin in the possible hate crime.

Why transgender activists want people to boycott the film ‘Anything’

A transgender woman is played by a cisgender man in the upcoming film.

Adam Rippon
Cher’s touching ode to Adam Rippon in the Time 100 issue is as beautiful as he is

Rosie O'Donnell wrote a tribute for Roseanne Barr that you also need to read.

Conservative Christians are fighting the ‘satanic sexualization of our children’

Christian conservatives are shifting focus to 'educational obscenity exemptions' to stop anti-bullying and sex ed programs.

Donald Trump
Can we really listen to Donald Trump & his supporters?

President Trump makes many of us knee-jerk reactionaries. His supporters automatically cheer, his detractors automatically boo.

Gubernatorial candidate says he’ll be champion for gay closet cases

"Who will be the voice for conservative homosexuals?" the anti-gay preacher asks supporters. "Who will defend their civil right not to declare their sexuality publicly?"

What does Trump’s Muslim travel ban have to do with LGBT people?

LGBT people were targeted by an immigration ban as recently as 1990.

A man who deliberately infected others with HIV just got a life sentence

He told one of the victims, "I ripped the condom. You’re so stupid, you didn’t even know."

Facebook hasn’t just been hiding Russian bots. They’re facilitating the sale of gay sex slaves.

40% of the total young people experiencing homelessness are LGBT and Facebook will help you "rent" one of them.

Police release graphic video of horrific antigay attack in DC

A journalist said she couldn't watch the clip because the attack is so violent.

Wife leaves antigay preacher as more child sex abuse charges start piling up

His wife is divorcing him and says she fears him. His evangelical associates, though, are more concerned about whether he watched porn.

Now Christian conservatives are attacking 4-H clubs because they’re ‘socialist’

They say the group is led by socialists and pedophiles because the organization is considering an update to their nondiscrimination policy.

Parents took over a school board meeting to support a gay teacher & his husband

When the teacher was reprimanded for telling his students not to say "gross" when he mentioned his husband, the parents weren't having any of it.

About the comments on a recent story that ran on LGBTQ Nation

Why was it on the site? Because it should be.

Barbara Bush sent the religious right into orbit in 1990 when she condemned LGBT bias

Former First Lady Barbara Bush's letter to PFLAG is a reminder the GOP wasn't always so awful.

bruce mcarthur serial killer
Police charge Toronto’s gay serial killer with 8th murder

Police believe the victim, whose dismembered body was found in a potted plant, was killed in late 2015.

‘The most dangerous woman in America’ dies after battle with cancer

Donna Red Wing was a thorn in the side of the religious right and "a force to be reckoned with."