Pride in Pictures 2005: Pride & its pageantry

You can't beat the plumage of San Francisco's celebration.

Trump and his fellow Republicans want to make colleges safe for bullies

A conservative crackdown on free speech on college campuses will disproportionately impact LGBTQ students.

Participant has Rainbow and European flag in his hair during the Belgian Gay Pride parade in Brussels Belgium on May 20, 2017
What do Trump’s attacks on the European Union & US allies mean for LGBTQ rights?

The EU raised the bar on LGBTQ equality in Europe, but Trump is trying to pry the union apart.

A rainbow crossing has replaced the traditional "zebra stripes" in Malta.
Malta installs rainbow crosswalk across centuries old street

A crosswalk on Trig Sant' Anna in Malta is truly becoming part of history.

Maria Swearingen and Sally Sarratt
The Baptists cut ties with their DC churches for accepting lesbians

DC Baptists was accused of "tacitly approving" of a church's "unbiblical actions."

Pride in Pictures 2002: Pride goes global

Millions now celebrate Pride around the world.

Trump evangelical Christians
The Southern Baptists’ #MeToo moment was really, really short

The Southern Baptists ousted one leader for minimizing sexual abuse, but they're still cheering the adulterer-in-chief.

Rick Scott pays tribute the 49 Pulse shooting victims wearing a rainbow ribbon.
Two years after the Pulse massacre, where is Rick Scott on LGBTQ rights?

Scott's silence on LGBTQ rights speaks louder than his symbolic gestures.

A gorgeous rainbow colored sunbeam snake
A secretive ‘pride snake’ is coming out to celebrate with LGBTQ people

The rarely seen sunbeam snake proves that Mother Nature went in hard for pride.

Church sign
This church put up a message that brought the congregation to its knees

The church apparently doesn't understand why anyone thinks the sign is about anything other than forgiveness.

Pride in Pictures 2001: Sisters in Pride

Don't mind while we indulge with the Sisters.

North Dakota Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer
These GOP Senate candidates are endorsed by a hate group & aren’t ashamed

Candidates in Virginia and North Dakota feel they need the support of a group that warns about gay TSA agents getting a thrill from security patdowns.

Paul Akinnuoye
He killed his friend to prove he was ‘straighter.’ Now he’s going straight to prison.

The two young men agreed to fight over who was "straighter." The autistic teenager came unarmed. His killer brought a knife.

Stephen Edward Koch booking photo at the Benton County Jail.
He deliberately exposed himself to HIV in order to infect his lovers

He admitted he wanted to hurt others when the judge asked him if the allegation was true.

This city’s Fourth of July parade banned LGBTQ groups. Then all hell broke loose.

The publicly-funded parade organizers rejected five LGBTQ floats hours after signing a non-discrimination agreement.

Booty O's
Pro wrestler defends gayest breakfast cereal ever with a spoonful of positivity

When a bigot claimed Booty-Os has a "gay drug" in it, New Day wrestler Xavier Woods responded with a message of love.

French police foil antigay terrorist plot by ISIS followers

Two suspects in their early 20s have been arrested.

Maplewood Township Committee member Dean Dafis (Left) with Victor De Luca, Governor Phil Murphy, Frank McGehee, Mila Jasey, and Nancy Adams at the crosswalk's unveiling.
New Jersey’s stunning new rainbow crosswalk is making history for pride month

Maplewood has become the first city in New Jersey to install a rainbow crosswalk in their town -- and there's comes with a historical twist.

Pride in Pictures 2000: Sylvia Rivera & our transgender leaders

Remember: Stonewall started with drag queens.

The Coyle twins
These twins came out to their mom. Her reaction is so perfect they put it on YouTube.

After some small talk and more than a little stalling, the twins broke the news. And then mom spoke up.

This Republican made an eloquent speech about protecting LGBTQ youth on the Senate floor

He once boasted Republicans should be proud of their party because "we don't have the gays and lesbians with us." Now he's realized he was wrong.

David Grisham
Hate filled pastor disrupts kid story time at a library to yell about ‘transgenders’

He was so proud of himself for terrorizing children, he made sure to film the entire thing.

Ryan Smith
Taxi driver tells passengers ‘I don’t drive gays’ before forcing them out of the cab

"I just wanted to get us out of the back seat of this bigot's cab," one of the men said.

A lesbian couple share a romantic moment together.
Romance enhances the mental health of gay & lesbian youth

The same result is not replicated for heterosexual or bisexual teens, for whom romance may act more as a cause of trauma than a cure.

English activist and politician Peter Tatchell being arrested by Russian police during the World Cup.
The World Cup has barely started but gay fans are already being bashed & arrested in Russia

A couple attending the World Cup were brutally beaten leaving one with brain injuries while British activist Peter Tatchell has been detained by police.

Welcome sign for Homer, Alaska
This town’s city council boycotted a meeting because of a Pride Month declaration

One councilor claimed she had to get teeth capped because she was clenching her jaw so much from the stress of being seen as LGBTQ friendly.

Millie Bobby Brown
These bizarre, homophobic tweets made a ‘Stranger Things’ actress quit Twitter

The 14-year-old actress quit Twitter after trolls made her the subject of countless antigay memes.