Pride in Pictures 2009: NoH8 goes to DC

National Equality March lights a fire under Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

CCTV image of a suspect in a Central London homosphobic attack
This guy started attacking people on a bus. A gay Army veteran stopped him.

"I will NEVER back down to these parasites and will ALWAYS fight back."

Budweiser is finding out it’s difficult to sponsor NYC Pride & the World Cup in Russia

The company is sponsoring NY Pride - and the World Cup in Russia where LGBT fans are being beaten and arrested.

A woman holds a Czech flag in Prague
Czech Republic will be first post-communist country to legalize same-sex marriage

The Czech government has agreed to support same-sex marriage in the former communist bloc country.

Christian parents sue for ‘religious freedom right’ to know if their kid joins a GSA

They want schools to out kids to their parents so the parents can condemn them for being LGBT.

The Texas GOP’s anti-LGBTQ party platform would make Westboro Baptist proud

From denying the existence of trans people to condemning marriage equality, Republicans declared war on LGBTQ Texans.

Side by side showing Melania Trump's jacket and the slogan "I really don't care. Do U?"
The day the world realized Melania Trump is no better than her husband

She's tried to tell you repeatedly. She “really don't care.” Stop expecting it from her.

Pride in Pictures 2008: Think globally, act locally

Local celebrations take the message home.

Two dirty hands clutch at a barbed wire fence
Trump’s attacks on refugees are sadly nothing new for America

We've seen this before... and we know the results.

Donald Trump
Trump uses classic high school bully language to belittle a ‘sissy’ protester

Questioning whether the protester was a man or woman and telling him to run home to mommy are the hallmarks of a homophobic bully.

The man who wants to replace Roy Moore on the Alabama Supreme Court is just as deplorable

Tom Parker is running for Roy Moore's old seat as state Chief Justice and he wouldn't be impartial either.

Pope Francis greets the pilgrims during his weekly general audience in St Peter's square at the Vatican on September 10, 2014.
Vatican uses ‘LGBT’ for first time in report on why youth are fleeing the church

In a first, the Vatican has used "LGBT" in an official document instead of saying "homosexual tendencies" or other offensive terms.

Here are some of the awful things ‘loving Christians’ are saying about Pride this year

Pride month brings out the best in the LGBTQ community and its allies, but it also brings out the best of the worst in the religious right.

The Amsterdam Rainbow Dress, photographed inside San Francisco City Hall
You only have a few days to see this stunning dress during San Francisco Pride

Pride may be known for amazing outfits, but it is hard to top the ever-changing Amsterdam Rainbow Dress.

Pride in Pictures 2008: The Pride flag is now our icon

Gilbert Baker dyes and sews a symbol that endures.

Billboard for a Tennessee restaurant owner turned congressional candidate Rick Tyler that reads "Make America White Again."
These two billboards tell you everything you need to know about modern ‘conservatives’

Rick Tyler cited Donald Trump and Ann Coulter as the inspirations behind his racist campaign billboard.

supreme court lgbt rights
The Supreme Court is okay with homophobic jurors judging gay defendants more harshly

Jurors can be open with their anti-LGTBQ bias when judging defendants and not worry about their verdict being challenged.

Jeff Sessions
As a minister, I know Sessions is twisting scripture to fit his own dark needs

This is a battle of human will either to uphold justice as Jesus spoke about or to codify discrimination as Sessions is so fond of doing.

Another federal court rules in favor of trans students in religious right lawsuit

The Alliance Defending Freedom had argued that transgender students were threatening the privacy of other students. The court disagreed.

Gay Pennsylvania legislator tells Pence to ‘get bent’ during Philly trip

Brian Sims flipped the bird to Vice President Mike Pence and lambasted him with some choice remarks.

South Bend’s gay mayor gets married and then the couple attend Pride

Pete Buttigieg and his husband managed to celebrate their wedding and Pride all in one afternoon.

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speaks at the 2018 CIPAC Meeting on March 2, 2018.
Trump’s Homeland Security chief chased out of a DC restaurant by protesters

The fact that Nielson chose a Mexican restaurant as immigration officials separate children from parents on the Mexican border wasn't lost on the crowd.

MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow broke down in tears on-air reporting about President Trump's "tender age" facilities to house stolen migrant children.
Rachel Maddow broke down in tears reporting on Trump’s internment centers for babies

The Orwellian term "tender age facility" was simply too much her to continue after an hour of nonstop reporting on Trump's horrific "zero tolerance" policy.

Pride in Pictures 2007: Pride’s Herstory

Untold stories are preserved & celebrated in this lesbian archive.