Cynthia Nixon Christine Marinoni
So… is Cynthia Nixon a lesbian now?

The bisexual 'Sex and the City' star has repeatedly corrected people who say she's gay. But did she just say that she's a lesbian?

Cambridge Analytica
Secret recordings show Cambridge Analytica would spread gay rumors to take down candidates

The company claims it has done nothing wrong, but CEO Alexander Nix has been suspended.

A gay student & an autistic boy bullied each other until a punch was thrown

Parents of both students defend their sons as the victims of bullying, so who's to blame?

Betsy DeVos wants to give $1 billion to schools that discriminate against LGBT people

Democrats asked if the $1 billion she wants for 'school choice' will go to schools that discriminate. Guess how she answered.

A neo-Nazi Trump supporter & an anti-LGBTQ Democrat will face off for Congress

The district is fairly liberal. Their choice in November won't be.

Chris Sevier
Man who wants to marry his laptop gets laughed out of federal court

Utah's Assistant Attorney General quipped that since the laptop wasn't 15 years old, it was underage too.

Melania Trump knows cyberbullying is a problem. She’s married to one.

The First Lady is holding a summit with tech giants today about cyberbullying, but values begin at home.

Pastor faces 47 charges for sexually abusing underage boys

One of his victims wasn't even 13-years-old.

Theodore Olson
Marriage equality champion Ted Olson spurns Donald Trump’s offer to join legal team

The attempts to woo the legal veteran suggests Trump is feeling even more pressure over the Mueller investigation.

Ben Carson: Women aren’t comfortable with trans people’s ‘anatomy’ in the shower

The HUD Secretary discussed why he might be rolling back Obama-era protections for homeless trans people.

Ellen joins John Oliver’s gay bunny campaign against Mike Pence

"The fact that you wrote a book where his bunny falls in love with another male bunny makes me happier than I can even tell you."

Donald Trump
5 Republicans we wish would primary Donald Trump

It’s anybody’s guess whether any of these Republicans will run, but they could potentially move the Republican field toward LGBT equality.

Christian college president explains why LGBTQ people are just like ISIS

“What right does anyone have to refuse to bake a cake for an ISIS wedding?”

GOP congressman insults people with HIV by condemning ‘polymorphous’ marriages

He's running for Governor of New Mexico now, but will his grossly offensive comments put a dent in his support?

scientist in lab
Scientists discover DNA that could be responsible for gender identity

“It lends legitimacy, if that needs to be added, that transgender is not a choice but a way of being. I think people will be excited by this.”

st bridget catholic church
Who hung an antigay banner on this Catholic Church?

The church released a statement saying it was not behind the message draped across its sign.

Religious right group will publish a hit list of ‘anti-Christian’ LGBTQ groups & leaders

A group tied to Kim Davis' lawyers is painting a target on the LGBTQ community's back.

Cynthia Nixon
‘Sex and the City’ star announces she’ll run for governor of New York

Cynthia Nixon will challenge Democratic incumbent Andrew Cuomo. If she wins she will be the first openly LGBT governor of New York.

How a gay anti-bullying advocate from Canada helped Donald Trump steal the election

He helped Steve Bannon steal the personal data from 50 million Facebook users.

A Seattle man contracted HIV despite taking PrEP consistently

His case is the county's second diagnosis.

will & grace revival
Good news for Will & Grace fans who just can’t get enough

The announcement from NBC came on the same weekend as the 20th anniversary of the shooting of the show's pilot.

Longtime AIDS researcher may be Trump’s pick to lead the CDC

Dr. Robert Redfield has decades of HIV experience... but he’s also had controversies.

Would you watch Ellen & Adam Rippon’s reality show?

Ellen DeGeneres and Adam Rippon are reportedly hammering out the details for a television project.

Savannah Georgia ruined Mike Pence’s St. Patrick’s Day in the best way possible

Mike Pence thought he'd see green at the St. Patrick's Day parade. Instead he saw rainbows everywhere.