LGBTQ prisoners held in ‘alternative lifestyle isolation tanks’ win million dollar lawsuit

Inmates were held in their cells up to 23 hours a day without access to specialized programming, social interaction or other outside activities.

This doctor says he can ‘cure’ homosexuality with homeopathic sugar pills

A doctor has homeopathic recommendations for both male and female homosexuality.

Melania Trump announced she’ll address a cyberbullying conference. Twitter cracked up.

"Inspired by Melania Trump's campaign against cyberbullying, Lady MacBeth today launched her own campaign against regicide."

Fired racist demands unemployment because Trump made hate speech okay

She claims she was singled out because racist speech is common on the factory floor now that Trump is president.

American Catholic leaders blame the Pennsylvania sex abuse scandal on gays

Several Catholic leaders in the U.S. say that the latest abuse scandal is really a gay scandal.

Man arrested after threatening to bomb AIDS shelter where ‘f***ing fa**ots’ live

The man has harassed people who live in the building before.

It’s official: They’re rebooting Designing Women

The lights are about to come back on in Georgia.

Cuba may legalize marriage equality. That doesn’t mean it’s a gay paradise.

A historian warns that the country is using LGBTQ progress to pinkwash its iron grip on civil liberties.

A child asked what non-binary is. Their parent’s response was amazing.

"I welled up, my coworkers were emotional, it was everything."

Judge rules that ‘gender’ in hate crimes law includes trans people

A transgender woman in Michigan was almost killed just for waiting in line at a gas station.

‘Fox & Friends’ called a woman ‘that transgender.’ The dictionary corrected them.

Using "transgender" as a noun is "usually offensive"... which is a fair description of Fox News.

Austria tells a teenager that he’s not stereotypically gay enough to get asylum

He apparently doesn't "walk, act and dress" like a gay man.

Bernie Sanders will probably expose the rifts among Democrats again in 2020

The Democrats are giddy about a potential blue wave in 2018, but 2020 promises to be a bruising internal battle for the party's direction.

Anti-LGBTQ baker sues civil rights commission after he refuses to serve a trans customer

Phillips believes the government is persecuting him for enforcing longstanding civil rights law that he has repeatedly broken.

God has a pet unicorn according to this popular Christian ‘prophetess’

"Jesus has a horse named Lightning. Holy Spirit has one named Thunder."

Germany approves measure to recognize third gender on birth certificates

The government's hand was forced by a high court decision.

Students hold a silent protest after a trans student was threatened with violence

The school district was shut down after parents conspired to beat up a transgender 12-year-old.

This gay couple was harassed by their neighbors for years. Then they were brutally attacked.

Police ignored the harassment for years. Now one of them has crushed vertebrae and the other has a concussion.

Exclusive: America’s first trans candidate for governor talks about hope… & death threats

We sat down with Christine Hallquist to talk about the death threats she's received, the historical significance of her run, and her hopes for Vermont.

Out Senator Tammy Baldwin will face an anti-LGBTQ radical this fall

Baldwin's opponent sees anti-Christian prejudice everywhere and said Baldwin is on "Team Terrorists."

Provincetown Family Week: S’mores, bonfires, pride & freedom from discrimination

Many participants are the only LGBTQ families in their community or school.

The B-list version of Milo Yiannopoulos is following his idol’s downward trajectory

Gateway Pundit correspondent and "Twinks for Trump" founder Lucian Wintich lost his job after appearing on a white supremacist's podcast.