Meet Lactatia, a super-inspirational 8-year-old drag queen
The precocious, articulate, and confident 8-year-old drag queen doesn't understand why some parents wouldn't want their sons to do drag.

trans pride
GL vs. BT: Are we a unified movement yet?

Bisexual and transgender people are told they are both too queer by gay elites, and not queer enough.

Meet Lactatia, a super-inspirational 8-year-old drag queen

The precocious, articulate, and confident 8-year-old drag queen doesn't understand why some parents wouldn't want their sons to do drag.

A family with two dads is the face of Acne’s fall collection

Two men and their four kids were already famous in Instagram for their candid pictures.

Donald Trump’s racism is costing him tons of money

Non-profits are canceling events at Trump's properties, but the Log Cabin Republicans are standing by him.

Parents angry at teacher for displaying Rainbow Flag at school

A petition sent to the school compares the rainbow flag to the Confederate flag.

Gia Gunn announces that her birth certificate has been corrected

The famous drag queen announced a few months ago that she is living as her authentic self.

ACLU says it won’t defend armed protestors anymore

The organization that defended Nazis' right to march in Skokie says that the nature of the right has changed.

Business owner says anti-transgender sign is ‘satire’

The man who put up the sign said that it was "satire" meant to express how he doesn't want transgender people in the military.

Heather Heyer
Robert E. Lee & Jefferson Davis warned us about Confederate monuments

If more Germans stood up to Nazis like people have stood up to the white supremacist purveyors of hate, my Jewish family would not have been killed.

This strange bathroom sign at a B&B is giving its owners a headache

The owners of the B&B are refusing to apologize, saying it's better that they took down the sign.

Weekly Debrief: A win in Texas, but losses nationally

Take 4 minutes to catch up on this week's LGBTQ news.

Google engineer: Being sexist today is like ‘being gay in the 1950s’

He wrote a long memo complaining about his employer and insulting his coworkers, and he's surprised he got fired.

Michelle Obama Will and Grace
Will Michelle Obama make an appearance on the ‘Will & Grace’ revival?

There may be even more reason to get excited over the revival of "Will & Grace" this fall.

Why hasn’t Trump’s conservative Christian advisory board resigned?

CEO's and artists have quit Trump's other advisory councils in the wake of Charlottesville, but the Evangelical Advisory Board has either been silent or supportive.

Lesbian couple went on racist tirade after a college student burped

He was told to "hop back on a plane to Filipinoville" in a grocery store.

Steve Bannon
Newly terminated Steve Bannon is ready to go after Trump

Steve Bannon is out of the White House, but don't expect him to go quietly. In fact, he just might make enough noise to sink the Trump administration.

I’m going to protest neo-Nazis this weekend & you should too

If I don't stand up against evil myself, how can I ever expect anyone else to do so?

An antigay hate group is trying to raise money off the Charlottesville tragedy by blaming gays

They won't do anything about racism, but their sponsors don't actually care about that.

Tony Schwartz Trump resign
‘Art of the Deal’ ghostwriter says Trump will resign soon

Tony Schwartz says there is no right or wrong for Trump, just winning and losing, and he is terrified because he knows he might lose.

This ‘Will & Grace’ writer had a hilarious response to an ex-gay who wrote him to complain

An ex-gay activist got mad at a writer for the sitcom. The writer knew what the ex-gay really wanted.

Sen. Jason Rapert
Senator compares LGBT people to Nazis & then fundraises off the outrage he caused

Sen. Jason Rapert said LGBTQ people have "diminished morality," before going on to display that he doesn't have any at all.

45 men were arrested in a cruising sting. In 2017.

The men might have to register as sex offenders and local news ran their mugshots, because violence against gay people is the real goal of these stings.

What would you do if you found an antigay slur on your Jimmy John’s sandwich wrapper?

One man is fighting back as the company continues to change their story about what happened in the restaurant.

New #PutinShirtlessChallenge has Russian men taking off their shirts & the internet loves it

Russian men are imitating the homophobic Russian leader with their own homoerotic photos and we've collected some of the best.

Let’s all take a moment to fully appreciate Germany’s Olympic javelin team

For once this week we get to talk about Germany and it's not about Nazis!

PFLAG trans child
Over half of Americans would support their child’s transition if they came out as trans

An increase in acceptance will be essential to turning the tide and ending the epidemic of transgender suicides.

Meet the 11 gay or bisexual Catholic popes from history

One of them turned the Vatican into a male brothel.