Jury selection begins in Bill Cosby’s trial for sex assault of lesbian

Will the jurors chosen to judge the disgraced comedian believe his claim that sex with Andrea Constand was consensual?

Study seriously suggests bisexual women exist because straight men are into them

Are men are attracted to lesbians because they don't have to worry about them sleeping with other men?

Cyril Hanouna
TV host catfishes men with fake bisexual profile & humiliates them live on air

The clueless host says it's sad that he is being called homophobic. Boo hoo.

Indonesia steps up its crackdown on gays with massive raid

141 men arrested at a sauna were photographed and the pictures publicized — and not all of them were out.

Texas senate votes to allow discrimination against gay foster parents

The law would also allow adoption agencies to reject prospective gay parents for "religious" reasons.

He’s ‘assertive’ but she’s ‘bossy’: The double standard language of gender

When males and females both exhibit similar behaviors, the sex we are assigned at birth will often determine the societal stereotype affixed to that behavior.

Texas moves one step closer to passing ‘bathroom bill’ targeting trans people

Supporters used an amendment to tack the bathroom restrictions onto an unrelated bill covering school emergency plans for natural disasters.

Toby Keith performs to a male-only audience

In Riyadh, Toby Keith performed to an all-male audience, because challenging misogyny when you're a conservative dude just isn't done.

Over 100 students walk out of Mike Pence’s commencement speech

Students cited the Vice President's opposition to LGBTQ rights as one of the main reasons for the protest.

Many transgender people find accepting churches

42% of transgender people who are rejected by their faith find new, accepting places of worship.

Threat of violence cancels party at Beirut Pride

A Salafist group threatened violence if a party happened at Beirut Pride.

An (imagined) Trumpian commencement address at Liberty University

What if Donald Trump said what he actually thinks during a commencement address in friendly territory?

Drama about ACT UP gets best reviews at Cannes Film Festival

"120 Beats Per Minute" was written by an ACT UP activist and tells a story about ACT UP activism.

1000 people participate in Pride in Romania

The Bucharest Pride festivities took a moment of silence for gay and bisexual people in Chechnya.

Trump in Saudi Arabia speech: The US will not tell you “how to live”

The speech implies that Trump will, like his predecessors, not concern himself with human rights abuses abroad.

Transgender voters being blocked from registering

With the UK's May 22 voter registration deadline tomorrow, some transgender voters are finding that a computer error and bureaucratic confusion might keep them from voting.

Baseball player apologizes for anti-gay slur

After nearly starting a brawl by calling an opponent an anti-gay slur, Kevin Pillar has apologized.

New Chicago initiative has served 3600 people living with HIV

The number was announced as the program is set to expand.

Transgender rights advocate dies at 25

After a legal battle to get his name changed, Rowan Feldhaus passed away.

Weekend Debrief: US Denying Visas to Chechen Refugees

Support for marriage equality is at an all time high, while the US refuses to take in gay and bi Chechen refugees.

Pastry chef sues Mario Batali’s restaurant for harassment & discrimination

After being called anti-gay slurs, the worker says that he was set up by his supervisor who wanted him fired.

Man charged with assault for performing orchiectomy on trans woman

The man isn't a doctor and has been charged with a felony for removing a woman's testicles.

North Carolina furniture market loses business… because of HB2?

Registration for the market is down this year.

Dublin gay bar vandalized with swastika & slurs

The bar was covered in anti-gay slurs.

Homophobic judge won’t be able to avoid gay adoption cases

Because he thinks that no child should ever be placed with LGBT parents, he didn't want to hear those cases.

Pride in Kuala Lumpur cancelled following religious complaints

The event was cancelled by administrators at the university that was hosting it.

University of Iowa pays $6.5 million to settle discrimination cases

The university settled discrimination lawsuits filed by an athletics administrator and her partner, a field hockey coach.