The GOP is gunning for the only out lesbian Senator

Tammy Baldwin is facing a tough race for re-election, thanks to outside money tinged with homophobia.

Meet Matthew Olshefski, the concert violinist with a heart of gold & pecs of steel

The Shirtless Violinist strips down to talk about music, modeling, fame and fiddles.

One of us: St. Patrick’s place in gay history

Ireland's patron saint may have had a long term intimate relationship with a man.

lesbian couple engagement
Australia’s first same-sex marriage ends in heartbreak after less than 2 months

Jill Kindt and Jo Grant were granted a waiver to become the country's first married same-sex couple.

Texas clarifies LGBT prisoner policies following a settlement with abused trans inmate

The new policies will help ensure vulnerable people, like members of the LGBTQ community, are identified during the intake process so they can be protected from abuse.

Houston HERO
An LGBT political caucus is facing criticism over cozy relationship with anti-trans group

Is an LGBT political group encouraging candidates to accept endorsements from a group that advocates against the community's rights?

The Masterpiece Supreme Court case isn’t the only one that’s dangerous for LGBTQ people

There’s another case pending with the Court that could have a disastrous effect on our community.

Ellen and RuPaul make straight guys lipsync for their wives

Ellen had two women tied to the ceiling, and RuPaul had their husbands lipsyncing. They turned. it. out.

love simon
‘Love, Simon’ is a feel-good, gay coming-of-age movie. It matters.

The film inspired two of the actors - and the star's brother - to come out.

When conservatives protested a gay student, his community stood up for him. Big time.

Christian conservatives didn't like this out high school football player. But their hate was drowned by the community's love.

A company wants to end the taboo around periods. This trans man will help them.

The model will be featured in the company's ad campaign.

This judge refused to marry same-sex couples. He just got suspended.

He said that marriage equality violated his "deeply held religious beliefs." The court said he still had to do his job.

Alex Jones: Why are lesbians like Hillary Clinton ‘so uptight’?

Jones said that Hillary is a lesbian who sexually assaulted younger women, and that Chelsea is her "beard."

nondiscrimination lgbt rights
Businesses are saying no to ‘religious freedom’ laws & lawmakers are listening

Kentucky is the latest state to figure out LGBTQ hate costs money.

Cross Coburn
Gay teen politician says nude pics leak is a homophobic smear campaign

The mayor has criticized the teen politician, calling his behavior "disturbing."

Richard Grenell
A Republican is demanding a gay man be named an ambassador. A Democrat is opposing it.

Why is an anti-LGBT Republican championing a gay man while an LGBT champion is against it?

Ellen hasn’t forgotten Elton John’s nasty comment about her coming out

She was being attacked by so many at a time when few celebrities were out. You'd think Elton John would have supported her, but....

Adam Rippon Oscars
Adam Rippon’s sexy Oscars outfit was almost even more outrageous

"If it were up to me, I'd always push it more."

Donald Trump Stormy Daniels
Stormy Daniels’ gay ‘daddy’ listened in on her calls with Trump. The details are sad.

He paints a picture of Trump that is everything you expect, but more pathetic.

A trans teen left the most heartbreaking suicide note. Her name was Hope.

Local media didn't even use her correct name after she left explicit instructions in her suicide note.

Trump wants to protect students from violence (as long as they’re not transgender)

When you hear the president talk about making schools safer, keep in mind that he already had the chance. He decided against it.

Can we ever forgive former virulently anti-gay activists who’ve had a change of heart?

Students are enraged that a former ex-gay activist was named president of their seminary. But is it time to forgive her?

The trans folk who protested Pride have been sentenced, but was justice served?

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.” Isn't it time we started listening?

Emma Gonzalez
Someone should challenge this GOP candidate who called Parkland survivor a ‘skinhead lesbian’

Leslie Gibson, who is running for the House of Representative in Maine, called another survivor a "baldfaced liar" - and he's running unopposed.

Dozens protest judge’s decision to let trans woman’s killer off without punishment

He admitted to the crime, but the man who killed Kenne McFadden won't face trial.

Watch a drag queen Elsa save the day for the Boston police

"If this is my 15 minutes, I would like to leverage it to meet Adam Rippon."