Trump Starbucks sit-in
Here’s what actually drives Trump supporters. It may shock you.

From the moment he stepped on the escalator at Trump Tower, pundits and analysts have been trying to understand what drove Donald Trump's unlikely political rise.

Now all four service chiefs have said they are okay with trans people in the military

The Air Force just joined the Marines, Army, and Navy in supporting transgender people in the military.

Mike Pence is hitting the circuit for anti-LGBTQ candidates & the NRA

The vice president's calendar is filled with appearances for haters and the group that condones slaughtering children as "freedom."

Indiana pizzeria that said they wouldn’t cater gay weddings abruptly shuts down

A GoFundMe page set up by conservative Christians raised almost a million dollars for the business. Even that couldn't save them.

After this employee wore a pro-LGBTQ shirt, things turned ugly at work

When his manager pointed out the owners were discriminating, she was fired. Now he's unsure if he has a job either.

If you need an excuse to shop at Sephora, this is it

When the staff found out a local gender non-conforming boy was being relentlessly bullied, they pulled out the stops to save him.

The Simpsons tackled Homer’s homophobia in the 90s, but won’t talk about the problems with Apu now

John Waters taught Homer a lesson about stereotypes before Ellen came out. So why won't producers talk about the offensive tropes they still use for Apu?

Hobby Lobby’s antigay lawyer is about to be rewarded with a lifetime appointment as a federal judge

His record of attacking women's rights is well documented, but Duncan's record on LGBT issues is particularly nightmarish.

Disney just released rainbow Mickey Mouse ears in time for Gay Days

Now Disney park patrons can show their pride with rainbow ears.

RuPaul was on Jeopardy last night & she won it all

She wasn't a contestant, but who can compete with Ru?

A gay man was eating pizza with his sister. Then someone beat him with a bike chain.

The victim may have brain damage and his sister was pummelled when she tried to pull the attacker off her brother.

The Senate is set to approve an anti-LGBTQ Secretary of State. People could die if they do.

Hate groups are confident Mike Pompeo will end programs that help LGBTQ people worldwide.

Trans youth more likely to suffer from mental health issues

The rates were between 4-7 times higher than what was seen in cisgender participants.

Christian television is reshaping American politics while no one is paying attention

With millions of viewers, Christian television channels are now preaching Trumpism to a receptive audience.

Kehlani just came out after kissing Demi Lovato on stage

The singer is queer, and she wants you to know exactly what that means.

Is Trump a liability or a leg up in Republican strongholds? Ask Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney's not conservative or anti-LGBTQ enough for some Utah Republicans.

trump anti-lgbt
Trump will rescind transgender health care protections

Before the rule was enacted, health insurers often refused to cover expenses related to transitioning, calling them "cosmetic" or "experimental."

Thomas Roberts is sorry about that time he hosted Trump’s Miss Universe in Russia now

Roberts pocketed $25,000 for hosting the show in 2013, but who paid his price? Trump or the Russians? He doesn't know either.

Milo got chased out of a bar after people chanted ‘Nazi scum get out’ until he left

The rightwing troll got famous for getting his Twitter followers to attack women and minorities. Now he's hurt that people would do the same to him.

Republicans introduce a bill to make it legal for adoption agencies to discriminate

It would allow them to turn away qualified gay and lesbian couples without consideration for the best interest of the child.

Shania Twain briefly came out as a Trump supporter. Now she ‘regrets’ it.

Is she really sorry, or just sorry that her fans blasted her on Twitter?

Roy Moore
Roy Moore is cashing in on the Washington Post’s Pulitzer about his lack of ethics

The failed candidate seems to think reminding people of his shady past is a financially winning strategy.

Donald Trump & his lawyer like to joke about prison rape

Trump thinks rape is a good way to threaten journalists and one of his attorneys Michael Cohen turn on the president when he becomes a black man's prison "wife."

Twitter loved this gay math problem for all the right reasons

A simple textbook math problem about percentages had a lot of meaning for equality.

Here’s the GOP politician the LGBTQ community will miss most

She pushed for the full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Melania Trump looked happy for a moment & Trump is probably pissed

The First Lady was all smiles while seated next to her husband's arch-enemy, former President Barack Obama, at Barbara Bush's funeral.