Cincinnati names street after Jim Obergefell & his deceased husband, John Arthur

Cincinnati city council members voted unanimously to give Mercer Street a gay update.

Federal court rules Mississippi businesses can discriminate against LGBTQ people

The shocking decision will let merchants and government employees cite religious beliefs to deny services to same-sex couples and single parents.

Gavin Grimm
DOJ honoring student & lawyers fighting for trans rights to rebuke Trump admin

The Trump administration has attacked the rights of trans students, and now the DOJ's own employees strike back by giving awards to Gavin Grimm and lawyers fighting for LGBTQ Americans.

An open letter to Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy from the LGBTQ community

Dear Justice Anthony Kennedy, Please don’t retire now. Pretty please.

McConnell GOP health care
Senate Republicans reveal secretive health care bill & spark massive outrage

Capitol police got physical with protesters in wheelchairs in front of Senator Mitch McConnell's office.

Most religious Americans oppose ‘freedom to discriminate’ laws

Not only are religious exemptions to the law unpopular, but even the people they're supposed to "protect" don't want them.

Kelly Clarkson helped this couple get engaged & her reaction is going viral

Her down-home country reaction comes complete with a phrase you wouldn't expect.

Why I don’t pledge my allegiance to the American flag

Patriotism is not the same thing as nationalism.

Donald Trump wall solar panels
Trump’s latest scheme: The sun will pay for the wall

"Pretty good imagination, right? Good?" he asked, searching his adoring fan base for the approval he so desperately needs. "My idea."

Trump lawyers
Meet Donald Trump’s personal legal team, tasked with defending him in Russiagate

Trump's personal team of lawyers include attorneys with anti-LGBTQ views and ties to Russia. Shocking, right?

Jeff Sessions’ new Russiagate lawyer is just as horrible as you’d expect

Sessions hired a notoriously homophobic racist to be his lawyer.

Trump’s selective caring tells allies & adversaries everything they need to know

President Trump shows compassion for the victims of crimes against humanity selectively, only speaking out when to do so would advance his political agenda.

Trump Iowa
Perpetually campaigning Trump goes back to Iowa to face unhappy independents

Iowa independents who helped Donald Trump win the presidency see last year’s tough-talking candidate as a thin-skinned chief executive and wish he’d show more grace.

Cordon Trump Philadelphia
James Cordon schools apathetic Trump with 297 copies of ‘Philadelphia’

President Trump clearly doesn't care about those living with HIV/AIDS, and James Cordon decided to try to fix that problem with a gift...or 297 of them.

Former Glee star comes out as transgender

Remember Sunshine Corazon, the Filipino exchange student with a golden voice who made Rachel Berry incredibly jealous?

This couple’s viral photos show that being gay is more than ‘just a phase’

The couple had no idea that their side-by-side photos together decades ago would take the internet by storm.

Karen Handel
Karen Handel wins Georgia special election handing Democrats an upsetting loss

Trump celebrated the news of the Republican's win over Jon Ossoff with a tweet that thanked Fox News.

Ryan O'Callaghan
Former NFL lineman Ryan O’Callaghan comes out in moving profile

He couldn't imagine living as an openly gay man and planned to commit suicide. When he found the courage to come out, he found support in unexpected places.

Paul Ryan has a Democrat challenger now & he’s come out swinging

He's a union ironworker, Army veteran, and cancer survivor with the nickname "Iron Stache." Hello, daddy.

Jon Ossoff Karen Handel
5 dramatic events leading up to Georgia’s Ossoff, Handel election

Georgia's 6th Congressional District race has national implications and is being seen by many as a referendum on Donald Trump's presidency.

Why aren’t bisexuals more welcomed at Pride?

Even though bisexual is the B in LGBTQ, some say they rarely see bisexual folks getting positive shout outs at Pride.

Moscow Pride
European court hands Russia stinging defeat in ‘gay propaganda’ case

Russian authorities have pledged to appeal the "unjust ruling."

Black & brown stripes are the least of the problems in Philly’s Gayborhood

It’s not those fighting for change within Philadelphia’s LGBTQ community who are causing division, but those who want things to remain the same.

Caught in the act: Ellen shames audience member for stealing

Nancy learned her lesson, the hard way: on national television.

Texas school’s only gay football player accepted by everyone except his parents

"The best faces to watch were those of the other teams and their parents," writes Austin Hodges, "the gay kid who wears makeup and does the splits..."