Trans wrestler wins right to compete against other boys, but not at school
The policy change comes just one month after 17-year-old Mack Beggs, a transgender boy who is taking testosterone as prescribed by his doctor, won a girls' state wrestling title.

At Trump’s request, Republican leaders pull their failing ACA repeal bill

House Speaker Paul Ryan withdrew the legislation after Trump asked him to halt debate without a vote.

Bisexual actress Amber Heard urges Hollywood’s closeted gays to come out

“If every gay man that I know personally came out in Hollywood tomorrow," she said, "then this would be a nonissue in a month.”

Are black Brits taking African American movie roles?

As more black British actors play African American roles, Samuel L. Jackson asks, "We can’t tell our own stories?"

Montana warned about consequences of bathroom bill

The state's chief economic advisor pointed to North Carolina to explain the economic consequences of discriminatory legislation.


Baptist schools forced to allow gay-straight alliances

Schools should not be allowed to force LGBTQ students to suffer in isolation.

NCAA gives North Carolina a deadline to repeal HB2

The NCAA will be setting championship locations for the next six years soon, and it won't consider a state with a hateful law like HB2.

Trans wrestler wins right to compete against other boys, but not at school

The policy change comes just one month after 17-year-old Mack Beggs, a transgender boy who is taking testosterone as prescribed by his doctor, won a girls' state wrestling title.

Two bills to allow discrimination derailed in Oklahoma

The Oklahoma senate voted down an anti-LGBTQ bill just days after a Republican senator resigned for being caught with an underage boy in a hotel room.

Marketer seeks branding help from The Gays in hilarious sketch

Is there any way to make a beer called "Brew Bros" palatable to gay men? Yes, yes there is.

Obama’s top civil rights lawyer to lead new organization

The former Justice Department attorney said, "What we're seeing is an unprecedented attack on so many of the gains we made."

Trump taps anti-LGBTQ activist Roger Severino to lead HHS Civil Rights Office

The former Heritage Foundation staffer actively opposed the ACA's civil rights protections and has fought against transgender rights, marriage equality, and abortion access.


Person in Oregon now legally without gender

A person in Oregon successfully petitioned the court to change their legal status from male to agender.

Transphobic bus got vandalized in New York

Unknown individuals spraypainted "Trans liberation" on the "Free Speech Bus."

Diane Sawyer to interview Caitlyn Jenner again

After her award-winning first interview with Jenner, Sawyer will talk to the gold-medalist again.

First inmate to get sex reassignment surgery says prison is ‘torture’

The inmate has been transferred to a women's prison and says she's being unnecessarily held in isolation.

Indiana county passes anti-discrimination protections

The county's commissioners voted to pass limited protections for sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination.

North Carolina’s governor said he’s open to compromise on HB2 repeal

A discriminatory law that has cost the state jobs might partly stay in place even with a new Democratic governor.

Oklahoma Republican resigns senate over underage prostitution charge

Ralph Shortey has officially stepped down, saying his case would be a distraction for the Oklahoma senate.

Lawsuit: Columbia twice failed to protect lesbian student from homophobic rapist

The sophomore says the unidentified rapist attacked her in her own dorm, but the university wouldn't let her change rooms without paying a fee and notifying her parents.

Top Senate Democrats will filibuster Trump’s Supreme Court nominee

Senate Minority Leader Chuch Schumer said he will oppose the confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, and Republicans might change Senate rules to get Gorsuch confirmed.

Ellen mocks security theater in segment about Russian spies

Ellen interrogated her audience to find out if any of them were spies.

Pulse victims sue shooter’s employer and wife

The victims of the most deadly mass shooting in recent history say Omar Mateen's employer knew he was unstable but let him have a gun anyway.

First openly gay pro baseball player David Denson retires from the game

Leaving the game had nothing to do with his coming out. If anything, the pressure to be a positive role model for gay athletes inspired him to stick it out as long as he did.

Man who helped rob lesbian mom of her child sentenced to 3 years

The man who drove Lisa Miller to Canada so she could take her and her ex-partner's baby to live with Mennonites in Nicaragua has been sentenced.

NOM brings Madrid’s transphobic bus to New York City

The bus is supposed to promote "respect," which makes sense only if we redefine the word to mean its opposite.

Trump appointee decries student body president election as ‘stolen’

Rick Perry denounced the election of a gay person to student body president as "a mockery of due process."

Transgender college students are more likely to be problem drinkers

Transgender women reported the most negative experiences with alcohol, with nearly half saying that they had blacked out from drinking in the past two weeks.

Transgender woman murdered in Baltimore is 8th victim this year

Police are looking for the gunman who shot 38-year-old Alphonza Watson, following an argument, and left her for dead.