Is Trump a liability or a leg up in Republican strongholds? Ask Mitt Romney.

Mitt Romney's not conservative or anti-LGBTQ enough for some Utah Republicans.

trump anti-lgbt
Trump will rescind transgender health care protections

Before the rule was enacted, health insurers often refused to cover expenses related to transitioning, calling them "cosmetic" or "experimental."

Thomas Roberts is sorry about that time he hosted Trump’s Miss Universe in Russia now

Roberts pocketed $25,000 for hosting the show in 2013, but who paid his price? Trump or the Russians? He doesn't know either.

Milo got chased out of a bar after people chanted ‘Nazi scum get out’ until he left

The rightwing troll got famous for getting his Twitter followers to attack women and minorities. Now he's hurt that people would do the same to him.

Republicans introduce a bill to make it legal for adoption agencies to discriminate

It would allow them to turn away qualified gay and lesbian couples without consideration for the best interest of the child.

Shania Twain briefly came out as a Trump supporter. Now she ‘regrets’ it.

Is she really sorry, or just sorry that her fans blasted her on Twitter?

Roy Moore
Roy Moore is cashing in on the Washington Post’s Pulitzer about his lack of ethics

The failed candidate seems to think reminding people of his shady past is a financially winning strategy.

Donald Trump & his lawyer like to joke about prison rape

Trump thinks rape is a good way to threaten journalists and one of his attorneys Michael Cohen turn on the president when he becomes a black man's prison "wife."

Twitter loved this gay math problem for all the right reasons

A simple textbook math problem about percentages had a lot of meaning for equality.

Here’s the GOP politician the LGBTQ community will miss most

She pushed for the full repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Melania Trump looked happy for a moment & Trump is probably pissed

The First Lady was all smiles while seated next to her husband's arch-enemy, former President Barack Obama, at Barbara Bush's funeral.

Meghan Markle & Prince Harry say they’ll prioritize LGBTQ rights after wedding

"This is a basic human rights issue, not one about sexuality."

The #NeverAgain warriors are leading an unarmed revolution history will remember

“Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.”

This is just reminder that I, like, exist.

Does the LGBTQ community only have my back when I’m bashed for being gay, but not when I catch hell for being black?

Ellen gets emotional about racism: ‘As a white person, I’m ashamed’

Ellen said she's "furious" about police shooting unarmed black people.

Your tax dollars are building the religious right’s empire

Focus on the Family and Liberty University are both both taking money out of your pocket to line their pockets.

DC launches innovative new PrEP campaign focused on Latin transgender people

This campaign is notable for the close participation of the Latin transgender community. When taken daily, PrEP is over 90% effective.

Trump elevates another unqualified homophobe to run a federal agency

NASA will be overseen by a climate change denier with no scientific background. But, boy, Jim Bridenstine doesn't like LGBT people.

California & New Hampshire move forward with conversion therapy bans

California could soon have the nation's strongest conversion therapy ban.

420: Ellen is ‘celebrating’ the stoner’s high holiday like only she would

One wonders how many people watch Ellen's show while stoned.

Mike Pence Focus on the Family
Can Mike Pence save the GOP’s bacon in the midterms?

Mike Pence is looking to his political future as the midterm elections loom. So is the Human Rights Campaign.

Teacher forced to flee small Kansas town after parent threatens his life

"You better not think about coming back! Queers will burn and so will you."

Street preachers asked to pray for this ‘broken’ woman. She took them to church instead.

The group stopped her to say they felt called to save "broken" people. Instead, she broke down their holier-than-thou attitude.

Religion can make gay youth more likely to commit suicide

Youth who were questioning their sexuality were three times more likely to report recent suicidal thoughts if they were religious.

This guy says painkillers turned him gay. His dad says he always liked boys.

"We've asked him for years if he likes men and he could have just admitted it to us."

Christian conservatives want a Senator to resign for talking about homophobia

Sen. Cory Booker asked a Trump nominee, "Is being gay a perversion?" Apparently that means he "hates Christians."

A frat party turned violent when students started beating up a gay man

His leg was broken and protruding through the skin in the possible hate crime.

Why transgender activists want people to boycott the film ‘Anything’

A transgender woman is played by a cisgender man in the upcoming film.