donald trump
There is no such thing as an ally in Trump’s world & it will destroy him

Trump isn't just isolating himself, he is isolating the country from our allies. It will likely lead to his downfall, but will it also lead to ours?

Former sailor sentenced to 40 years for stabbing trans woman to death

The victim was stabbed 119 times. Many of the wounds were to the victim's face and her throat was slashed three times.

So here’s the thing about Trump asking whether he can pardon his family

Bottom line: You would have asked about it too if you were in his shoes.

NC governor ran against anti-LGBT law & now he has to defend his fake ‘fix’

The law that replaced North Carolina's notorious "bathroom bill" sports a new look but maintains LGBT discrimination.

Michigan will now provide transition treatment for transgender inmates

Inmates can receive hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgery while still in prison.

Sean Spicer
Sean Spicer resigns as White House press secretary

Spicer is reportedly upset over the hiring of Anthony Scaramucci, who has voiced support for LGBTQ rights, as the new communications director.

John McCain may have cancer, but that doesn’t make him a hero

The fear of being thought “unkind” is unconsciously blaming the victim even when that victim is you.

germany marriage equality
German president signs marriage equality into law

Couples could start getting hitched as early as October.

Debunking post-election myths about LGBT issues & middle America voters

If LGBT people had a state, we’d be the size of North Carolina and have 15 electoral college votes.

Sue Bird Megan Rapinoe
WNBA All-Star Sue Bird comes out & reveals she’s dating soccer star Megan Rapinoe

She said it has been something she has wanted to do for some time, and that now the timing is finally right.

Kentucky GOP chair arrested & punched after he exposed himself in a store bathroom

Yup. Another "toe tapping" Republican leader busted in the bathroom. Imagine that.

Exclusive interview: Gavin Grimm is moving out & moving on

The transgender man who continues to fight for the rights of trans students has decided it's time to leave home.

Earl Blumenauer pride flag
Man sues Congress members over pride flags, claiming being gay is a religion

The same man has sued on numerous occasions to try to win the right to marry his laptop. He says he's "a machinist."

John Bush
Senate confirms anti-gay blogger as federal appeals court judge

Mitch McConnell pushed the nomination through after he was the beneficiary of millions of dollars raised for his re-election campaign by Mr. Bush's wife.

Mack Beggs
Trans wrestler makes heartfelt plea to Texas lawmakers to oppose bathroom bills

Mack Beggs made headlines when he was forced to compete with the girls, despite requesting the chance to wrestle boys, and went on to win the state title.

Texas trans bathroom bill
Texas Senate moving fast to push through anti-transgender ‘bathroom bill’

Business leaders and corporations, such as Apple, IBM, and the NFL, have asked Republican lawmakers to abandon their plan of passing a bill restricting the rights of trans people.

lena dunham american horror story
Ryan Murphy announces Lena Dunham joining ‘American Horror Story’ cast

Dunham will join a cast that will also include Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Cheyenne Jackson Billie Lourd, and Billy Eichner. 

Police identify one of John Wayne Gacy’s victims 40 years after his murder

The 16 year old runaway was killed in 1976, but his family never forgot him.

Rhode Island bans ex-gay ‘conversion therapy’ torture aimed at LGBT youth

The law bars providers from advertising or engaging in conversion therapy for those under 18.

Milestone: Half of people living with HIV are now taking treatment drugs

Experts applauded the progress, but questioned if the billions spent in the past two decades should have brought more impressive results.

Richard Grenell
Trump to pick gay former diplomat for ambassador to Germany

Richard Grenell, formerly an ambassador under the George W. Bush administration, would be the first openly LGBT ambassador nominee for Trump.

transgender bathrooms
All schools in Scotland will have gender neutral bathrooms soon

Could this be a model for schools in the United States? (Hint: YES)

Ramzan Kadyrov
Chechnya’s leader defends families committing ‘honor killings’ of gay relatives

The U.S. State Department is condemning the comments but is taking no action to stop the abuses or provide safe haven to the gay and bisexual men feeling them.

caitlyn jenner
Caitlyn Jenner pushes back: ‘I am not a spokesperson for the trans community’

Jenner, who recently announced she may run for office, also explained the thinking behind her controversial Instagram post of herself with Steven Tyler.

Are Megyn Kelly’s ratings tanking because all liberal men are gay?

“Real men like beautiful women. Liberal men? They don’t care about beautiful legs, they don’t care about your beautiful face... and your tight skirt."