It’s time to give the middle finger to our oppressors & elect more Black trans leaders

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In the relentless struggle for liberation and justice, there is an intersection between transgender rights and the broader fight for Black liberation that cannot be ignored.

This juncture demands a raw, unfiltered examination of the connection between our fundamental rights and political representation. The fight for transgender rights, intricately linked to the broader Black liberation movement, requires resolute action. Black History Month serves as a stern reminder that our battle is not just for recognition but for the very right to live in safety and dignity, as we all deserve.

In the face of an onslaught of over 500 anti-LGBTQ+ bills in 2023, with 84 becoming law, the urgency of our existence is undeniable. In fact, according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), over 400 anti-LGBTQ+ bills have already been introduced this year alone. And we’re not even two full months into the year yet.

The Department of Homeland Security’s acknowledgment of increased violence, particularly towards transgender women and girls of color, underscores the reality we face. These bills, whether passed or not, inflict immeasurable harm on our community, perpetuating oppressive narratives that fuel discrimination.

Political representation emerges not as a symbolic gesture but as a strategic imperative. In my very own home state of Ohio, Vanessa Joy, a transgender state House candidate’s disqualification for not using her dead name on the application that did not have a place to write it demonstrates the need for diverse voices in positions of power.

The fight for transgender rights is inseparable from the broader struggle for Black liberation. By having more individuals from disinvested communities in decision-making roles, we dismantle oppressive systems entrenched in healthcare, housing, employment, and the criminal justice system.

This is not a plea for symbolic gestures; it is a call to action because we are being denied our basic human rights, and our lives are at stake. The urgency of our presence in political spheres becomes a beacon of resistance against those who seek to silence or erase us. Our intersectional experiences provide invaluable insights into the root causes of inequality, demanding policies that actively dismantle discriminatory structures.

Know this: When one historically marginalized community gains power, it influences the possibilities for others. The doors opened for one community create a ripple effect, bringing rights and representation for all. This interconnectedness emphasizes that the liberation of any group is a middle finger to the oppressors.

By electing Black transgender leaders, we strategically disrupt oppressive systems and create a domino effect of positive change that benefits society as a whole.

Electing Black transgender individuals into political offices is a strategic move to challenge systems that disproportionately harm our community. It is time to create a political landscape where our voices are not just heard but actively sought to craft solutions.

The right wing’s attempts to erase Black and transgender people through book bans and censorship highlight the need for our presence in shaping legislation. Because let’s face it. The right wing only cares about white, cisgender, wealthy youth. They do not want to see us succeed. Books with LGBTQ+ subjects are banned. Books empowering Black children to love themselves are banned.

Imagine a political landscape where legislation is crafted with a deep understanding of the struggles faced by Black transgender individuals, leading to policies that uplift and empower our communities. This vision is not a distant dream but a tangible reality we can achieve through unwavering political activism.

In the face of anti-trans legislation, recognize that our fight is collective. By electing Black transgender individuals into political offices, we strategically challenge oppressive systems and make it clear that we won’t be passive recipients of discriminatory policies. This is how we make the government work for everyone.

Breaking free of oppression, reshaping the narrative, and leveraging political power are our pathways to a future where justice knows no bounds. This is not a call for mere awareness but a call for action, grounded in the unwavering belief that political representation is a possible pathway to liberation.

The intersection of race and gender identity vividly illustrates the ongoing struggle for humanity and fundamental civil rights that persist. The imperative now is to propel Black transgender individuals into political offices, effectively challenging the very systems that disproportionately harm our community.

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