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Costa Rica’s supreme court delays marriage equality for 18 months

The court just ruled in favor of marriage equality, but added a long waiting period for lifting the ban.

DC church encourages ‘shaming & shunning’ LGBTQ people as loving ‘Christian response’

"Shaming and Shunning are acceptable Christian responses to the outward practice of any form of ungodly behavior," the church's constitution reads.

What’s the difference between free speech & hate speech?

An estimated 1,500 white supremacist neo-Nazis marched on Charlottesville, Virginia for their “Unite the Right” rally last August, carrying Confederate flags and Nazi symbols in protest of the town’s proposal to remove the statue of…

After parents torture & kill boys they thought were gay, CA’s legislature demands answers

People reported the abuse of these kids multiple times, but the system didn't remove them from their homes.

Florida’s plan for bullied LGBTQ kids? Send them to Christian schools.

A Florida program could send bullying victims to private schools with specific policies that discriminate against LGBTQ youth.

This Baptist preacher was arrested after he tried to have sex with a 14-year-old boy

This isn't the first time his lust for boys has landed him in legal trouble.

Trans performer Kate Bornstein heckled on Broadway, but the response will warm your heart

While her co-stars defended her angrily on social media, Kate reached out with love.

Colorado Republican Party calls Jewish, gay politician a ‘Brownshirt’ Nazi

Congressman Jared Polis choice of a brown shirt at a press conference somehow turned into an incredibly offensive Nazi reference.

Franklin Graham is now the target of a crazy pedophile conspiracy theory

They say the ultra-conservative minister is standing with "Luciferian pedos" by eating a doughnut.

Will Roseanne be dead in new ‘The Conners’ spinoff?

Roseanne's family is coming back to the airwaves, but how will the show deal with Roseanne's absence?

Don Lemon says Trump told him he couldn’t be a good journalist because he’s black

Don Lemon made some explosive allegations about his private history with Donald Trump.

Trump’s new communications director just settled a lawsuit over outing a gay man

Fox News, who is also being sued, has used the defense that being gay is nothing to be ashamed of in modern America, so he suffered no damages.

An Uber security feature is automatically booting transgender drivers

Uber randomly checks drivers to see if they match their photo ID. This isn't working well for some transgender drivers.

Jeff Sessions spoke at a hate group summit & told them ‘You are not a hate group’

The Trump Administration official said that if a group has "sincerely held religious beliefs," then it can't be a hate group.

Russia finally convicts someone of ‘pro-gay propaganda.’ He’s a schoolboy.

The law says you can't "promote homosexuality to minors." The teen they've convicted is 16.

Joe Biden is revving up for a 2020 campaign by promoting LGBTQ equality

The "As You Are" campaign reminds everyone of the Obama Administration's successes and sets the tone for the next presidential race.

Blaming LGBTQ people for natural disasters has a sordid history than spans centuries

As far back as 543 C.E., we were taking the blame. So why does this lunacy continue?

Denmark is snubbing the American ambassador over Trump’s attacks on LGBTQ rights

The last American ambassador was an out gay man while the Trump administration has made it a priority to rollback LGBTQ rights.

This Republican compared LGBTQ people to rapists. But will it affect his re-election?

He said the government doesn't have to treat citizens equally since rapists don't get "equal rights."

A postal carrier called a gay couple ‘fa**ots.’ Now the USPS is delivering justice.

When confronted about her hate speech, the postal worker said, "I called you what you are."

This gay teacher had the best response to a Christian mom who pulled her kids from his class

"As a Christian I cannot allow my children to be influenced by unconventional ideas," the mom wrote. She wasn't expecting the teacher's response.

This Russian GOTV ad says that if you don’t vote, you might be gay

Two men talk about how they're not going to vote. Then they start having sex. Because if you don't vote, then you're....

Democracy demands an educated electorate. America doesn’t have one.

Many people proudly display American flags, rippling in the wind in front yards. But patriotism and true commitment to our democracy takes more, much more.

Pence said the president should resign for lying about adultery. Just not this one.

Political leaders need to "act to restore the luster and dignity of the institution of the Presidency," he said.

Gal Gadot smiles on a 5-year-old boy who wanted a ‘Wonder Woman’ backpack

His mother was worried about her son being teased. She probably wasn't expecting to get Wonder Woman's attention, though.

This man said it’s his duty to stop ‘gay stuff.’ Now he’s facing hate crimes charges.

He admitted to attacking three people because he thought they were gay and "showed no remorse" when arrested.

Vandals deface a plaque commemorating gays who were executed in France

Paris is hosting the Gay Games at the moment, but that doesn't mean that homophobia is over.