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Danica Roem
Fearmongering robocalls against trans candidate looks to be work of conservative org

Her anti-LGBTQ opponent has refused to debate her and has misgendered her in the press.

These innocent photos could have landed the lovers in jail back in 1953

Most people wouldn’t think twice if they saw a gay couple showing affection for one another in public these days, but that wasn’t always the case.

trump randy rainbow desperate cheeto
Randy Rainbow’s latest hilarious parody turns Despacito into ‘desperate Cheeto’

"Puerto Rico, Charlottesville, and Kimmy Jong, can't keep track of all the times that you've been wrong."

Atty General: Businesses have a ‘fundamental right’ to discriminate against LGBT people

Jeff Sessions says Christian business owners who refuse to serve all customers "ought to be respected."

19 years later: A memorial tribute to Matthew Shepard

In the words of Judy Shepard, Matt’s mother, “Go home, give your kids a hug, and don’t let a day go by without telling them you love them.”

Terry Crews
Terry Crews reveals he was groped by a Hollywood executive amid Harvey Weinstein scandal

"I let it go. And I understand why many women who this happens to let it go."

supreme court lgbt rights
Legal groups ask the Supreme Court to stop Mississippi’s ‘license to discriminate’ law

The law allows for sweeping discrimination against the LGBTQ community in all sectors of public and private life.

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper & Jodie Foster named most ‘inspirational’ coming out celebs

In other findings, 78% said employers are not doing enough to support their LGBTQ employees, and 45% reported that they were treated differently since Donald Trump assumed the presidency.

Anderson Cooper Kathy Griffin
Watch Kathy Griffin excoriate Anderson Cooper by reading a letter to him on stage

“I’m going to leave you with a cup of tea, honey. This is a cup of gay tea that is f--king scandalous and it involves Anderson Cooper.”

Whitney Houston’s posthumous coming out could have been avoided

When her mother, gospel singer Cissy Houston, was asked if she'd accept Whitney if she'd come out, her answer was simple: "Not at all."

Stonewall National Monument
White House won’t let a pride flag fly on federal land for National Coming Out Day

The National Park service was a sponsor the event being held at Stonewall, but they have now abruptly withdrawn from today's ceremony.

Trump will become first president to speak at hate group gathering

Trump will share the stage with speakers who've said LGBT people are "wicked" and should be put to death.

Did you know there is an outdoor museum of LGBTQ history?

Chicago's Legacy Walk teaches our history in a unique and fascinating manner.

nondiscrimination lgbt rights
Mississippi’s Christians now have a license to discriminate against LGBTQ people

The nation’s most extreme anti-LGBTQ law is now in effect in Mississippi.

Alex Jones claims gay people are deliberately infecting each other with HIV in ‘Satanic’ plot

He says it's all part of an "insane" Democratic conspiracy to pass "socialist" health care.

Donald Trump James Mattis
Democrats demand proof that Trump consulted with Pentagon on trans military ban

"If there is no proof then the President lied to the American people once again."

Kim Davis is touring Romania to encourage the government to ban gay rights

The county clerk who went to jail for refusing to treat gays and lesbian without discrimination, is trying to connect marriage equality with communism.

How Shapr helped me navigate networking as a freelancer

This free app will be your digital rolodex.

Trump Iowa 2017
Trump’s continued attack on the NFL is part of the American tradition of colonization

Trump feels entitled to establish his culture and beliefs as the norm, appropriating and subjecting anyone who get in his way.

Kosovo Pride Parade
Kosovo holds first official pride parade in the face of death threats

The LGBTQ community and allies ignored the hate and gathered together behind the theme "In the name of love."

How drag has been part of mainstream Philly culture since the early 19th century

When Philly started sponsoring the Mummers parade there was an award for drag queens.

California just dramatically lowered the punishment for willfully exposing someone to HIV

The crime could have landed you eight years in prison; now it's a maximum of six months. So why did it change?

couples travel gay versus straight
What if straight couples got treated like gay people when they went on vacation?

"There must be a mistake. This room only has one bed."

Watch over a hundred college students perfectly shut down Westboro Baptist protesters

When the hate group Westboro Baptist announced they'd be protesting at Carnegie Mellon University, they were met with more than they expected.

Kat Von D is about to launch a makeup line inspired by Divine & you need to see it

While it's not available to purchase yet, a social media mistake is giving us a secret glimpse.

There’s an online war of words over Netflix’s new Marsha P. Johnson movie

Trans filmmaker Reina Gossett has accused director David France of stealing her work to make his new film.