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It’ll cost almost $1 billion to ban trans people from the military

Despite what Trump says in his tweets, it will be more expensive to discharge and replace transgender servicemembers than provide them medical care.

A trans woman & her husband are suing Amazon after a coworker tried to kill them

"It was like a bad dream. Every day, I’d wish it was ‘Candid Camera’ and someone would pop out and say it was all a joke."

The DC Metro banned a Milo Yiannopoulos ad. Now the ACLU is suing.

The ACLU says that the subway system's policy of rejecting controversial ads violates the First Amendment.

PHOTOS: Queer families in all their glorious diversity take over P-town

Ptown: John Waters riding a bike, Rachel Maddow walking her dog, gay men off to Tea, drag queens promoting performances, and queer parents pushing strollers.

Former Australian PM says he opposes marriage equality & his sister isn’t having it

She has been wanting to marry her fiancé for four years, while her powerful brother is doing what he can to prevent it.

Is Peter Thiel’s billionaire bromance with Donald Trump about to end?

Of course, as a Silicon Valley investor, Thiel is used to cutting his losses.

The multiple gay & lesbian connections to JFK’s assassination

Did Lee Harvey Oswald's wife leave him for a woman shortly before he assassinated Kennedy? Why was a gay man the only person prosecuted for the crime?

Transgender service members sue Trump over military ban

The five unnamed active duty service members are asking a court to block Trump's directive immediately.

Laverne Cox was a guest judge on America’s Got Talent & she hit the golden buzzer

Wait until you see who she chose to send through to the live show.

Megachurch pastor says God is OK with Trump starting a war with North Korea

A pastor who famously said Islam is a violent religion found justification in the Bible for starting the biggest war in world history.

Ellen got in a scooter accident while trying to run over her producer

There were no fatalities and only one injury in this goofy accident.

School pays $120K to settle trans discrimination case

The parents say that the school fought against their 5-year-old daughter's transition.

Trial finally begins for DC man accused of murdering a trans woman 5 years ago

As Deoni JaParker Jones sat quietly at a bus stop, someone thrust a knife into the side of her head and ran away.

Meet the legendary queer comedian ‘Moms’ Mabley

"We never called Moms a homosexual. That word never fit her. We never called her gay. We called her Mr. Moms."

Is ‘cisgender gay man’ an oxymoron?

Queer people have accepted in their heads that sexual orientation and gender identity are separate, but they haven't accepted it in their hearts.

Televangelist Jim Bakker went to the White House & his story to viewers is dubious

He went with a group of religious right leaders and claims they got Scaramucci fired.

MTV’s VMA ‘moonman’ trophy is getting a gender-neutral update

The move is part of a larger strategy to make MTV relevant to a younger audience.

Man shot to death defending his gay cousin in shocking hate crime

The killer shouted he wanted to kill gay people "like rats" before he opened fire.

Walmart found guilty of ‘harassment & intimidation’ of transgender employee

The corporation settled a separate class action discrimination lawsuit brought by gay and lesbian employees a few months before this ruling.

This photo of a gay couple & their baby is going viral for all the right reasons

"We were overwhelmed by how much recognition our photo received."

Justice Department ordered to release 50’s era ‘gay purge’ documents

The documents relate to the Lavender Scare, when thousands of federal employees were fired for being gay.

Pauly Shore has gone viral portraying Stephen Miller & it is absolute perfection

Miller's crazed rant about the Statue of Liberty makes sense when it comes from Pauly Shore.

Bob the Drag Queen is now a comic book hero who saves a Pocket Gay

The "RuPaul's Drag Race" winner is writing a comic book about a drag queen superhero and it's fabulous.

Transgender 8-year-old sues her elementary school for discrimination

The school misgendered her and made her wear a boys' uniform. She was so distressed she started talking about suicide.

Gay couple sues small town officials who condoned months of attacks on their family

When their home mysteriously went up in flames, the police chief and his family set up lawn chairs across the street and watched it burn.