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The Trump administration wants to make HIV a pre-existing condition again

The president thinks anyone with HIV should pay more for coverage - or not get it at all.

Pride in Pictures 1999: Gays & glitter

Nothing says Pride like a glittery angel.

Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions just signed the death warrant for LGBTQ asylum seekers

In essence, the Attorney General said it's not America's problem if you're going to be killed for being gay or trans.

Red Sox Pride
The Red Sox celebrated Pride & now haters are demanding a straight pride night

A small rainbow painting led to an explosion of hate on Twitter.

President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un walk together during their summit in Singapore.
Trump used the North Korea summit to greenlight LGBTQ oppression worldwide

The president gave the dictator a pass on human rights violations, signalling to the rest of the world it's okay to oppress LGBTQ people.

Alex Iovine and Emma PIchl
A lesbian couple was pitched out of an Uber. Then the CEO stepped in.

The ride was so awful, the company's CEO said drivers like the one they got "don't belong on Uber."

Mike Pence Focus on the Family
Columbus will greet Pence with a big LGBTQ dance party when he arrives during Pride

The Vice President will be at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel to give a speech, but the real party will be outside.

Pulse shooting
The two years after the Pulse shooting have shown that queer lives don’t matter

Nothing happened in the 612 days that followed the Pulse shooting. Less than a month after the Parkland shooting, though, even Republicans cared about gun violence.

DECEMBER 15, 2016: President Trump smirks smile during his speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally held at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA.
Trump administration honors Russian & Filipino holidays. Still won’t recognize pride month.

Trump sent warm greetings to two brutal dictators, but he's given the American LGBTQ community the cold shoulder.

Pride in Pictures 1994: 25 years of war stories

The legend — and the mystique — continue to grow.

A CVS pharmacy store front
This drug to treat alcohol addiction may become the next weapon in the fight against HIV

A new study shows the drug is effective at reducing alcohol addiction, but it also had a surprising side effect.

Robert De Niro’s Tony rant was deeply satisfying & really stupid

De Niro's cursing wasn't about what unites us; it was about what drives us apart. And that's exactly what Trump does.

September 12, 2016: Close up of a woman wearing a bright pink Donald Trump T-Shirt covered with Trump campaign buttons on September 12, 2016 in Asheville, NC
Trump treats our allies like he treats his wives & mistresses

Looks like the G-7 is seeing some Stormy weather.

A church sign reading "Jesus would have baked that cake."
This church sign is making waves in that antigay baker’s backyard

Evangelical Christians wouldn't know their loving savior if they sat next to him on the bus.

Warsaw Pride Rainbow
Antigay thugs burned down Warsaw’s rainbow statue. So they made it indestructible.

Proto-fascists have been vandalizing the rainbow for years. Now they won't have a chance.

Aidyn Sucec
This amazing trans high school student is speaking out against a bigoted teacher

"School will be a more comfortable environment" without the conservative Christian teacher.

Timothy Brown at Upper Cumberland Pride Festival
Preacher sues after city makes him stop harassing pride attendees

He wants compensation after he was asked to stop screaming at LGBTQ people that they're going to hell.

Andrew Garfield
Here are the heartwarming LGBTQ moments from the Tony Awards

Actor Andrew Garfield said the LGBTQ community "is a spirit that says no to oppression" in his acceptance speech.

Bucharest Pride
Pride was celebrated all over the world over the weekend & we’ve got pictures

From DC to Bucharest, LGBT people filled cities, held up rainbow flags, and marched for their lives.

Pride in Pictures 1994: Stars of support — and a founding father

Pride honors our founders, our role models and our supporters.

gun american flag
Gun violence could be stopped with some simple measures

There is no easy solution to this problem. But there are lots of things we can be doing better.

A puzzle that merges pieces from the rainbow flag and the Saudi Arabian flag into one graphic
Will Saudia Arabia’s ‘liberalization’ ever include LGBT people?

As the conservative Muslim country inches closer to respecting civil rights, will LGBTQ citizens ever be welcome?

Kehlani at LA Pride
Kehlani fans broke LA Pride. Police helicopters were called in to send people home.

Police showed up in riot gear to disperse the LA Pride crowd.

Trump evangelical Christians
Here’s the reason why fewer Americans are Christian that evangelicals don’t want you to know

They're the reason no one wants to call themselves Christian now.

Pride in Pictures 1992: Lesbian rappers

These Jersey Girls took the rap and marched with it.

Wedding cakes aren’t the only LGBTQ issue in front of the Supreme Court

With one ruling, the court could decide that LGBTQ Americans are protected from discrimination nationwide.

The parallels between Nazi Germany & the U.S. today

The Nazis' campaign against women and LGBTQ people was about controlling the population.