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Is this Clearasil commercial homophobic or all in good fun?

Humor is subjective, but this isn't even remotely funny.

Racist old lady arrested for punching a pregnant soldier while her son hurled antigay slurs

Her son called the reservists "black lesbian bitches" before his mom took a swing at one of them.

A former Miss America just married her girlfriend & the pageant couldn’t be happier for her

She won the crown in 2005. Now she's going to win your heart.

‘Hot-blooded heterosexual’ claims pain meds turned him gay

He says Lyrica had an unexpected side effect.

Ronan Farrow wins a Pulitzer for taking down Harvey Weinstein

The story that fueled the #MeToo movement is awarded journalism's highest honor.

The new ‘untreatable’ HIV strain was fake news

The "untreatable" strain story took attention away from a real problem: rising infection rates.

Will the alt-right really make a comeback in the White House?

Now that Trump is following his own impulses, he's a lot more likely to echo the alt-right's views.

The mom who drove her 6 kids off a cliff was drunk & her daughter called her racist

More evidence emerges that this family did not die in an accident.

Those who can do extremely well, teach

Teachers are some of the best workers in America... and the most under-valued.

Black people can get arrested or killed for things white people do all the time

Add two more things to the list of things you can't do while black.

The gay vulture dads did such a good job that their chick was released into the wild

The gay vulture dads took turns feeding it regurgitated food until it was strong enough to live in the wild.

A social media platform banned gay content. The backlash changed their mind.

Hundreds of thousands used the Chinese platform to protest its ban on gay content.

Victims got a broken nose & a concussion in a shocking D.C. gaybashing

The attackers shouted anti-gay slurs while beating the victims outside an LGBT bar.

LGBT rights lawyer died by suicide in protest of fossil fuels

A note left near the charred grass said, "Honorable purpose in life invites honorable purchase in death."

Jay-Z is right: Donald Trump can be a ‘great thing’ for America

By bringing racism to the fore, Trump has given us an opportunity to talk about it... and hopefully cleanse it.

Why do evangelicals stand by Trump when Mike Pence is in the wings?

Evangelicals have the perfect alternative to Trump in Mike Pence, but Trump's core supporters are still sticking with him.

Texas GOP debates for two hours whether to tell gay Republicans they aren’t welcome

For 20 years, Log Cabin Republicans in Texas have been fighting the same battle. This year it got awkward.

The picture book about Harvey Milk & the rainbow flag is everything you needed as a kid

Even if you're not between the ages of 5-8, you're likely going to want one.

Donald Trump LGBT flag
A judge rejected Trump’s ‘new’ trans military ban in a historic ruling

The judge recognized transgender people as a "protected class."

Conservatives are shocked — shocked! — that a college has sex education

The University of Tennessee's "Sex Week" is drawing rightwing outrage... again.

Mike Pence’s hometown held its first LGBT pride festival today & it was incredible

Over 1,000 people braved chill winds and rain to show support for the LGBT community in Columbus, Indiana.

Christian privilege: What is it? Why doesn’t Fox News want to talk about it?

Americans can't feel Christian privilege since it is so pervasive, so taken for granted, so normalized.

Is Illinois about to start teaching LGBTQ history to kids?

Only California currently requires schools to include LGBT-specific curriculum.

This student was harassed so much that he moved out of his college dorm

Instead of finding out who was harassing the student, the victim was forced to move out.

James Comey says Donald Trump is obsessed with the pee tape

Comey helped get Trump elected. Now he's eviscerating Trump in a new book.

The trailer for ‘Pose’ just dropped & it looks fabulous

The show will have the largest cast of transgender actors in regular series roles in TV history.