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piers morgan omarosa
The irony of Piers Morgan claiming offense at Omarosa calling him an antigay slur

Morgan claims Omarosa went after him when he refused to have sex with her, but the pearl clutching is funny coming from him.

What does it take to get off the Trump rollercoaster?

The Trump ride is killing people, but Republicans refuse to fix the safety issues.

Tom Daley Dustin Lance Black baby
Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black are having a baby!

They announced the news on Instagram in a sweet Valentine's day photo and the internet immediately lost it.

How the Golden Girls taught America about coming out & marriage equality

If you'll be celebrating Valentine's Day with your husband or wife, thank the Golden Girls.

transgender rights
Transgender rights are being targeted nationwide with ballot measures & bathroom bills

Transgender Americans are being assailed by both federal and state governments.

How anti-gay researcher Mark Regnerus is duping liberal media on ‘Cheap Sex’

Mark Regnerus earned scorn for his study on gay parenting, but you'd never know it reading coverage of his new book.

A gay doctor used PrEP on the job but his insurer balked when he wanted it for safe sex

Insurance companies are routinely denying coverage to gay men who are protecting themselves.

Greg Gregory
Pastor caught in a car with a tied-up, naked man claims he was administering ‘counseling’

He said the man undressed himself, but offered no explanation for how he got tied-up.

In 1928, the ‘Mother of the Blues’ recorded an amazing lesbian anthem

She was singing about how she could "talk to the gals just like any old man" over 40 years before Stonewall.

adam rippon
Adam Rippon & Gus Kenworthy will skip White House visit after the Olympics

Rippon said he'd rather "do something positive," like hold a gay rights event, than attend.

Why it’s hypocritical for Catholic schools to only fire LGBT teachers

There are lots of ways to violate Church tenets, but the hierarchy only cares about one.

Omarosa reveals the shocking truth about Mike Pence

"As bad as y'all think Trump is, you would be worried about Pence."

Is it the ‘Democrat Party’ or the ‘Democratic Party’?

Republicans call it the "Democrat Party." Democrats call it the "Democratic Party." Which one is correct?

One state is trying to stop businesses from citing religion to discriminate

Because people have religious beliefs. Corporations can't.

Ian McKellen
Ian McKellen on youth & labels: ‘Fluidity is the future’

He also offers his take on the allegations of sexual misconduct against Kevin Spacey.

As Malaysian media tells how to spot a gay, Mike Pence gives us an example

The paper says gay men love working out. Queer social media wants you to know they often pick on gay people and love their "mother" too.

These married veterans’ love story will make your Valentine’s Day complete

They're not your typical couple. Jerry is 72. John is 100.

Dave LaRock
Virginia state legislator insists he should be able to discriminate against LGBT people legally

Delegate David LaRock’s Republican colleagues killed four bills last week that would have outlawed discrimination against LGBT people.

Betsy DeVos
Department of Education will reject transgender bathroom complaints

While the Trump administration had made it clear that it was not on the side of trans students, it had failed to go on record. Until today.

This farm is at the heart of a local controversy about the politics of produce

"We struggle to see how anyone other than self-identified white supremacists would take this as a personal attack."

Advertising giant to Facebook & Google: Lose fake news or lose us

Now that billions are at stake, will the tech giants actually do something more than mouth platitudes?

Mr. Gay Belgium kicked & stomped in vicious hate crime

“Attacking me from behind and stamping me is one thing. Calling me 'f--king homo,' you’re gonna regret it. I’m not going to drop it, you coward.”

Canadian Eric Radford becomes first out athlete to win gold at Winter Olympics

Radford and his partner, Meagan Duhamel, picked up the gold in the team figure skating event.

adam rippon
Adam Rippon’s Olympic performance won him a bronze medal & America’s heart

Former Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir said Rippon was "spellbinding," but fans are asking how he finished third after two competitors who fell.

Gay alumni raise $300K to save a Pride Center after years of conservative attacks

Conservatives turned the University of Tennessee's Pride Center into a front line in their Culture War, but gay alumni are trying to save it.

Hundreds protested a Michigan church’s conversion therapy classes

The church tried to "pray the demon of homosexuality out of" a trans teen. But they insist that's not conversion therapy.

This ‘family values’ Republican allegedly used taxpayers’ money to meet a sex worker

He has voted against LGBTQ rights and sex work. He even thinks porn is a "public health crisis."