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Pride in Pictures 1988: A quiet moment

We reflect upon who we are — and who we were.

There are a record number of conservative crackpots running for office this year

Neo-Nazis, white supremacists and a self-proclaimed pedophile who thinks Hitler did "good things" are on the ballot this year.

Kate Spade
Designer Kate Spade found dead from suicide & celebrities are mourning

Police say that her death looks like a suicide.

Jack Phillips
Most Americans disagree with ‘religious exemptions’ for businesses

Most people don't think that businesses should be allowed to discriminate against LGBTQ people.

Angel Cox-Colbert
This mom’s Facebook status should be required reading for every straight person

When a friend came out to Angel Cox-Colbert's daughter recently, she told her mom about the abuse he was suffering on social media.

Angry man staring at camera with hands folded in prayer
If your religion tells you to discriminate, you’re following the wrong one

Religions promoting discrimination against same-sex couples purchasing cakes are religions lacking in moral authority.

Antash'a English
Witnesses won’t talk about trans woman’s murder because they fear retaliation

"She was an unapologetic, bold and loyal person," her friend said.

Laganja Estranja
Laganja Estranja slayed her ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ audition

She talked about being too feminine for the dance world before turning it out on stage in full drag.

Two gay men sleeping in bed together
Gilead’s new TV ads for PrEP will be unique. They include gay & trans people.

The first ad features three groups heavily affected by HIV: youth of color, transgender women, and gay men.

Pride in Pictures 1987: The Hollywood closet exposed

Long before Ellen, Pride invites Hollywood to stand up.

That narrow Supreme Court decision may not stay narrow for long

Just as they did with the first marriage equality case, the justices kicked the can down the road - but what happens when the road ends?

Richard Grenell
Germany is furious with new gay US ambassador who says he will ’empower’ the far right

As long as your willing to wreck international relationships and break norms, being gay is no barrier in the Trump administration.

Pride react
Facebook killed their Pride reaction, but they added this instead

The social media giant explained why the little rainbow flag wouldn't be back this year.

A billboard advertising Robert Icek and Ducan MacMillan's theatrical adaptation of George Orwell's Nineteen Eighty-Four on May 30, 2015 in London, UK.
Conservative media’s attacks on trans people have become Orwellian

Prior to 2010, the vast majority of right wing efforts against LGBT rights were focused on lesbians and gays. Not any more.

Researchers show people who hate gays are generally less intelligent

People who hold anti-LGBTQ attitudes performed worse on tests of cognitive ability.

US Supreme Court
Supreme Court rules in favor of anti-gay baker in wedding cake case

Only Ginsburg and Sotomayor opposed the narrow ruling in favor of the baker.

Woman arrested for making ‘terroristic threats’ against Buffalo Pride

Police say she threatened to shoot, stab, and rape people at the pride festival.

Azealia Banks says RuPaul copied her song: ‘I’m disappointed… as a black person’

Banks had a RuPaul album removed from Spotify for allegedly plagiarizing her.

Pride in Pictures 1987: The AIDS Memorial Quilt goes on display

The power of Pride resonates through the Quilt.

Stonewall National Monument
5 things you may not know about the Stonewall rebellion

Much of the story is well known within our community, but a lot of myth and embellishment has grown over the years, and many details lost.

Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani
Hayley Kiyoko’s new video with Kehlani is the lesbian story America needs right now

"What I Need" is fun pop, and the video is "radically queer."

Two signs hang on a lamppost before a Christian statue. One says "Vote Yes." The other "Vote No."
What does Ireland’s abortion vote say about the future of politics in the US?

Are we living in the last gasp of the more conservative generations and their hold on power?

Pride in Pictures 1985: Fighting back

Pride battles oppression as AIDS ravages the land.

Franklin Graham
Is Franklin Graham positioning himself to run for President?

Franklin Graham may be betting that the GOP will owe him a big debt after this year's midterms.

Two men wearing bright tutus overtop of regular clothes
Here are the 10 most creative protests of the Trump era so far

Trump may bring out the worst in his supporters, but he has inspired opponents to express their resistance in some provocative and hilarious ways.

Silhouette of the Super Drags
The trailer for Netflix’s new animated superhero drag queens show is here

Animation + super heroes + drag queens = instant hit