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Nazi fliers are being mailed to Jewish businesses in New York City & Los Angeles

Part of the message reads, “Negroes And Faggots Must Burn In Hell”

Jeff Sessions hate crimes
Jeff Sessions reverses DOJ policy protecting transgender workers from discrimination

Under Sessions leadership, the Department of Justice will allow discrimination against transgender people in their own office.

How the gun lobby turned a fake quote from Sigmund Freud into a rallying cry

“A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity" is not a quote from Freud, but an out-of-context adaptation from an essay written in 1990.

Gay man who lost his partner in Vegas mass shooting talks with Anderson Cooper

“I just can not say enough amazing things about that man."

Seeking justice: What happened to trans pioneer Marsha P. Johnson?

Filmmaker David France ("How to Survive a Plague") talks about his new documentary on the life and mysterious death of an LGBT rights icon.

Brooke Shields: Donald Trump came on to me in the creepiest way possible

Andy Cohen gets Brooke Shields to talk about the time Trump asked her on a date.

steve lacy
Bisexual hip-hop artist Steve Lacy claims ‘preference’ keeps him from dating black guys

He says he has always seen fellow black men as both "competitors" and "brothers," preventing him from wishing to "do anything sexual" with them.

Kylie Perez transgender teen attacked
Transgender teen brutally assaulted in school is ‘not going to let it fade away’

She heard a girl say, "Oh, there's the tranny," and then the punches started raining down.

alt-right comic book
‘Alt-Right’ comic book meant to ‘trigger’ progressives is as awful as you’d expect

The creator claims he wants to stop the destruction of "traditional values," which apparently includes smoking, vigilante justice and the Confederate flag.

Mystery donors to anti-Trump group accused of organizing the ‘resistance’ revealed

You'll be shocked to discover who's funding the resistance.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
White House hides behind ‘religious freedom’ in defense of antigay Trump nominee

Sarah Huckabee Sanders implied that the criticisms of Amy Barrett are little more than an attack on religion.

This PSA created by LGBT teens is going viral for all the right reasons

Instead of your usual cast of LGBT people "straight" out of central casting, they opted to go a different route.

The first positive gay character in a mainstream film helped change British law

Melville Farr refused to be a victim, but eight years before Stonewall might as well have been eighty.

Did Trump’s UN ambassador vote in favor of killing LGBT people?

No. And the Obama administration voted against a similar resolution. So what gives?

Ellen DeGeneres Las Vegas shooting
Ellen calls for people to hold onto hope & love after mass shooting in Las Vegas

Watch Ellen DeGeneres explain why she isn't giving up hope, even in the face of devastating cruelty.

man laptop
Russia’s social media efforts to influence the presidential election targeted LGBT voters

If you liked LGBT United on Facebook or followed them on Twitter, you were reading propaganda from Russia.

When you mix toxic masculinity with American culture, you’ll get gun nuts every time

What happens when you post about gun control to several different Facebook pages? You get called sexist names first and then...

Forget about ‘gun control,’ let’s repeal the Second Amendment

Of the increasing number mass murders in the United States since 1982, most of the shooters obtained their weapons legally.

London train
Passengers flee train after man starts spouting antigay Bible verses

Some passengers claim he was also talking about "doomsday," and that they began to fear for their lives.

Before the riot at Stonewall, there was a sit-in at Dewey’s

The sit-in at Dewey’s, which occurred at a Philadelphia restaurant in the spring of 1965, is not as well-known but it deserves wider recognition.

Jimmy Kimmel’s tearful monologue about the Las Vegas mass shooting is what you want to say too

"You should be praying," Kimmel said. "You should be praying for God to forgive you."

barack obama michelle obama
Is this the Obama’s new multi-million dollar apartment in NYC?

You have to see these pictures of the Manhattan apartment Barack and Michelle Obama are rumored to be eyeing.

Richard Grenell
Gay nominee for Ambassador to Germany is about as disgusting on Twitter as Trump himself

Trump nominee Richard Grenell has a history of attacking women via Twitter. Sound familiar?

Pat Robertson blames the Vegas mass shooting on Democrats & the NFL

With over 58 dead and 500 wounded and no Muslims to scapegoat, Robertson still found a way to blame liberals and brown people.