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Kremlin denies reports of ‘gay concentration camps’ in Chechnya

Putin's spokesman says the Russian president has no reason to doubt the Chechen leader's assurances that there's no persecution of gays in his republic.

Be prepared: Same-sex married couples are healthier than opposite-sex ones

Married gay men may be healthier than single straight guys too. Here's why...

The way this man proposed to his partner is beyond adorable

Rainbow balloons and a park full of random strangers were involved.

Visitors flee after attacker pulls gun on gay people at Memphis Zoo

Someone shouted "gun" and that's when everyone started running.

RuPaul named one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People

RuPaul appears alongside Colin Kaepatrick, Vladimir Putin, and Elizabeth Warren on the list.

Magic Johnson opens up to Ellen about his gay son

The NBA legend said "It's all about you not trying to decide what your daughter or son should be or what you want them to become."

Frank Artiles
Racist attack on black lawmakers proves this politician isn’t just anti-LGBT

A public apology shouldn't save Florida state senator Frank Artiles for using the n-word in a verbal spar with two African-American legislators.

That ‘kill the gays’ preacher has a new target: Katy Perry’s parents

A minister with a gay child is a sign that something is "very, very wrong with the pastor himself."

Pat McCrory
Is Pat McCrory about to face a federal voter fraud investigation?

The former North Carolina governor has had a rough go of it since losing his reelection bid after signing an anti-LGBTQ bill into law. Now it's getting worse.

Fired! Say ‘Buhbye’ to Bill O’Reilly with a look back at his worst moments

Fox News' biggest transphobe was fired while he was on "vacation."

University of Iowa’s athletic program is on trial for discrimination

A former University of Iowa athletic administrator was an outstanding employee but she was unfairly laid off for because she's a lesbian.

This girl’s tweet about gender neutral bathrooms is lighting up the internet

College freshman Julissa Emile's tweet has been retweeted more than 20,000 times.

Trump impeach dying man
Man dies peacefully after being told President Trump had been impeached

Michael Garland Elliott died happy, believing Trump had been impeached.

Alabama decides best interest of child shouldn’t determine foster home placement

Alabama legislators have determined that children shouldn't be "forced" to have gay or lesbian foster parents.

Hear the chilling tales of torture from gay Chechens who lived to tell them

One man says his captors literally tried to shock him into revealing the names of his gay friends.

Ossoff just misses outright win in Georgia, here’s what that means for you

The race for Georgia's 6th Congressional District has big implications for both major parties as well as the future of LGBTQ rights.

Lawsuit: Having a correct birth certificate is about free speech

A lawsuit filed in federal court argues that refusing to let transgender people correct their birth certificates violates their constitutional rights.

Before the ad: Pepsi has exploited black & latino people for generations

Pepsi has a high concentration of sugar and caffeine. Both are addictive ingredients keeping our children coming back for more. Their ads are, too.

Texas governor enters transgender bathroom access fray

With companies and sports associations returning to North Carolina after the state passed a fake "repeal" of their bathroom bill, the governor is feeling emboldened.

New Jersey cop scores huge legal victory in discrimination case

The settlement comes with a large payout too.

Human rights group will try to get tortured gay and bi men out of Chechnya

After reports that gay and bi men are being rounded up and put in "concentration camps" in the country, one organization is stepping up in a big way.

Clinton aides blame gay campaign manager Robby Mook for shocking defeat

A new tell-all book that explores how and why Hillary Clinton lost throws a ton of shade at the gay campaign manager.

Lavell Crawford
Comedian goes on bizarre offensive anti-gay rant to prove he’s (not) an ally

Best known for his role in "Breaking Bad," Lavell Crawford makes one head-scratching claim after the other.

Game of Throne’s Hodor is about to hold the door open for marriage equality

While his new movie project sounds like it might be dark and full of terrors, a Nairn candidacy would be something Hodor could support.

NCAA returns events to North Carolina despite fake repeal of anti-LGBTQ law

The NCAA shows once again that a faux repeal is good enough for their PR department.

West Virginia couple sue bigoted clerks who hassled them for marriage license

You won't believe what the clerks said to the happy couple that reduced them to tears.

Dear New York Times editors, it was obvious Trump faked his support for equality

The Times sounds surprised that Trump hasn't worked on advancing LGBT rights. That's a problem.