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Six decades later, the Lavender Scare is still with us

"The Commission has information that you are an admitted homosexual. What comment do you wish to make regarding this matter?”

Why did Fox News pull this racist, homophobic column?

Fox has never cared about racism or homophobia before, and they aren't explaining why this column crossed the line.

A trans woman was shot to death in Jacksonville, Florida

She is the fourth known transgender homicide victim this year.

A lesbian couple will appear in this ad, even though the company got hate mail

A gay couple appeared in one of their ads last year, and now they're showing more LGBTQ diversity.

‘Charmed’ reboot will feature a lesbian witch in the new trio

One of the original cast members has come for the reboot, and for the media's reporting of her criticisms.

Trans people are leading the way for cyborgs to gain rights in latest Deep State conspiracy theory

According to right wing media, the secret plan for America also includes forcing people to let their neighbors have sex with their cars.

Jimmy Kimmel deftly spells out why refusing service to gay couples is wrong

After a California judge decided a baker was within her rights to discriminate against a lesbian couple, Jimmy highlights the ridiculous logic behind the ruling.

tonya harvey
Transgender woman in Buffalo becomes third murdered this year

Tonya Harvey has become the third known trans person to be killed in the United States.

Here’s the truth behind Dodge’s offensive ad using MLK to sell trucks

Dodge and the MLK estate have something in common. Their aim is for revenue maximization - by any means that presents itself.

Colorado GOP strips state civil rights commission of funding over wedding cake ruling

The case of a baker who refused to make a cake for a gay couple is now in front of the Supreme Court and GOP legislators are seeking vengeance.

Fox News VP: The US Olympic team isn’t white & straight enough

He said the team is "darker, gayer, different" and basically called them affirmative action picks.

Donald Trump anti-lgbt
Trump brags about discriminating against the LGBT community for ‘religious freedom’

The White House would like Christians to know President Donald Trump has been on their side since taking control of the government.

North Carolina forced to pay magistrate who wouldn’t marry gays $300,000 in ‘damages’

The state has to compensate her for lost pay and retirement benefits because Jesus made her quit her job.

Marsha Wetzel
Lesbian senior’s discrimination case could clear the way for LGBT housing rights

Marsha Wetzel, 70, is suing her senior living facility for allegedly failing to protect her from the homophobic verbal and physical abuse of other tenants.

The religious right wants teens to wear white on Valentine’s Day to prove they’re a virgin

The religious right is promoting a "Day of Purity." You likely know it by it's more popular name: Valentine's Day.

smashed gay wedding cake
Could Bermuda face a boycott after becoming the first country to revoke marriage equality?

The UK has given royal ascent for the rollback of LGBTQ rights in the British territory, making it suddenly a much less attractive travel destination.

Donald Trump James Mattis
Trump administration is not done trying to keep transgender people out of the military

Buried in court papers, the administration says they will unveil a new policy on February 21 and won't defend the multiple cases they've already lost.

Donald Trump
Trump & religious right pal around with Russians at National Prayer Breakfast

Three times as many Russians were invited to the event this year to hear Trump espouse religious freedom.

Mike Pence can’t stop obsessing about gay Olympian Adam Rippon

Now he's tweeting "support" for Rippon despite labeling their public feud as #FAKENEWS!

abel cedeno
Lawyers for bisexual teen who killed classmate says video proves he acted in self-defense

Prosecutors have had the video for months, but they just turned it over to the defense.

God told Michele Bachmann not to run for Senate, but he told a gay man ‘yes’ apparently

Democrat Nick Leonard announced his candidacy for Al Franken's former Senate seat and spoke exclusively with LGBTQ Nation about why he's running.

Melania Trump
Did Melania Trump have the White House exorcised before she would move in?

"Melania Trump said to her husband, ‘I’m not going to go into that White House unless it has been completely exorcised.'"

3 in 5 people will deliberately misgender a trans person to show disrespect

Americans were most likely to say they would intentionally misgender a trans or gender nonconforming person.

I was a bisexual high school student when they cornered me. This is my #metoo story.

I felt objectified, used, humiliated and scared. But, most of all, I felt helpless. I felt weak. It was as if my mouth couldn’t open and my brain stopped working.

Trump faith leaders
Jeff Sessions is installing ‘religious freedom’ czars in every U.S. Attorney’s office

Everyone will now be reporting to a political appointee whenever a case involving so-called "religious liberty" comes across their desk.