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When is it okay to use the n-word?

Because language is a public enterprise, the notion that one ethnic group has property rights to the term is an absurdly narrow argument.

First look at Matt Bomer playing a trans woman in latest movie made by cis men

The film made headlines last summer after another cisgender actor was cast to play a trans woman.

This guide to charities is now flagging dozens of hate groups

Guidestar is being hailed for identifying non-profits that oppose LGBTQ rights for their hateful rhetoric and policies.

Students shocked after Trump supporters paint over their Pride display

Shortly after seniors painted the school's spirit rock in honor of LGBTQ Pride, other students painted over it with a pro-Trump message.

What convinces conservative voters to support full LGBTQ equality?

A few messages really seem to change the attitude of those initially opposed to transgender public accommodations protections.

Danica Roem
Trans candidate in Virginia makes history by winning House primary

Danica Roem, who has already accomplished a major milestone, could become the first transgender person elected as a state legislator.

The Vatican priest building a bridge between the church & LGBTQ Catholics

He publicly called for Catholics to stand with our community in the wake of the tragedy at Pulse, and advises the Vatican on LGBTQ issues.

Convention of States
Republicans hatch plan to enact radical agenda through Constitutional amendments

The far right believes it has a winning strategy to go after the social safety net and social progress, including same-sex marriage.

Religious right leader: Trump should investigate gay groups for ‘corrupting’ kids

No one tell her, but he doesn't seem to be a big fan of special investigators right now.

Tony Perkins Pride month
Tony Perkins wants Trump to ‘take a wrecking ball’ to pride proclamations

Some federal agencies and officials have honored LGBTQ Pride month and it is not sitting well with the leader of America's most popular hate group.

#FakeNews: The deep state & political doublespeak

In the final analysis, truth will win out.

antigay preacher arrested pulse
Revolting preacher arrested protesting gays at Pulse memorial ceremony

Watch as police take an antigay street preacher to the ground and cuff him as the crowd chants, "Love over hate!"

Will the queer resistance be sponsored by big banks?

Has Pride has become too commercial?

Even Mother Nature is celebrating pride this year

These orcas are celebrating in the best possible way.

Did a Christian soccer player skip two matches to avoid wearing a Pride jersey?

Jaelene Hinkle is a devout Christian who posted an anti-marriage equality rant on social media two years ago.

If you’re offended by the #NoJusticeNoPride protest, you are a cultural idiot

Hell hath no fury like a privileged white gay man who has waited too long for the next pride parade contingent to sashay by.

Donald Trump
President Trump’s disapproval rating hits new high as scrutiny intensifies

Trump disapproval rating soars to record high, showing the scandals and investigations are having a real impact.

Donald Trump
Trump tweets in remembrance of Pulse victims, Twitter not here for it

Critics remind President Trump that his actions have spoken louder than his words.

antigay sign Florida
After someone stole this Trump supporter’s hateful signs, he did something worse

Someone stole the man's first set of signs that said banning Jews, the disabled, and "f--gots" would "make America great again."

Grieving parents and pastor of transgender teenage boy honor his authenticity

13-year-old Jay Griffin ended his life last month after being bullied at school. Those who loved him are sharing his story in hopes of helping others.

St. Louis Cardinals invite notoriously antigay speaker to ‘Christian Day’

The club is considering a "pride night" but has no problem with a former player who rails about “the LGBT agenda” speaking at "Christian Day."

Is Pulse shooter Omar Mateen’s widow his victim or his accomplice?

A year after the mass shooting, Noor Salman is facing charges of aiding and abetting her then-husband. But did she really know what he was planning?

Not alone: 49 beautiful ‘angels’ watched over Pulse early this morning

Angels, like those who have protected mourners from protestors since Matthew Shepard's funeral, encircled the family and survivors at a private ceremony.

#Resist: Pride marches were a mix of anger & celebration across the country

“We’re here, we’re queer, get that Cheeto out of here,” was among the chants directed at Trump.