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Hate group wants your money to make a ‘godly’ cartoon because Disney is too gay

The anti-LGBTQ group says Disney is "pushing the homosexual agenda."

Straight couple chased women down road in pickup before brutal attack

The couple's children were with them as they unleashed hell on the two women at a stop sign.

Will America’s most homophobic judge be returned to the bench?

And, of course, he's being represented by infamous "Christian" lawbreaker Kim Davis' laywer.


Hero cop who danced his way into our hearts at Pride dies of 9/11 related cancer

NYPD Officer Michael Hance dedicated his life to serving others.

Restroom sexual assault victim outraged after Christians exploit her attack

She's more outraged about the callous exploitation than she is the actual attack.

Rachel Maddow got her hands on a Trump tax return and showed it on TV

The out MSNBC host said what was in the tax return she obtained wasn't as important as the fact that they are obtainable.

Andrew Cook LGBT community center attack
Police arrest man for attack on DC’s Casa Ruby community center

He had been hanging around for several weeks before the attack, with behavior that had staff on alert.

Colin Mochrie transgender daughter
How improv helped this ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ star accept his trans child

Colin Mochrie and his transgender daughter Kinley recently sat down and talked about their family's journey in a joint interview.

Was this Texas lawmaker caught on tape calling a transgender man a ‘pervert’?

Judge for yourself. Advocates say they hear Republican State Sen. Joan Huffman tell a clinical psychologist, "You're the pervert."


Brick thrown through the window of a church that stood up for trans people

The stained glass window held a special meaning to the church that has seen its fair share of difficult days.

Some North Carolina lawmakers want to challenge the NCAA’s tax status as payback

Lawmakers want to challenge the status of the NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference because they removed championships from the state over an anti-LGBTQ law.

‘Toni the Tampon’ comes out in support of trans menstruators

Rightwing commentators have referred to the menstruation coloring book as "child abuse."

Feds will give millions to help with Pulse shooting financial aftermath

The federal government is designating $8 million to help victims and first responders to the Pulse nightclub shooting.

You’ll cringe watching this mother defend skipping her gay son’s wedding

The parents stuck to their televised refusal to attend Chris and Grant's wedding, and instead sent a video message.

Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade marshal will march with gay veterans group

Magoon said last week he wouldn't participate this year after the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council voted to exclude OutVets.

Pat McCrory
Lost friends, public shaming & no job: The great fall of a former NC governor

Former North Carolina governor Pat McCrory thought signing House Bill 2 would make him popular, instead it sent him spiraling down and out.

Will Nevada be the next state to ban conversion therapy?

Trying to change someone's sexual orientation causes people to retreat from society, hide their identity or commit suicide.

Queer bars start dumping beer after bizarre marriage equality publicity stunt

The company also issued commemorative cans and put Bible quotations on their cases of beer to celebrate the Bible Society's 200-year anniversary.

Couple holding hands shamed at pizza place, told ‘This is Trump’s America’

A bouncer threatened to kick out two men because they were holding hands and then a patron joined in.

Tell-all book says Dick Clark kept ‘American Bandstand’ dancers in the closet

One of the dancers on the show says Clark was “determined” to keep the homosexuality of popular “Bandstand” regulars a secret.

transgender daughter
Pastor’s wife writes touching acceptance letter about her ‘beloved’ trans child

They couldn't understand why their daughter was suicidal at seven, but Rebekah has found happiness now that she has "transitioned to live as her true self."

Guess why this Texas lawmaker is proposing to regulate masturbation

Men could face $100 fines and doctors could invoke their "personal, moralistic, or religious beliefs" to refuse to prescribe Viagra.

Roseanne reunion
Sara Gilbert ‘comes out’ to John Goodman in mini ‘Roseanne’ reunion

Could this be the start of a full on "Roseanne" reboot?

Russian mayor blocks activists from entering, saying town is a ‘gay-free zone’

A Russian mayor says that he was so scandalized by penis-shaped lollipops that he had to declare his town "gay-free."

Sean Spicer Apple store
Press Secretary Sean Spicer confronted at an Apple Store in viral video

The Indian-American woman who approached and questioned Spicer says he made a racist comment in response.

This trailer for Wonder Woman is just what we need on a Monday

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine heat up the screen with a rock-em, sock-em preview of the Amazonian's upcoming origin story.