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Prosecutors say this gay student was stabbed 20 times in a hate crime

Investigators found evidence of racism and homophobia on the suspected killer's computer.

A cis woman got banned from a gym for insulting a trans woman. She thinks she’s the victim.

Another cisgender woman's membership at Planet Fitness has been canceled for harassing a transgender woman in the locker room.

President Obama is ‘having sex with 10 dudes a day’ in latest far right lunacy

And, Alex Jones declared, he's doing on "taxpayer time."

A man destroyed a lesbian’s car & attacked her after she rejected him

The man hasn't been arrested, and the victim is moving back in with her parents to feel safer.

Is it time for a heterosexual pride parade to help straight people feel safe?

Under Texas law, if a university has a queer resource center for students, it also has to have a Family and Traditional Values Centers that's equally funded.

North Carolina parade shuts down after they refuse to let LGBTQ families march

And of course they blame people who responded to their bigotry for "forcing" them to shut it down.

Twitter banned Drag Race’s Aja after she was attacked & misgendered by feminists

Twitter isn't punishing the people who misgendered her, but they are punishing her for responding.

A guy flipped out when a girl said his puppy is gay. Now Twitter is full of gay dogs.

Come for the smackdown. Stay for all the adorable puppy pictures.

When is blatant harassment not covered under nondiscrimination laws?

Many nondiscrimination laws have a loophole.

Police didn’t arrest a lesbian girl’s adult attackers. Now her mom is stepping up.

A classmate and some adults beat, maced, and tore the clothes off a girl. Police know who the attackers are, but won't arrest them.

Gay couple denied a marriage license by town clerk in New York

The clerk cited her religious beliefs for the refusal.

Yelp will now allow pro-LGBTQ businesses to highlight they are ‘open to all’

Over 1200 businesses are standing up to attacks on anti-discrimination legislation and declaring themselves "Open To All."

The Trump administration has launched a crusade against LGBTQ ‘infidels’

Pope Jefferson Beauregard the Bigoted (a.k.a. Attorney General Jeff Sessions) has summoned the newest Christian Crusade as a “Religious Liberties Task Force.”

TSA’s secret ‘Quiet Skies’ program seems designed to target trans travelers

Under the program, "altered appearance" and even "hair style change" were grounds for being watched as a potential terrorist.

Listen: Boy George & Culture Club release first new album in 19 years

This uplifting raggae-pop tune is the first single from the legendary band's new album.

Televangelist Jim Bakker predicts the left will start assassinating ‘Christian leaders’ soon

He's upset that an anti-abortion movie production is failing and he's blaming everyone but the filmmakers.

Straight people say they’re less attracted to a trans person no matter how good they look

A new study found that straight people are turned off by transgender and nonbinary identities independently of someone's physical appearance.

Hate groups are behind Jeff Sessions’ new ‘religious liberty’ task force

An anti-LGBTQ hate group was largely behind the task force's formation.

The Freemasons will now officially accept transgender people as members

"A Freemason who after initiation ceases to be a man does not cease to be a Freemason."

Why is Spotify hosting crazy conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ podcasts?

With his unhinged rants about the LGBTQ community and crazy government conspiracies, Jones seems to violate the platform's user terms.

This Republican candidate swears being ‘homosexual’ is more unhealthy than smoking

He claims being gay will take 20-30 years off your life. He's also a loon who's likely to get elected.

Florida media outed 13 men by publishing their names & photos

Is having sex in an adult bookstore's backroom so horrible that it justifies ruining lives?

The American Red Cross faces a critical blood shortage, but gay donors are being turned away

While the American Red Cross is giving away Amazon gift cards to get people to donate, most gay and bi volunteer donors are being turned away.

Ellen & Tig Notaro show how amazing lesbian friendship can be

Ellen sent a mariachi band and a drag queen Adele impersonator to Tig Notaro's home to cheer her up.

Trans people were misgendered & confronted in bathrooms at an LGBTQ concert

Two LGBTQ organizations left the concert in protest of the lack of inclusive facilities.

Michigan appeals court says that trans women are really men in gym lawsuit

The court sided with a cisgender woman who lost her mind when she saw a trans woman at the gym.