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call me by your name
Sony tried to erase the gay romance in ‘Call Me By Your Name’ but Twitter wasn’t having it

The movie is a coming-of-age story centered around a budding romance between two young gay men.

What happened when the Liberal Redneck paid a visit to a gay nudist camp?

Trey Crowder may be best known for giving conservatives an earful, but when he got a gig at a nudist camp, he got an eyeful.

Here is the complete list of historic races progressives won in last night’s election

Democrats swept the election last night and made history as they did.

Democrats sweep elections in stunning rebuke to Trump

Democrats have handed Republicans stunning defeats in New Jersey and Virginia.

Danica Roem will become first openly trans legislator after stomping her opponent

The transgender woman faced an onslaught of negative campaigning and disrespect to triumph in the end.

USDA issues ‘religious advisory’ that okays anti-LGBTQ speech by employees

"Same-sex marriage, gender identity, and sexual morality" are the only "religious" issues specifically mentioned.

trans pride
Over a quarter of Americans wouldn’t be friends with a transgender person

The vast majority also say they would not date a trans or nonbinary person and if they did, they'd hide it from their friends.

donald trump the church lady
Televangelist Jim Bakker: ‘Little old ladies’ & Christians will riot if you impeach Trump

Trump supporters are growing increasingly worried that their guy might not be in the Oval Office for much longer.

burning rainbow flag
Trump administration erases LGBT people from another federal agency’s nondiscrimination policy

A memo talking up the importance of nondiscrimination removed the categories of sexual orientation and identity in the latest attack on the LGBT community.

More sexual assault charges lobbed at Bryan Singer

The man alleges Singer shoved his hands down the back of his pants and tried to penetrate him.

Reverend Jesse Jackson accused of sexual harassment by journalist

A former co-worker confirmed the incident and said other women were also harassed as they took photos with Jackson.

Pence may be a lapdog, but he’s wagging Trump’s tail

There is no other figure in the West Wing who has consistently had their agenda signed off on and moved.

The Sydney Opera House became a rainbow for the launch of Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras

It is the 40th anniversary of the iconic event and the landmark is celebrating with sparkles and light.

ian mckellen
Sir Ian McKellen hopes he is remembered more for his activism than his acting

The actor, who came out in 1988, is likely to be remembered fondly for both.

What would happen if all the LGBTQ healthcare workers called in sick?

The reality is that we are holding up this culture. We take care of our own - and everyone else too.

milo yiannopoulos
Milo Yiannopoulos got fired from a job where he wasn’t even getting paid

The Daily Caller caught immediate flack for bringing on the controversial writer, whose first and only article was called "A Round of Applause for Kevin Spacey."

Egypt Bachmann Perkins
Some of America’s most notorious anti-LGBT activists are in Egypt as the country arrests gay men

The ongoing crackdown on gay and bi men taking place in Egypt is drawing comparisons to the deadly situation in Chechnya.

Richard Dreyfuss’s son: Kevin Spacey fondled me in front of my dad

Harry Dreyfuss said that he couldn't stop Spacey without causing a scene and potentially getting his dad fired the play Stacey was directing.

It looks like Cher will be in the Will & Grace holiday episode

If there's one thing you can count on, it's that Cher will always make a return when things are "finished."

Twitter blocks #bisexual with new rules, but gives Trump a pass to bully & abuse people

Twitter may have just explained why Donald Trump can be abusive but you can’t.

Ivanka Trump gave a speech on women’s empowerment in Japan & no one showed up

A White House spokesperson "pulled a Spicer" and gave a crazy excuse to explain the incredibly low attendance.

Kenyan official blames lion homosexuality on gay tourists

He wants the lions isolated, because if it's not gay tourists, then it might be demons.

The judge in the infamous Palm Springs gay cruising sting case made anti-gay comments

Almost seven years ago, the judge rejected evidence that local police were targeting gay men for arrest.

Watch a 104-year-old man explain why he voted for marriage equality

He said he "can’t understand what all the fuss and commotion is about."

A man shot & killed his 14-year-old son because he was gay

"He would rather have a dead son than a gay son."