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White House refuses to turn over emails proving it works with hate group

So now LGBT organizations have asked a court to force the far-right groups to turn them over instead.

Donald Trump’s idea of a perfect lawyer is the most evil gay man in US history

As Trump's fixer, Roy Cohn rightly boasted that he made Trump successful. As Joseph McCarthy's gay right hand man, he shamed the nation.

‘A few lesbians’ in leadership means Black Lives Matter will fail says perennial loser

White evangelicals' favorite conservative black preacher never seems to tire of losing or being wrong.

There’s a reason why this powerful video from the BBC is bringing gay people to tears

This is our lived experience and most people will never understand.

Does this Republican running for Congress think his opponent is Rachel Maddow?

Kerry Bentivolio wants your vote because he handles snakes.

A ‘men’s rights’ group is suing over the draft. It could make life easier for trans men.

Currently, transgender men do not have to register for the draft while transgender women do, no matter whether they transitioned before their 18th birthday or not.

Student sentenced to 10 years for ‘reckless’ HIV exposure gets paroled after 6 years

All the jurors were straight, and 11 of the 12 were white. Anyone who said something positive about LGBT people was not allowed to serve.

Two pro wrestlers just made LGBT history at Wrestlemania 34

Pro wrestling just got a whole lot gayer.

Ronan Farrow comes out at LGBT award ceremony

The journalist has been notoriously reticent to acknowledge his sexual orientation, but he slipped it into his acceptance speech.

A couple was attacked for holding hands at Miami Pride. How police reacted made it worse.

One of the victims might need surgery, but police initially said, "Stop the drama, shut the f--k up."

Religious right leaders deny they will confront Trump over Stormy Daniels

They have no intention of bringing up Trump's extramarital activities at an upcoming meeting. That would be impolitic.

Homeland Security wants a list of bloggers & social media influencers. What could wrong?

They wouldn't mind knowing if the journalists are liberals either - or queer.

teen vogue activist mommy
‘Activist Mommy’ claims schools are forcing kids to learn how to have anal sex

She's asking parents to pull their kids out of public school for the day, but she homeschools her own so she won't be participating, thank you very much.

Ellen talks with the first gay Navy Spouse of the Year

This heart-warming couple wanted to honor Ellen too.

Jimmy Kimmel
Jimmy Kimmel issues a ‘sorta’ apology for his hipster homophobia

Kimmel said he was sorry "to those who took offense."

Pat Robertson: LGBTQ people have ‘infiltrated’ society & are ‘dominating’ heterosexuals

During our break from causing hurricanes and earthquakes, obviously.

Transgender weightlifter’s historic competition ends in horrific injury

She might not have won the gold, but she won a lot of people's hearts.

Having corporations on our side is more of a mixed blessing than we thought

Give Carnival Cruise line credit for funding the legal case to overturn Bermuda's marriage ban. Just don't think the decision was anything but business.

Here’s the real reason Christians are sticking with our playboy president

It isn't racism, sexism, or even political ideology. It's more dangerous than that.

This is why you shouldn’t misgender trans people

"I've see people refer to their boats as women and then refuse to call me a woman."

Is the trans movement too dependent on the courts for success?

Judges have given the trans movement some key victories, but the courts alone won't be enough.

John Kasich is not the Republican savior progressives are hoping for

Kasich would like to be seen as a moderate, but his record tells another story.

Trans activist Sarah McBride’s appearance on Seth Meyers’ show is everything

McBride was the first transgender person to speak at the Democratic National Convention and has been a prominent force in the trans community.

You can have your wedding at this couple’s farm. Then they’ll donate profits to hate groups.

A couple fined for refusing a lesbian wedding welcomes everyone now. That way they can give more money to anti-LGBT organzations.

How to catch a cab like you own everything

A video of a New Yorker voguing down a cab has gone viral.