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Stonewall Inn
Google grants $1 million to preserve Stonewall oral history

Sen. Chuck Schumer said the grant sends a clear message to President Trump that Stonewall's national monument designation is here to stay.

Why did Baptists reject this Texas pastor’s condemnation of white supremacists?

Dwight McKissic wanted the Southern Baptist Convention to condemn white nationalism, white supremacy, and the alt-right.

Craig Jungwirth
Gay man who threatened Pulse-style shooting is back in jail

Craig Jungwirth was cleared on federal charges after threatening the LGBTQ community in Fort Lauderdale but his legal woes continue.

NOM held a hate rally and almost nobody showed up

The National Organization for Marriage's annual rally was so small that people thought they were flying kites instead of waving banners.

What the words ‘cis’ & ‘cisgender’ really mean

Here's a handy guide for both transgender people and those who are not, to answer your questions, and perhaps raise new ones.

Karen Handel
Watch Karen Handel tell a mother that she’s against her child’s right to adopt

The Republican candidate for Congress in Georgia's special election shrugged off the mom's concerns over Vice President Mike Pence's anti-LGBTQ history.

Mariah Carey launches Pride clothing line for charity

Mariah Carey's limited edition Pride line has already inspired a drag queen parody.

Randy Rainbow spoofs ‘Grease’ in funny new video

Randy Rainbow takes James Comey's testimony and sets it to a Broadway melody.

What happened this week? Trump went to an anti-LGBT conference, and more

New government in the UK could be hostile to LGBT equality and there was another attempt by the administration to roll back employment protections.

The parallels between today and Nazi Germany are striking

If we are unwilling to see these parallels, then we cannot learn from the past.

Philadelphia shouldn’t have added black & brown stripes to the rainbow

If the city thought they were being inclusive by modifying a minority's symbol without asking them, they should think again.

Caitlyn Jenner makes a gay joke about gun violence

Speaking at a college Republican gala, Caitlyn Jenner got a lot of laughs for this gay joke.

Watch a courageous Mormon 12-year-old tell her church she’s gay

She wanted everyone to know that God made her gay, but church officials didn't want her to say that.

4 protestors arrested at Columbus Pride parade

Protestors joined arms to block the parade route, and police attempted to move them out of the street.

Man scratches hateful message into his fence as neighbors put up pride flags

He was apparently so offended by pride flags that he defaced his own property.

Trans worker forced to use the broom closet as a bathroom

This trans worker is suing McDonald's for many alleged humiliations and acts of discrimination.

5 reasons why ‘Wonder Woman’ is the superhero movie America needs right now

She's an idealistic woman who saves the world, at a time when nihilism and sexism seem like insurmountable problems.

BREAKING: Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby case

After deliberating since Monday, the exhausted jurors told the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked.

HIV/AIDS council members resign in protest of Donald Trump

The council members accuse Trump of trying to take HIV treatment away from those who need it.

Trump’s murky new guidelines worry advocates for transgender students

What's not clear is what exactly schools are supposed to do when faced with a student who identifies as transgender.

Uganda LGBT
Refugees fleeing anti-LGBTQ persecution replace grand marshal in pride parade

Columbus Pride will break more than 30 years of tradition to honor LGBTQ refugees, partly as a response to Trump's regressive agenda.

Trump to deport Christians back to ISIS territory, but the right is silent

Why won't conservatives help those who face death get asylum in the U.S. instead of whining about how Starbucks doesn't say "Merry Christmas?"

Texas governor signs license to discriminate law that will hurt orphans

Gov. Greg Abbott's Pride gift to LGBTQ Texans is to give faith-based adoption agencies a license to discriminate against them.

Another rightwing myth: Trump had the best reaction to Pulse shooting

In a few years the right might convince itself that Trump flew to Orlando when the shooting started and slew Omar Mateen himself.

White supremacists scuffle in fight over who’s more racist

"I am a racist, I don't care!" said one neo-Nazi to a white nationalist who responded, "Racism is just plain stupid."

Key West Trump supporter gay bashing
Trump supporting gay basher avoids jail time after asking for a hug in court

He attacked them and threatened to cut them up if they called the police, but in court he just wanted them to hold him.