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Pride in Pictures 2000: Sylvia Rivera & our transgender leaders

Remember: Stonewall started with drag queens.

The Coyle twins
These twins came out to their mom. Her reaction is so perfect they put it on YouTube.

After some small talk and more than a little stalling, the twins broke the news. And then mom spoke up.

This Republican made an eloquent speech about protecting LGBTQ youth on the Senate floor

He once boasted Republicans should be proud of their party because "we don't have the gays and lesbians with us." Now he's realized he was wrong.

David Grisham
Hate filled pastor disrupts kid story time at a library to yell about ‘transgenders’

He was so proud of himself for terrorizing children, he made sure to film the entire thing.

Ryan Smith
Taxi driver tells passengers ‘I don’t drive gays’ before forcing them out of the cab

"I just wanted to get us out of the back seat of this bigot's cab," one of the men said.

A lesbian couple share a romantic moment together.
Romance enhances the mental health of gay & lesbian youth

The same result is not replicated for heterosexual or bisexual teens, for whom romance may act more as a cause of trauma than a cure.

English activist and politician Peter Tatchell being arrested by Russian police during the World Cup.
The World Cup has barely started but gay fans are already being bashed & arrested in Russia

A couple attending the World Cup were brutally beaten leaving one with brain injuries while British activist Peter Tatchell has been detained by police.

Welcome sign for Homer, Alaska
This town’s city council boycotted a meeting because of a Pride Month declaration

One councilor claimed she had to get teeth capped because she was clenching her jaw so much from the stress of being seen as LGBTQ friendly.

Millie Bobby Brown
These bizarre, homophobic tweets made a ‘Stranger Things’ actress quit Twitter

The 14-year-old actress quit Twitter after trolls made her the subject of countless antigay memes.

Pride in Pictures 1999: Making sex safer

Outreach becomes an important player in Pride.

Indiana Republicans send Amazon a loud message about bringing HQ2 to the state

While the company has stated they want a new location that values diversity and American values, the Indiana GOP has doubled down on bigotry instead.

A trans woman was arrested for trying to burn a ‘Blue Lives Matter’ flag at Philly Pride

They charged her with attempted arson and threw her into jail with male inmates.

Doctor making blood sugar test in clinic for diabetes.
HIV treatment has improved more than diabetes for women

While rates of viral suppression for women infected with HIV have gone up, diabetes has remained largely uncontrolled.

House Dems aren’t having Trump’s fake ‘science’ about trans servicemembers

120 House Democrats called out the military's "cherry-picking" of studies on trans people.

There’s a secret Pride feature hiding in your Google spreadsheet

It's not hard to access a secret rainbow background in Google's spreadsheet program. Here's how to do it.

death penalty
Did a jury give a gay man the death penalty because prison would be ‘too much fun?’

Lawyers for a gay murderer say he got the death penalty because the jury thought he would enjoy prison rape.

Rainbow brick path through the center of town in Seyðisfjörðuris, Iceland
This tiny town in Iceland is celebrating pride in the most adorable way

Only 700 people live in Seyðisfjörður, but residents pitched in to color the bricks in their main street to show love for LGBTQ people.

The Trump administration wants to make HIV a pre-existing condition again

The president thinks anyone with HIV should pay more for coverage - or not get it at all.

Pride in Pictures 1999: Gays & glitter

Nothing says Pride like a glittery angel.

Jeff Sessions
Jeff Sessions just signed the death warrant for LGBTQ asylum seekers

In essence, the Attorney General said it's not America's problem if you're going to be killed for being gay or trans.

Red Sox Pride
The Red Sox celebrated Pride & now haters are demanding a straight pride night

A small rainbow painting led to an explosion of hate on Twitter.

President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un walk together during their summit in Singapore.
Trump used the North Korea summit to greenlight LGBTQ oppression worldwide

The president gave the dictator a pass on human rights violations, signalling to the rest of the world it's okay to oppress LGBTQ people.

Alex Iovine and Emma PIchl
A lesbian couple was pitched out of an Uber. Then the CEO stepped in.

The ride was so awful, the company's CEO said drivers like the one they got "don't belong on Uber."

Mike Pence Focus on the Family
Columbus will greet Pence with a big LGBTQ dance party when he arrives during Pride

The Vice President will be at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel to give a speech, but the real party will be outside.

Pulse shooting
The two years after the Pulse shooting have shown that queer lives don’t matter

Nothing happened in the 612 days that followed the Pulse shooting. Less than a month after the Parkland shooting, though, even Republicans cared about gun violence.

DECEMBER 15, 2016: President Trump smirks smile during his speech at a "Thank You" Tour rally held at the Giant Center in Hershey, PA.
Trump administration honors Russian & Filipino holidays. Still won’t recognize pride month.

Trump sent warm greetings to two brutal dictators, but he's given the American LGBTQ community the cold shoulder.

Pride in Pictures 1994: 25 years of war stories

The legend — and the mystique — continue to grow.