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What we saw in Charlottesville is fascism

American fascism was thrust into the mainstream with the election of Donald Trump. Yesterday we saw its effects.

Activist spray-paints hateful tweets on Twitter’s doorstep

Tired of having his reports ignored, one activist decided to make sure Twitter would see the hate on their platform.

Trump Administration could roll back transgender inmate protections

The Department of Justice is considering rules that would allow prisons to ignore transgender and intersex people's safety when assigning them to a prison.

Trump is expected to remove LGBTQ health care protections

The right wants health insurers who receive federal money to have the right to discriminate against trans people, and Trump is expected to give them just that.

Car driven through counter-protestors in Virginia

Donald Trump couldn't bring himself to condemn the violence directly.

White supremacists chant ‘F*** you, f****ts’ at rally in Virginia

The racist, anti-Semitic protestors in Virginia also found some time to be homophobic.

Republican politician tweets a slur & complains he can’t use it more

The straight Republican says homophobic slurs are a free speech issue. But if he isn't homophobic, then why does he care?

Weekly Debrief: is a ‘threat’ to cyberspace

The Department of Homeland Security sent someone to jail for working with queer sex workers.

Chelsea Manning poses in a swimsuit for ‘Vogue’ interview

She talks about knowing she was different at a young age, identifying as a gay man as a teenager, and figuring out who she is in the military.

School district censors quotes from gay seniors in yearbook

They submitted "inspirational" quotes about coming out for the yearbook, but the school worried that other students might be "offended."

Out singer Aaron Carter gets emotional at an LGBTQ venue

He talked about coming out and the support he has received from fans.

After sustained national outcry, Texas’ bathroom bill is likely dead

Still, proponents of the law haven't given up hope.

The film ‘Detroit’ has good intentions. We all know how that tends to work out.

"It was two hours and 23 minutes of the muting, maiming, torturing and murder of black bodies. That’s the movie."

New Navy Secretary: Trans sailors are ‘patriots’ & should be allowed to serve

Donald Trump's "generals and military experts" continue to say he's an idiot and they have no problem with transgender service members.

Republican senate candidate says ‘Maybe Putin is right’ on gays

A Republican running for Senate called the United States "the focus of evil" for supporting LGBTQ rights.

Ellen opens up on how Hollywood ‘bullied’ her when she came out

Decades after losing her career because she came out as a lesbian, Ellen says she has forgiven the people who wronged her.

Trump congratulated himself on the trans military ban & it’s truly awful

"It's been a very difficult situation and I think I'm doing a lot of people a favor by coming out and just saying it."

Watch Laverne Cox’s short history of transgender rights & learn something today

You definitely need to see if your knowledge of trans rights begins and ends with Priscilla, Queen of the Desert.

Over half of Republicans would be okay with a Trump dictatorship

52% of Republicans would support postponing the 2020 election if Trump said was necessary to prevent nonexistent voter fraud.

Joy is watching this 9-year-old with Down’s Syndrome singing Whitney Houston

26 million people have already seen this awesome kid pouring his heart out to a Whitney hit. Now you need to watch it too.

Was Trump trying to deflect from Russiagate with his surprise trans military ban?

Hours after Paul Manafort's home was raided by the FBI, Trump dominated the news cycle with his decision to disrespect active duty troops.

Did a wealthy Democratic donor’s strange fetish kill a young black man?

A mother says the wealthy liberal activist has a fetish for getting young black men high and her son died of an overdose after one of their "sessions."

It’ll cost almost $1 billion to ban trans people from the military

Despite what Trump says in his tweets, it will be more expensive to discharge and replace transgender servicemembers than provide them medical care.

A trans woman & her husband are suing Amazon after a coworker tried to kill them

"It was like a bad dream. Every day, I’d wish it was ‘Candid Camera’ and someone would pop out and say it was all a joke."

The DC Metro banned a Milo Yiannopoulos ad. Now the ACLU is suing.

The ACLU says that the subway system's policy of rejecting controversial ads violates the First Amendment.

PHOTOS: Queer families in all their glorious diversity take over P-town

Ptown: John Waters riding a bike, Rachel Maddow walking her dog, gay men off to Tea, drag queens promoting performances, and queer parents pushing strollers.