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Pope Francis isn’t a progressive hero, he’s the leader of a gang of bullies

With his castigations of trans people going out over social media, the Pope has become a cyber bully like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Neil Gorsuch
Here’s how Trump thinks he’ll get 3 more Supreme Court picks during his first term

He thinks two justices will soon die, and one of them will come as a surprise.

Hundreds of people walked this bullied 11-year-old boy home from school

A coach found out the boy was bullied on the way home from school and decided to walk him home. He brought a few friends with him.

chechnya Maxim Lapunov
Russian man is first to go on record as a victim of antigay purge in Chechnya

He has decided to stay in Russia, despite the risk, asking, "Why should I run from my country?"

This group promotes ‘ex-gay’ torture. Trump is speaking there today.

They argue that banning the practice will "hurt children" and claim nondiscrimination laws are just "special rights."

Ellen mocks straight people in new show segment

Straight people do some crazy things, don't they? Gay people don't stab their spouses with ceramic squirrels, after all.

Justice served: Chelsea bombing terrorist found guilty of multiple charges

The bombing in the neighborhood, known for its popularity among the LGBTQ community, wounded 30 people.

Hundreds of trans people are calling for a charity to rescind an award for Caitlyn Jenner

It also notes that the organizer of the film festival where the award will be given is also the president of The Caitlyn Jenner Foundation.

This woman beat & starved her girlfriend. The judge gave her what she deserves.

The judge told her 12-year-old daughter. "You must remember your mother did not abandon you."

Catholic church denies 9-year-old girl first communion because she wanted to wear a suit

Do they realize she'd have taken the wafer from a man wearing a dress?

Donald Trump Mike Pence
Explosive claim: Trump says Mike Pence ‘wants to hang’ all gay people

Trump reportedly mocks Pence openly for being so holier-than-thou.

Jeff Sessions hate crimes
Is Jeff Sessions intervening in a transgender hate crime case as a publicity stunt?

Sessions voted against hate crime laws, and the DOJ has been hostile to LGBTQ rights under his leadership.

Marriage equality wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for these lesbian icons

You probably don't know these mothers of the modern lesbian movement - even though you owe them a debt that can never be repaid.

Roy Moore once led the fight to keep segregation in the Alabama state constitution

Before he defied the Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality, he led a fight to keep Jim Crow in the state constitution.

How did ‘gay’ come to mean ‘homosexual’?

Gay people didn't "steal" a word that means happy. Actually, gay-as-in-homosexual probably didn't come from gay-as-in-happy at all.

Trump tells Pence to leave a gay wedding on ‘SNL’

"Get out of there, Mike! I know you hate this word, but abort!”

5 great LGBT Twitter activists you need to know

How can you change the world? Start with just 140 characters.

This ad campaign shows clothed women and nude men. People are freaking out.

This NSFW ad campaign is a statement about sexism in advertising, but it's going over a lot of people's heads.

Dolly Parton speaks out for marriage equality in Australia

"God is the judge, I don't judge or criticize and I don't think we're supposed to."

Here are 5 old words for lesbian, gay & bi people worth knowing

And these aren't slang - people were calling gay men "uranians" in formal contexts.

In the late 1800’s, this famous artist produced several lesbian paintings

His art today appears in some of the best museums in the world... but his lesbian paintings weren't appreciated in his time.

A man was shot outside a gay bar in Atlanta

He wanted money at first, and then he wanted the victims to undress before he shot one.

Donald Trump spoke at a conference that promotes conversion therapy

A booth was set up to explain how to convert about gay "seekers" and "strugglers."

Gay conservatives shocked that the Trump Administration is anti-LGBT

Trump is doing something no one expects a Republican president to do: he's governing like a Republican!

After receiving threats, this gay couple’s building was burnt down

"We can't take it anymore, emotionally and physically," one of the victims said.

supreme court lgbt rights
Why is LGBTQ History Month important to you?

Our readers and social media followers weigh in on queer history and what makes this month important to them.

pulse nightclub
Rainbow crosswalk installed in front of Pulse as part of a memorial to the victims

Plans are still coming together for a permanent memorial at the site of the mass shooting that claimed 49 lives at the LGBT nightclub in Orlando.