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Trump thought Jared Kushner might be gay when they met according to Omarosa’s new book

She says Trump told her specifically that he wondered about Kushner's sexual orientation.

This teacher nearly lost her job when she came out to her students

"I am afraid the girls love the teacher so much that someday they will want to" become lesbians, a parent said.

This Disney movie will include the studio’s first gay character. Played by a straight man.

Jack Whitehall will be playing an "effete" and "camp" man in an upcoming Disney film.

Aretha Franklin’s family gathers around ‘gravely ill’ singer’s bedside

The Queen of Soul has asked fans "for your prayers."

LGBTQ people danced while yesterday’s white supremacist rally in DC fizzled

The LGBTQ dance party was a lot bigger and better than the scheduled white supremacist rally.

Mr. Gay Europe crowned in religious-controlled Poland

Hundreds of anti-gay protesters lined the streets in the Polish city of Poznan to share their opposition of Mr. Gay Europe.

A bag of sex toys shuts down Berlin Airport and owner’s response is perfect

A bag of sex toys shut down an entire terminal at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport after being mistaken for a bomb.

Landscaper denies service to ‘perverse’ gay couple and trolls them on Yelp

A landscaping company in Atlanta denies services and then harasses the gay couple on Yelp.

Banning Alex Jones from social media is not a free speech issue

Social media platforms would like you to think that they are neutral places. That's an excuse for shirking their responsibility.

Deadnaming: 74 of 85 trans murder cases filed using wrong names, genders

Advocates say that not using the name and pronoun a person was known by, otherwise known as "deadnaming," can slow down an investigation during its most critical hours.

These adults are plotting a hate crime against a transgender 12-year-old

A group of parents are plotting a hate crime against a transgender student in Oklahoma.

Not all lesbians hate penis, but this group thinks they should

Anti-trans penis stickers are appearing all over London and this pro-lesbian group says it has nothing to do with them.

Trump watches old Hillary debates because he finds himself ‘brilliant’

Trump often says phrases like, "Wait for it...see what I did there?" and has a favorite clip to watch on repeat; it involves Hillary Clinton.

Sunday is Gay Uncles Day – celebrate appropriately

Gay Uncles Day is here! Time to celebrate the Guncles in your life.

Activists plan Big Gay Dance Party to disrupt white supremacist rally in DC

We have the details on what is really going down at the white supremacist rally in DC.

An LGBTQ political party is starting in Israel. Would one work in the U.S.?

LGBTQ voters are dependent on the Democrats to advance their cause, but sometimes the lip service outstrips results.

Ruby Rose quits Twitter after fans condemn ‘Batwoman’ casting

Not everyone is happy about Ruby Rose playing 'Batwoman' in the CW series.

Cher’s new single is here & everyone has lost their minds over it. You will too.

It's been out less than 24 hours and one enterprising soul has already mashed it up with Madonna's "Hung Up."

Ted Cruz could be the highest profile victim of a potential blue wave

A strong Democratic challenger with a pro-LGBTQ track record, a potential blue wave and his own unpopularity have put the Texas Senator's re-election in jeopardy.

Costa Rica’s supreme court delays marriage equality for 18 months

The court just ruled in favor of marriage equality, but added a long waiting period for lifting the ban.

DC church encourages ‘shaming & shunning’ LGBTQ people as loving ‘Christian response’

"Shaming and Shunning are acceptable Christian responses to the outward practice of any form of ungodly behavior," the church's constitution reads.

What’s the difference between free speech & hate speech?

An estimated 1,500 white supremacist neo-Nazis marched on Charlottesville, Virginia for their “Unite the Right” rally last August, carrying Confederate flags and Nazi symbols in protest of the town’s proposal to remove the statue of…

After parents torture & kill boys they thought were gay, CA’s legislature demands answers

People reported the abuse of these kids multiple times, but the system didn't remove them from their homes.

Florida’s plan for bullied LGBTQ kids? Send them to Christian schools.

A Florida program could send bullying victims to private schools with specific policies that discriminate against LGBTQ youth.

This Baptist preacher was arrested after he tried to have sex with a 14-year-old boy

This isn't the first time his lust for boys has landed him in legal trouble.

Trans performer Kate Bornstein heckled on Broadway, but the response will warm your heart

While her co-stars defended her angrily on social media, Kate reached out with love.

Colorado Republican Party calls Jewish, gay politician a ‘Brownshirt’ Nazi

Congressman Jared Polis choice of a brown shirt at a press conference somehow turned into an incredibly offensive Nazi reference.

Franklin Graham is now the target of a crazy pedophile conspiracy theory

They say the ultra-conservative minister is standing with "Luciferian pedos" by eating a doughnut.