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BREAKING: Judge declares mistrial in Bill Cosby case

After deliberating since Monday, the exhausted jurors told the judge they were hopelessly deadlocked.

HIV/AIDS council members resign in protest of Donald Trump

The council members accuse Trump of trying to take HIV treatment away from those who need it.

Trump’s murky new guidelines worry advocates for transgender students

What's not clear is what exactly schools are supposed to do when faced with a student who identifies as transgender.

Uganda LGBT
Refugees fleeing anti-LGBTQ persecution replace grand marshal in pride parade

Columbus Pride will break more than 30 years of tradition to honor LGBTQ refugees, partly as a response to Trump's regressive agenda.

Trump to deport Christians back to ISIS territory, but the right is silent

Why won't conservatives help those who face death get asylum in the U.S. instead of whining about how Starbucks doesn't say "Merry Christmas?"

Texas governor signs license to discriminate law that will hurt orphans

Gov. Greg Abbott's Pride gift to LGBTQ Texans is to give faith-based adoption agencies a license to discriminate against them.

Another rightwing myth: Trump had the best reaction to Pulse shooting

In a few years the right might convince itself that Trump flew to Orlando when the shooting started and slew Omar Mateen himself.

White supremacists scuffle in fight over who’s more racist

"I am a racist, I don't care!" said one neo-Nazi to a white nationalist who responded, "Racism is just plain stupid."

Key West Trump supporter gay bashing
Trump supporting gay basher avoids jail time after asking for a hug in court

He attacked them and threatened to cut them up if they called the police, but in court he just wanted them to hold him.

Oregon now allows a third gender option on state IDs, but what does that mean?

Is the rest of the country ready for what Oregon has set in motion?

Police investigate terror threat made against Columbus Pride

Local police have contacted the Department of Homeland Security.

Atlanta rainbow crosswalk
Atlanta marks Pride month & Pulse anniversary with permanent rainbow crosswalks

The announcement was made on the one-year anniversary of the Pulse shooting.

‘Fathers and Family’ event hosted by Betsy DeVos features anti-LGBTQ groups

Trump's education secretary welcomed one of the groups she had distanced herself from during her confirmation hearings.

Lesbian nominated to be prime minister of Serbia

The historically homophobic Balkan state must still approve her selection, and its decision is expected next week.

UPDATED: Commerce Department walks back attempt to kill LGBT protections

The apparent rollback of explicit protections follows Donald Trump's decision not to recognize Pride Month.

Gang leaves gay teen brain dead after beating, burning, & raping him for hours

This is beyond bullying: a brutal attack on a classmate who was ridiculed for being effeminate.

Dom Nick gay couple the way we met
Gay couple’s story of young love surviving years & distance is melting hearts

The couple wants to be an example, especially to young LGBTQ people of color, that "they can live their whole truth and be happy and in love together."

Rising in rebellion against ‘tyrants’ & ‘radicals’ means supporting gun control

Conservatives say we can't control gun ownership so citizens can defend themselves against "tyrants." But who is lining their pockets while allowing us to die?

BREAKING: Jurors in Bill Cosby trial say they are deadlocked

Jurors told the judge they are unable to reach a verdict but they've been asked to keep trying.

13th transgender murder victim of 2017: Josie Berrios

Police arrested a suspect who is charged with setting fire to the victim's body.

KKK protest Equality March
KKK members crashed a historic Pride parade

Meanwhile, the police department made some strange social media postings that seemed to support the KKK.

Meet the queer man changing what people think of Planned Parenthood

Patrick Comerford's job is to organize and train, but advocating for LGBTQ healthcare is his life's work.

Trump visits lesbian officer injured saving Republican congressmen from shooter

She's one of two Capitol Police officers injured while preventing a massacre on a Virginia baseball field.

equality march assault
Equality March participant allegedly assaulted by anti-LGBTQ protester

The situation turned violent after the man grabbed a protester's antigay sign, and he allegedly responded by getting physically aggressive.

How to watch the live celebration for rainbow flag creator Gilbert Baker

It's Flag Day, and what could be a more appropriate day to honor the man who gave the world the Pride flag?

It’s official: Leo Varadkar is now Ireland’s first gay prime minister

He's also the youngest, and the first of both Irish and Indian descent.

gun control pulse
How many shootings will it take before real gun control comes to America?

Another episode of gun violence today, this time wounding a Republican congressman among others. Can anything change the depressing trend?