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Federal courts are standing up to Trump & Sessions’ anti-transgender agenda

Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions may be anti-trans, but federal courts aren't playing along.

Did Adam Rippon just announce his retirement?

Adam Rippon won't be skating at another Olympics. But will he hang up his skates altogether?

CDC: We’re not getting PrEP to the men who need it

Gay men with HIV are also 8 times more likely also to be diagnosed with syphilis, the CDC reports.

A court has unleashed a same-sex marriage flood in Latin America

The road to marriage equality in Latin America may have some bumps, but it's still headed in the right direction.

TaRon M. Carson
Was this gay man’s killing a hate crime or a tragic accident?

TaRon M. Carson was gunned down in Kansas City. No arrests have been made and the police have offered little in the way of information.

What a Deval Patrick presidency might mean for LGBTQ equality

The former Massachusetts governor is considering a run for the presidency.

New Hampshire passes transgender nondiscrimination bill

The bill has broad bipartisan support in the state and now moves to the state senate for final passage.

Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon appears on the verge of announcing a run for Governor of New York

The race could be a litmus test for the Democratic Party, which is increasingly warring along progressive and moderate lines.

Retired Citigroup VP donates $1M for LGBTQ scholarships

University of Kansas alum Chad Leat was one of the first openly gay financial leaders on Wall Street.

Delaware Senate race now has 2 LGBTQ candidates challenging Tom Carper

Candidate Eugene Truono is sole GOP challenger at this point.

Ben Carson
Ben Carson strips anti-discrimination language from HUD statement

Are they making room to allow for anti-LGBTQ discrimination in housing?

Melania’s immigrant parents got visas. A gay husband seeking a green card got arrested.

Trump is cracking down on multi-national same-sex couples at the same time he's making sure his in-laws get a green card.

Thad Cochran
Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran is retiring. Here’s why we won’t miss him.

He earned the nickname "Gentleman Thad" for his Southern ways, but he was less than honorable to the LGBT community.

transgender rights
Federal court hands transgender people a huge win in Idaho birth certificate case

"With this change, transgender Idahoans will no longer be forced to represent that they are someone they are not and jeopardize their privacy and safety."

Take a quick peek at Nancy Pelosi & RuPaul walking into the workroom on ‘Drag Race’

The House Minority Leader will be a guest judge on this week's episode.

Pope Francis
A Catholic meeting about families welcomed gay ones – until it didn’t

The World Meeting of Families is becoming a battleground for conservative Catholics who are at war with LGBT rights.

Two high school coaches suspended over an LGBTQ charity basketball game

Was it really about paperwork or was it homophobia?

Police release grisly photo of gay serial killer’s potential victim

Toronto police are seeking the public's help to identify one of Bruce McArthur's potential victims.

Aaron Klein Melissa Klein
Bakers who refused to make wedding cake still trying to get out of paying damages

They raised half a million dollars for their case, but Aaron and Melissa Klein are still trying to worm out of paying the cost of losing.

Gays For Trump
The Gays For Trump rally in DC went about like you’d expect

As DC battled a windstorm, these queens tried to hold a rally in support of our country's biggest blowhard.

Proposal demi lovato
Demi Lovato brings former American Idol finalist onstage for a surprise wedding proposal

Filmmaker Shane Bitney Crone proposed to his boyfriend, Rayvon Owen, saying he didn't think he could love again after losing his former partner.

Scott Pruitt
Is Scott Pruitt the most homophobic member of Trump’s cabinet full of deplorables?

There's a long list of homophobes to choose from in the Trump administration, but EPA chief Scott Pruitt may be at the top.

Rio Pride Parade
Should we add a black stripe to the pride flag to recognize queer goths?

“Gothic intent is to dress black and in black. With a black stripe we will be treated as equals within the gay community.”

‘Family values’ group’s new fight is for old men’s right to marry 13-year-olds

They oppose marriage equality for same-sex couples, but are determined to allow 50-year-old men to marry 13-year-old girls.

This lawyer was accused of lusting after an al Qaeda terrorist. Now he’s suing.

His colleagues wanted him off a case involving a Guantanamo inmate because the client like him better. So they outed him.

8 amazingly queer moments from the Oscars

There were lesbian ads, gay winners thanking their partners, and jokes about homophobia... but everyone's talking about Adam Rippon's harness.

Courts keep denying this trans man’s name change

Another court has denied his suit to get his name changed to the one he actually uses.