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Cynthia Nixon’s new campaign slogan is ‘Vote for the homo, not for Cuomo’

She threw a lot of shade at Cuomo, and the slogan was only the beginning.

The Mormon Church is cutting ties with the Boy Scouts because it’s what Jesus would want

Gay troop leaders and girls learning alongside boys was just too much for the LDS Church.

Woman charged with hiring a man to rape another man

She paid him with a bottle of alcohol.

HIV’s viral ‘cousin’ is infecting people worldwide. So why is no one researching it?

In spite of the prevalence of HLTV-1, there have been very little efforts explore treatments.

Student told to cover up her pro-LGBTQ T-shirt because it was ‘distracting’

She said the principal told her the T-shirt was distracting to other students' "beliefs."

Just how anti-LGBTQ are last night’s GOP primary winners?

The winners ranged from "devoted anti-gay activist" to "conservative who tries not to talk about LGBTQ people."

A right-wing leader of the Southern Baptists is having a #MeToo moment

Paige Patterson has an unparalleled record of homophobia, but it's his defense of spousal abuse that's started a firestorm.

Will New York’s next Attorney General be a gay black man?

Alphonso David's appointment would be a pointed rebuke of Trump's worldview - and he'd be responsible for the investigations into the President's inner circle.

New NRA President Oliver North has a long & sordid anti-LGBTQ history

The National Rifle Association has a long history of attacking LGBT people too.

Randy Rainbow’s ‘Rudy & the Beast’ parody will leave you shrieking with laughter

Two Republican New Yorkers, thinking they can pull the wool over everyone's eyes.

Did Rosie O’Donnell give illegal campaign contributions to Democrats?

She says it was all just a series of mistakes.

3 men attacked with acid outside gay club may have lasting injuries

“My first thought was ‘why are they squirting water’ but then I realized it was acid."

Politicians are using ‘preemption’ laws to fight LGBTQ rights. Here’s what that means.

You may not have heard of it, but the trick may be what's preventing you from enjoying your full civil rights.

The 2018 Teacher of the Year threw shade at Trump during her White House honors

She refused to clap when Trump entered the room and wore buttons on her dress for transgender equality, women's rights, and DACA.

Gay, lesbian & bisexual people get less sleep than straight people

GLB people also reported higher levels of stress in their lives - often caused by familial rejection - that causes them to lose sleep.

Twisted teen arrested for drilling hole in a lesbian’s head with power tool

The attacker told the court that he was very drunk and has no memory of how he got the drill or assaulting the woman.

Do we really need another Pence in Washington? We may get one.

Greg Pence has even less charisma than his brother, but he's the favorite to win the Vice President's old Congressional seat.

This gay teen left a suicide note that will break your heart

"Dear World, You make me feel ugly and dirty."

A small Texas town just elected a gay mayor who marched in heels for Veteran’s Day parade

"I’m not going to bow down. I am who I am. Accept me or not."

‘Ex-gays’ humiliated in DC when no one showed up for their big rally

A Pulse survivor, a former trans activist, and the ridiculous "Activist Mommy" were there, but they were about it.

sex ed
The right wing is on a tear about sex ed for all the obvious reasons

It's spring, and the religious right's thoughts turn to how to stop kids from learning about sex.

Seven signs the religious right runs the Republican party today

Trump now controls the Republican party. The religious right controls Trump.

A hate group is crying because Amazon won’t give them money to attack LGBTQ people

They claim their religious beliefs entitle them to free cash.

Mike Pence isn’t just horrible on LGBTQ issues. He’s a true deplorable.

Even Trump admits Mike Pence wants to "hang the gays," but what about his attacks on women, working people, and the environment?

When a Lyft driver turned hateful, two beautiful strangers made it better for this trans woman

She used a tough Lyft ride to school the driver. And her fellow passengers could teach all of us a few things about compassion.