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Donald Trump is trying to limit immigration to the rich and educated

The RAISE Act would turn America's back on the ideals written on the Statue of Liberty.

Soccer team promises to renovate schools if fans stop homophobic chant

FIFA has been fining national teams whose fans use this chant, so this team is trying to end it in a positive way.

Trans teen suicide attempts may have spiked because of Trump’s tweets

Chilling numbers released by an LGBTQ teen suicide hotline suggest that Trump's tweets are already have a negative impact.

A baseball player got suspended immediately for using an anti-gay slur

Major League Baseball wasted no time suspending a player who used a homophobic slur.

Pop star Aaron Carter comes out

The singer quoted Boy George in an emotional letter posted on Twitter.

transgender healthcare rights
Civil rights groups plan lawsuit over Trump’s trans military ban

With news that the White House has taken the first step in implementing their transgender military plan, two organizations announced their intent to sue.

Jazz Jennings had a heart-breaking response to a Duggar’s insults

When the Duggar son-in-law decided to pick on a famous trans girl, she responded with the truth. – yes, that – has been donated to charity

The iconic domain name will be used by a nonprofit organization to help LGBTQ people.

You can now dress your baby in clothes designed by Ellen

Ellen has a new line of baby products.

Insurer is sorry it used ‘insensitive language’ when denying PrEP coverage

After a letter denying coverage to a man because of his "high risk homosexual behavior" went viral, the insurer apologized and adjusted its policy.

Trump’s transgender military ban is now official policy

The Trump Administration wants the military to purge transgender people "as fast as they can."

Caitlyn Jenner apologizes for wearing a Trump hat in public

The transgender star claims that the "Make America Great Again" hat was a wardrobe malfunction.

Here’s another reason why no one likes Caitlyn Jenner

The transgender celebrity was spotted zooming around town in her sports car while wearing a Donald Trump "Make America Great Again" hat.

Democrats are asking the military to defy Trump’s transgender ban

Members of the House Judiciary and Armed Services committees, as well as the LGBT Equality Caucus, are asking military leaders not to comply with Trump's dictate.

Anthony Scaramucci
Is Anthony Scaramucci about to get his own sitcom?

Reports claim a major Hollywood producer has been in touch with Scaramucci about a possible TV or movie deal based on his brief tenure in the White House.

A pod of bisexual dolphins are hanging out near Australia & no one knows why

There are a number of theories attempting to explain the behavior, as well as why it is most often seen occurring between males and not females.

Amazon is selling Trump’s tweets as toilet paper & you need some now

Now you can really tell guests you want to "dump Trump."

Barack Obama
#ObamaDay: Twitter shares all the reasons they miss Barack Obama on his birthday

Remember when we had a president who stood up for LGBTQ rights?

Gay couple viciously beaten by gang because one wore bright orange shoes

One of the men had four teeth kicked in and his nose and cheekbone broken as the attackers "circled like hyenas."

Newsweek’s brutal cover will piss off Trump, but the internet loves it

Donald Trump is a lazy boy. Six months in office. 40 days at his golf clubs. Zero pieces of major legislation.

Wrabel releases powerful ode in response to Trump’s campaign against trans people

The video features trans actors and the pop star posted it with a poignant personal note.

Antigay photog declares ‘victory’ after court points out law doesn’t apply to her

In reality, she wasn't asked to take photos at a same-sex wedding and the law doesn't apply to her because she works from home.

Jonny Woo
Toddler crashes drag show with adorable results

2 year-old Giovanni thought the stage could use his presence - and he was right.

Lady Gaga pride flag
Lady Gaga took a fan’s pride flag at a concert & magic happened

"So for any of you who don’t believe in equality that are here this evening, come to mama."

catherine templeton
Republican candidate for governor goes after trans rights & defends Confederacy

South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Catherine Templeton's recent remarks at a town hall meeting are raising serious red flags.

Australian LGBT center adopts new pride flag with brown & black stripes

Philly's updated inclusive pride flag is being adopted down under to recognize indigenous people.