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Christian leader wants to ‘re-horrify’ gay people so America will hate us again

After using us as the boogeyman for decades, the religious right doesn't want to give up the tactic without a fight.

The right is claiming the reporter who wrote the book about Trump is a closet case

Author Michael Wolff has "gay face" and wore a pocket square on TV so obviously his explosive look inside the White House shouldn't be believed.

Melissa Ede
Trans cab driver wins $5 million & won’t share with kids who disowned her after transition

"They cut me out of their lives. They weren’t there during my hardest times and rejected me. I still love them but I don’t want false love because I’ve got money now."

Ellen smacks down Eric Trump’s ‘Deep State’ claim about her in hilarious monologue

She wipes the floor with him like only Ellen can - with a smile and a laugh.

gay couple houston
Did a gay couple break Uber’s rules by giving each other a peck?

The driver kicked them out and left them in the middle of a busy highway.

Gay inmate sues after guards allegedly smiled & turned away as he was repeatedly raped

He requested segregation. The guards put him in a cell with a man who threatened to rape him instead.

Why I won’t be watching the Roseanne reboot & you probably won’t either

Can you separate her disgusting beliefs and the vile messages she spouts from the art she makes?

Trump expected to rollback transgender inmate protections

"To send me away to a male prison will surely be the end of me."

Ellen Page announces she got married with a sweet & simple Instagram post

Page married dancer Emma Portner and their adorable photos will pull your heartstrings.

Queer media went nuts for Doug Jones’ gay son giving Pence side-eye but they missed the best part

Wait until you see what he was wearing that isn't visible in the photo.

Will America’s most hateful pastor get banned from Jamaica too?

The country is notoriously anti-gay, but Steven Anderson is even worse.

Abu Omer
ISIS executioner who beheaded & stoned gay men has been captured in Iraq

Abu Omer, also known as "White Beard," was captured in the Iraqi town of Mosul.

transgender healthcare rights
Federal judge delivers blow to families suing to stop trans students’ rights

More than 50 families claim allowing trans students to use the correct facilities in local schools violates the rights of other students.

‘Make America Great Again’ isn’t just a motto. It’s a way of life for Trump.

Though erratic and contradictory in character and temperament, Trump has provided some clear clues what the slogan means to him.

Eric Trump is now attacking Ellen DeGeneres on Twitter

The president's dumbest son has been closely examining the "Who to Follow" section and, unsurprisingly, he doesn't understand how it works.

Trans military members are LGBTQ Nation’s Newsmakers of the Year

Ever since the 2016 “bathroom bills,” transgender folk have had a spotlight role in the struggle for equality.

gay couple
10 hot LGBT movies you can watch on Netflix while it’s freezing outside

Why go out and brave the cold when you can stay in and warm up under the covers with these flicks?

Donald Trump’s administration is the very definition of ‘trumpery’

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term “trumpery“ first appeared in the English language in the mid-15th century.

Michele Bachmann is asking God whether she should run for Al Franken’s senate seat

If she's waiting on God to call her, here's hoping he has the wrong number.

male model priest sugar daddy
Retired priest left homeless after his male model hubby leaves him for a richer man

A 79 year-old retired priest has been left heartbroken and homeless after his 24 year-old husband left him just after their home was put into his name.

Moscow Pride
Major Russian news agency mocks United States’ ‘tr***y troops’

"US military about to get even worse after not winning a war for 70+ years."

His aunty texted him to ‘pray that gay s**t away.’ His response was perfection.

"And also, the guys I go for run rings around the guys you bring home every Saturday night, right before you run to church every Sunday."