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conversion therapy
Conservative Christians want the Supreme Court to overturn conversion therapy bans

The Court just issued a ruling in favor of conservative free speech. Could the "free speech" of conversion therapists be next?

gun american flag
Who is Independence Day for?

America’s need to showcase her nativist spirit of patriotism comes at the expense of fundamental freedoms and protections.

Pride in Pictures 2017: Amsterdam’s boys on boats

Who says you need a street for a parade?

Pride in Pictures 2018: Pride comes to Starkville

A close-minded vote opens the love in Mississippi.

Right-wing preachers have turned their shows into infomercials

From protein powders to silver gels that cure venereal diseases, televangelists are hawking products to make even more money from their followers.

A mother has been arrested after her 10-year-old who ‘likes boy’ was killed

The boy was allegedly abused for years before he died in a hospital after police found him.

The UK government plans to ban conversion therapy in sweeping LGBTQ reforms

The government also wants to streamline the "bureaucratic" process for transgender people.

This safe sex video game cut STI rates, according to a new study

The program makes sex education interactive and fun, which can save lives.

Jackson Sugrue
A teen is accused of beating & locking up a gay man for 4 days in a brutal hate crime

But the attacker says he's the real victim because the man he locked up hit on him.

Jean-Claude Van Damme compares gay relationships to bestiality

The action film star went on a homophobic diatribe on TV, saying that marrying someone of the same sex is like marrying a dog.

Pride Istanbul
Police used tear gas & rubber bullets to stop Istanbul Pride

Turkey used to have a huge yearly Pride. Now the government is trying to suppress it.

Pride in Pictures 2015: Small towns with big Pride

Drag queens on the courthouse lawn

Tom Daley & Dustin Lance Black share adorable pictures of their baby

The couple just announced the arrival of their child.

Pride in Pictures 2017: Cheers for Edie

Edith Windsor, the woman who dominated DOMA.

In 1977, a gay baseball player invented the high-five

The first out pro baseball player was loved by his team, but was eventually traded away because he was gay.

Race-car driver Lewis Hamilton wears a kilt to apologize for shaming his nephew

He got mad at his nephew for wearing a dress. Now he's wearing a kilt.

The 2018 Texas GOP platform has 24 anti-LGBTQ planks. Out of 81.

And this was after the Log Cabin Republicans were able to get an anti-gay plank pulled.

This vice mayor wants a Straight Pride to celebrate the end of ‘LGBTQ-WTF month’

A Facebook group to recall the official formed days after his column about "faries" with "skin tight short-shorts" and "tinker bell wings" was published.

Angela Ponce
A transgender woman just won the Miss Universe Spain pageant

The 27-year-old will represent her country at the Miss Universe competition later this year.

LGBTQ workers aren’t coming out at work

Over half of LGBTQ people are not out at their jobs, and the percentage isn't going up.

LGBTQ vets prefer to get help from each other instead of from the VA

Outreach attempts from Veterans Affairs aren't working.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Now is not the time to be thinking about civility

To paraphrase an often-used quote, well-behaved movements, seldom make history.

Journalists’ listserv shows how prevalent transphobia is in the media

A private listerv of journalists shows that some journalists don't like trans voices in the media.

Evangelicals are thrilled that Donald Trump is ushering in the end of the world

Belief that Donald Trump is paving the way for the second coming of Christ only serves to tighten the religious right's bond to him.

immigration protest
I don’t have to think. I’m a Trump supporter.

A big part of American voters want to surrender their freedom... for a promise of freedom..

Pictures of Pride 2015: Same-sex marriage

The Supreme Court decision produces Pride pandemonium.

After ‘Drag Race’ finale, a contestant apologizes for animal cruelty

Responding to upset fans, a final four queen promised to work 100 hours to help animals.

This bill would make it criminal if teachers don’t out trans teens to their parents

Teachers in Ohio could be forced to report any gender non-conforming behavior in their students.