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How Shapr helped me navigate networking as a freelancer

This free app will be your digital rolodex.

Trump Iowa 2017
Trump’s continued attack on the NFL is part of the American tradition of colonization

Trump feels entitled to establish his culture and beliefs as the norm, appropriating and subjecting anyone who get in his way.

Kosovo Pride Parade
Kosovo holds first official pride parade in the face of death threats

The LGBTQ community and allies ignored the hate and gathered together behind the theme "In the name of love."

How drag has been part of mainstream Philly culture since the early 19th century

When Philly started sponsoring the Mummers parade there was an award for drag queens.

California just dramatically lowered the punishment for willfully exposing someone to HIV

The crime could have landed you eight years in prison; now it's a maximum of six months. So why did it change?

couples travel gay versus straight
What if straight couples got treated like gay people when they went on vacation?

"There must be a mistake. This room only has one bed."

Watch over a hundred college students perfectly shut down Westboro Baptist protesters

When the hate group Westboro Baptist announced they'd be protesting at Carnegie Mellon University, they were met with more than they expected.

Kat Von D is about to launch a makeup line inspired by Divine & you need to see it

While it's not available to purchase yet, a social media mistake is giving us a secret glimpse.

There’s an online war of words over Netflix’s new Marsha P. Johnson movie

Trans filmmaker Reina Gossett has accused director David France of stealing her work to make his new film.

mike pence national anthem
Mike Pence is the concerned Ken Doll in Trump’s deplorable toy basket

Why would the Trump administration think it a good idea to sink resources and energy into stunts nearly everyone can see through? Because it is.

Twitter isn’t having Caitlyn Jenner’s latest complaint about Trump

Thousands of people have replied to Jenner's tweet to remind her that she voted for the jerk even when she was told what he would do.

Stonewall Strong: When ‘gay liberation’ was freedom from fear

The gay activists who converged on Washington on Dec. 15, 1973, were the first group of patients in history to insist that they were not sick.

A gay coffee shop owner kicked out religious mouth-breathers & conservatives are outraged

Things got... colorful when the owner found out who the customers were and what they'd been doing.

5 old-timey words for gay, lesbian, & bi people that you should know

These aren't slang. People were seriously calling gay men "Uranians."

A tabloid outed a 19-year-old conservative activist & he’s ‘devastated’

The paper posted pictures of the teenager kissing a man. That's how his family found out that he's gay.

Gal Gadot kisses Kate McKinnon in ‘Wonder Woman’ spoof

"It’s like we’re in a porn but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes!"

Tony Perkins
The 6 most dangerous antigay activists in the nation

These folks aren't going anywhere. If anything, the Department of Justice showed that they're coming back to center stage.

30 editors rejected this novel for being too gay, but it’s a crowd-funding success

They said there's no market for a lighthearted gay novel, but he's showing them otherwise.

51 people arrested at a gay spa in Indonesia

Even though homosexuality is legal there, some of those arrested might be in prison for years on trumped up charges.

A Christian school kicked this boy out because he’s trans. Now he’s homecoming king.

He was told he would have to attend "Christian counseling" to change his gender identity.

In 1919, the first pro-gay movie was made. A year later, it was banned.

"Different from the Others" was a haunting film made 50 years before Stonewall.

Little Richard condemns homosexuality as ‘unnatural affection’

It's not surprising that Little Richard has been in and out of the closet a lot in his life, considering the abuse he endured when he was young.

This ad condemns ‘That’s so gay’ & it went viral

"Unless that pie is a man who loves another man, then it's not gay."

10 up-and-coming vloggers about to take over YouTube

They are our future, so you might as well start enjoying them now.

‘Downton Abbey’ actor Robert James-Collier doesn’t want to play gay roles

The actor rejected gay roles because he thinks he was "typecast."

The man who was too anti-LGBT to be Trump’s Army Secretary is now running for Congress

Mark Green has said that transgender people have a mental disorder and believes it's his duty to "crush" what he calls the "evil" of LGBTQ rights.

Sam Brownback
Trump ‘religious freedom’ nominee refuses to condemn antigay executions

Kansas Governor Sam Brownback also faced tough questioning during his Senate confirmation hearing about his own anti-LGBTQ voting record.

Republican Congressman saved during mass shooting by a lesbian to address antigay hate group

Congressman Steve Scalise also said being shot by a gunman in a mass shooting made him more opposed to gun control.