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One of Japan’s most popular boybands just dropped a song about stealing gay kisses

The guys from the popular boy band exchange 36 kisses in this music video, sending it viral immediately.

Jon Ossoff Donald Trump
Georgia race could bring Dems first anti-Trump win & he’s not taking it well

If Jon Ossoff can win the seat vacated by Tom Price, it could provide a blueprint for the Democrats to win back the House.

Are Ellen & Portia splitting up?

A report in a British tabloid claims divorce is the reason for the sale of their luxury condo and weekend retreat.

How much money is Ivanka Trump making off her dad’s presidency?

As she crafts a political career from her West Wing office, her brand is flourishing - despite boycotts and several stores limiting her merchandise.

Texas wants to allow contractors to issue marriage licenses over the phone

Instead of giving gay or lesbian couples a marriage license, Texas Republicans want to give county clerks a license to discriminate.

nikki haley
Trump administration condemns gay ‘concentration camps’ in Chechnya

"This violation of human rights cannot be ignored... We are against all forms of discrimination, including against people based on sexual orientation."

Thief steals church’s rainbow flag, replaces it with a different one

A note left behind said, "I didn’t agree with your flag so I took it down."

Trump National Prayer Breakfast
GOP tax reform would ‘destroy’ separation between church & state

Could the plan backfire, making it harder to pass one of Donald Trump's key campaign promise?

Gold State Coach
Trump demands gold carriage ride to meet the Queen of England

President Trump wants to arrive in style - even if it means causing headaches and unnecessary security expenditures.

See & hear why this transgender singer’s stunning love song is going viral

He duets with his pre-transition self in this jaw-dropping cover of "Home" that took months to produce.

Steve Bannon Donald Trump
Steve Bannon could be on his way out & it would spell disaster for Trump

Now one of Bannon's acolytes is threatening to release a treasure trove of secrets damaging his critics and foes if he is fired from the administration.

13 teen football players arrested after sexual assault claims from teammates

Since the scandal broke in the small Texas town, dozens of alleged victims have come forward.

Beyond Stonewall: Why modern LGBTQ Americans should be thinking globally

Decades after the Stonewall riots, homosexuality is still punishable by death in many countries.

Donald Trump
New York Times savages Trump over LGBT rights record

They nail the exact reason why any queer folk who support him should be terrified about their life choices.

Rustled: Someone stole Chik-fil-A’s mascot cows

The store's hospitality director, says they just want the cows back with no questions asked.

Prince hid stash of prescription painkillers in his home & changed their labels

Investigators found several pills in different bottles throughout the singer's Minnesota residence, according to court records.

Donald Trump
Trump’s approval rating lowest for president in six decades as he nears 100 days

More bad news for the beleaguered Trump administration.

Joe Biden condemns gay ‘concentration camps’ in Chechnya

The former Vice President had strong words for Donald Trump about standing up for human rights.

Ellen talks to a teacher who pranked students with ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ lesson

This teacher's April Fools Day prank went viral, so, of course, Ellen had to meet him.

United Airlines denies disabled man his mobility device on honeymoon flight

The man received calls throughout his honeymoon with his husband that he might be arrested when he returns home.

Pearl Mackie has perfect response to being the first gay ‘Doctor Who’ companion

There is also talk that The Doctor in the next season could be played by an openly gay actor.

What does Christian privilege have to do with Easter?

Brightly-dyed eggs and chocolate bunnies may seem harmless, but their ubiquity is a sign of the pervasiveness of Christian norms.

Chechnya’s president calls claims of gay killings an ‘attack’ on Chechen society

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov said that human rights rights have undergone a "grandiose" improvement in Muslim-majority Chechnya.

Queer chef drops the mic in rejection of interview request

Mission Chinese Food Executive Chef Angela Miyuga told a reporter for that she's "for women who actually empower other women."

Watch this special Easter message from Melissa McCarthy’s ‘Spicey’ on SNL

"Spicey" issues a rare apology while dressed as the Easter Bunny before riding off into the nuclear sunset.

Yep, Ellen came out 20 years ago — and changed the world

On April 14, 1997, the standup comic turned network sitcom star revealed she's a lesbian.

North Carolina mayors plead with nation’s big cities to end boycotts over HB2

The letter tells mayors in nine big U.S. cities that North Carolina municipalities are hurting from the travel bans but lack power to increase LGBTQ protections.