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If you’re offended by the #NoJusticeNoPride protest, you are a cultural idiot

Hell hath no fury like a privileged white gay man who has waited too long for the next pride parade contingent to sashay by.

Donald Trump
President Trump’s disapproval rating hits new high as scrutiny intensifies

Trump disapproval rating soars to record high, showing the scandals and investigations are having a real impact.

Donald Trump
Trump tweets in remembrance of Pulse victims, Twitter not here for it

Critics remind President Trump that his actions have spoken louder than his words.

antigay sign Florida
After someone stole this Trump supporter’s hateful signs, he did something worse

Someone stole the man's first set of signs that said banning Jews, the disabled, and "f--gots" would "make America great again."

Grieving parents and pastor of transgender teenage boy honor his authenticity

13-year-old Jay Griffin ended his life last month after being bullied at school. Those who loved him are sharing his story in hopes of helping others.

St. Louis Cardinals invite notoriously antigay speaker to ‘Christian Day’

The club is considering a "pride night" but has no problem with a former player who rails about “the LGBT agenda” speaking at "Christian Day."

Is Pulse shooter Omar Mateen’s widow his victim or his accomplice?

A year after the mass shooting, Noor Salman is facing charges of aiding and abetting her then-husband. But did she really know what he was planning?

Not alone: 49 beautiful ‘angels’ watched over Pulse early this morning

Angels, like those who have protected mourners from protestors since Matthew Shepard's funeral, encircled the family and survivors at a private ceremony.

#Resist: Pride marches were a mix of anger & celebration across the country

“We’re here, we’re queer, get that Cheeto out of here,” was among the chants directed at Trump.

Why 2016 was the deadliest year ever for the LGBTQ community

And the reason is not just the massacre at Pulse.

Forget about impeaching Trump, Mike Pence would be worse

Donald Trump is only leaving office if he chooses to, but if he did, his replacement wouldn't be better.

Woman asked court to give her an A because prof assigned ‘lesbian’ poetry

She said that her prof punished her for speaking out against the "illicit sex" in the assigned readings.

Equality March in DC brings massive crowd together today

Check out photos and video from the Equality March for Unity and Pride today.

Here’s who I think will win ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

The semifinals episode was last Friday, and now we know who could win the whole thing.... Spoiler alert.

Paul Ryan is a co-conspirator to Donald Trump’s disastrous presidency

Paul Ryan used to criticize Trump, but now he's standing by his fellow reverse-Robin-Hood.

Protestors blocked DC’s pride parade so it had to be rerouted

A leftist group protested the pride parade's inclusion of several "oppressive" organizations.

Bill Cosby tried to discredit rape victim by saying she’s gay

Bill Cosby's defense attorneys asked the judge in his rape trial to let them out the victim.

Republican candidate sends out homophobic flyer then lies about it

When called out for his homophobic attack on his rival, he just lied about what was written in plain English.

Chelsea Manning does first TV interview since release

Manning talks about why she leaked documents and why she fought for hormones in prison.

First non-binary person ordained in one of America’s biggest churches

This clergy member feels a calling to be a "visibly trans person" ordained by a church that still officially bans LGB clergy.

Trump’s Appoints Another Homophobe Just in Time for Pride Month

Weekly Debrief: Trump appoints an abstinence-only advocate to a key education position.

Principal announces transition to school, and their reaction is amazing

The principal has received a lot of support from the parents, students, and PTO in his community.

Here’s why everyone is talking about the new queer icon: ‘The Babadook’

He's here, he's queer, and some people are labeling him the LGBTQ Icon of 2017.

Pride rallies planned nationwide & one’s not far from Trump’s Florida resort

Rallies in West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are planned to coincide with events in 95 cities across the country.

Scissor Sisters
Scissor Sisters return with new single marking one year since Pulse

Scissor Sisters return after a 5-year hiatus to help the healing after Pulse, encouraging the LGBTQ and Latinx communities to "take back the dance floor."

FDA approves generic Truvada — but there’s a catch

The move took advocates by surprise, since it wasn't expected until 2021. However, the announcement has led to confusion about how soon it might be available.

Shelby Evans Pride violence
FBI questions NC man for making threatening Facebook post about Pride

The disturbing image makes light of violence against LGBTQ people, just before the one year anniversary of the shooting at Pulse in Orlando.