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Leland Bohannon
Trump appointee: ‘Sincerely held religious beliefs’ can excuse discrimination

Trump's Air Force Secretary announced that an officer who discriminated against a gay subordinate will not face any penalties.

Did this Mormon leader just say that gay sex is worse than raping your wife?

Instead of saying the word "rape," he invented a weird euphemism.

These ‘Drag Race’ stars were attacked at a kabob shop. They got the last laugh.

Farrah Moan and Shea Couleé were out for a snack when some drunks started calling them anti-gay slurs. You can see where this is going.

This trans woman was shot & killed in her car. People drove around her for hours without stopping.

She was found slumped over the wheel of her car in the middle of the road with the engine still running. Two hours after she was shot, someone finally stopped.

The right wing takeover of your local news is happening now & you didn’t notice

Sinclair Broadcasting is forcing its conservative viewpoint on its local news stations in nearly three-quarters of America now.

Tony Perkins nailed himself to a Google cross for Easter

There was no Google doodle in the hate group leader's Easter basket and it ruined everything.

Chadwick Moore
Why are gay conservatives so quick to claim persecution?

If no one wants you around, it may not be because of your politics. It may be because you're an asshole.

Christian mommy blogger attacks drag queen. The queen’s dad took her to church.

Never come for a drag queen - especially when her papa is around to see it.

Gay & trans prisoners face 100 lashes as brutal punishment for being themselves

Marauding vigilantes are roaming an Indonesian province, raiding gay people's homes and businesses for "evidence" of homosexuality... like condoms.

Perez Hilton won’t enroll his kid in dance class because it ‘might make him gay’

He stresses that it's not homophobic to try to turn your kids straight. And he's not joking.

Grindr agrees to stop sharing your HIV status with other companies

Grindr said it was "unfair" to criticize them for sharing users' HIV status with third parties.

50 years later: What have we learned from the death of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr?

Though society has traveled forward on a path toward King’s goal of peace with justice, deep potholes continually inhibit our progress.

Maryland political candidate learns the hard way that ‘prancing around’ can be a gay slur

But is the phrase homophobic when used by an LGBT ally to describe a gay man?

CVS faces class-action lawsuit for disclosing customers’ HIV status

Plaintiffs claim the pharmacy giant accidentally disclosed the HIV status of 6000 customers in Ohio.

Grindr is telling other companies if you’re HIV positive

The queer hookup app is sharing your status to "optimize" their app, but is your info safe?

David Hogg Laura Ingraham
Laura Ingraham takes an ‘Easter break’ as more advertisers flee her show

Fox News hosts sometimes go on "vacations" that they never come back from. Could this be hers?

Lesbian moms likely killed themselves & their 6 kids by driving car off cliff

The couple was being investigated for child abuse and police say the SUV stopped before it was "pure acceleration all the way" to the edge of the cliff.

Anti-LGBT pastor arrested for making little boys sit on his face

He's accused of molesting at least 8 children. Police expect more victims to come forward.

Cynthia Nixon is selling ‘unqualified lesbian’ campaign badges now

Qualified lesbians (and anyone else) can also pick one up for only $5.

National Organization for Marriage head compares himself to Christ for Easter

Brian Brown is just like Jesus because you aren't sending him money.

Was Jesus a queer drag king?

Not only was Jesus queer, but he might have thought you were cute.

Easter is the holiday for people on the margins of society

Jesus' death on the cross and the lynching of African-Americans are synonymous experiences.

Meet Colton Buckley, the other gay Trump supporter running for office

He's anti-marriage equality, anti-choice, pro-gun, and hates Hillary Clinton. In other words, he's a modern Republican.

Democratic representative: Young people don’t care about political parties

The kids aren't alright, and they're not going to shut up about it.

This Christian university now offers students a gun range

Learning to use weapons has helped the students be "better Christians."

New Amazon ad features gay couple getting ready for their wedding

The understated casualness makes this ad sheer perfection.