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Dating app Tinder matched a quarter million trans users after inclusive update

Tinder offers 37 gender identity options and has improved its community education and internal moderation to help prevent harassment.

Despite lawmaker support, Utah hate crimes bill failed to get a public hearing

The current law doesn't include specific protected groups but instead speaks generally about crimes that cause a person to fear they cannot freely exercise their constitutional rights.

This Republican lawmaker broke with his party to introduce a fair housing bill

The Fair and Equal Housing Act of 2017 would make it illegal to discriminate against a renter on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

St. Patrick’s parade organizers will allow gay vets to march

The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council announced that it had signed an "acceptance letter" that would clear the way for OutVets to participate.


David James Vapor Spa Kentucky
Kentucky lawmaker wants a gay spa he claims to have visited shut down

Councilman David James said he went to the spa and saw men having sex "all over the place."

Florida sees ‘seismic shift’ in support for anti-discrimination laws among GOP

Ever since the massacre at Pulse, stories of the LGBTQ community have found wider acceptance.

Tennessee anti-LGBTQ lawmaker’s torrid affair with his cousin revealed

Court records show that since 2014, Dr. Joey Hensley has been having an affair with a married woman who is a nurse in his practice, as well as his patient and his second cousin.

Does this study show why Hillary Clinton lost?

A new study shows Clinton's campaign ads may have run with the wrong strategy.

Kristen Stewart talks sexuality: ‘You’re not confused if you’re bisexual’

On the contrary, Stewart said, she finds it confusing when people aren't bisexual.

Homophobes will never respect gay people, so stop worrying and enjoy life

Homophobes started judging you long before you started watching reality TV shows like "Fire Island."

Trump dystopia books
In a sign of the times, dystopian fiction is flying off the shelves

The Trump administration seems to be helping the sales of gloom and doom futuristic novels, like George Orwell's "1984" and Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale."


gender neutral bathroom
Americans oppose anti-transgender ‘bathroom bill’ laws, poll finds

It also found that most people support same-sex marriage and non-discrimination laws offering protections to the LGBTQ community.

Arkansas rejects bill that would have allowed hospitals to discriminate

An Arkansas House panel on Thursday rejected a "religious freedom" bill that would have allowed health care workers and hospitals to refuse to treat LGBTQ patients.

Conversion therapy pioneer Joseph Nicolosi won’t be hurting any more gay kids

The leader in the discredited movement to "convert" people from lesbian, gay, or bisexual to straight has died.

N.H. Republicans delay transgender rights bill citing ‘safety’ concerns

Republican lawmakers argued the bill would make it hard to protect women from men entering women's bathrooms under the guise of being transgender.

Phil Berger
North Carolina Republican Senate leader in hot water over fake headlines

Berger's team changed the headlines on stories he shared to his Facebook page in order to make anti-LGBTQ House Bill 2 and the Republicans look better.

Betsy DeVos met with transgender students & their parents, but was she moved?

DeVos said she "remain[s] committed to advocating for and fighting on behalf of all students" but did not offer any specific actions to protect transgender students.

Hate crime charges sought for men accused of killing D.C. transgender woman

Three men face hate crimes charges after a night of robbing trans people that ended in the murder of Deeniquia Dodds.

gender neutral bathroom graffiti
Gender neutral bathroom in Portland high school vandalized with death threat

The incident occurred a week after the Trump administration backed away from supporting transgender students' rights.

Milo’s gone but Breitbart and followers are still trolling Leslie Jones

“I want to fight Ben Carson!!” Jones tweeted to her 685K followers after Carson called slaves "immigrants."

La’Porsha Renae
‘American Idol’ star says she chose to be straight after 2 years of being gay

Less than one year after saying she doesn't "agree" with the LGBTQ "lifestyle," the singer is now claiming she chose to be straight.

Historic gay landmark to close while another hopes for recognition

Little Pete's in Philadelphia was once Dewey's and still attracts many LGBTQ visitors because of a protest predating Stonewall.

Chadwick Moore
Newly Republican ‘Out’ writer says Matthew Shepard’s death wasn’t a hate crime

Gay journalist Chadwick Moore recently "came out" as a conservative after a backlash to his profile of Milo Yiannopoulos.

Soccer team devastates homophobic fan with one tweet

This team might as well be a tree for all the shade they just threw.

Gavin Grimm demands court hear his case before he graduates high school

The transgender teen is seeking the right to use the correct restroom in school. But will he have graduated before he gets his day in court?

Hockey commentator makes non-apology for homophobic kiss cam ‘joke’

When a gay couple was shown kissing in the stadium, he said "That's disgusting. Security, get rid of them."

Is California about to repeal their HIV criminalization law?

A new bill would make it a misdemeanor instead of a felony to intentionally expose someone to HIV.