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gay baby pacifier
People who think gay people are born that way support gay rights. Why?

Saying homosexuality is innate could be a way of saying that gay people are just another part of human diversity.

Anti-gay crackpot Dinesh D’Souza is the perfect choice for a Trump pardon

With his loony conspiracy theories and flexible ideas about his own marriage, D'Souza fits right into the Trump universe.

Nick Berkte
Pop star tells fans gays are ‘quite disgusting’ & laughs about Pulse shooting

"To be a bit more P.C. about it, how can I express to the world that I view gays as an abomination?"

This state just reminded us how connected LGBTQ rights & feminism are

While Illinois just passed the Equal Rights Amendment, the battle to defeat it relied heavily on making women's rights and LGBTQ rights twin evils.

Melody Ballroom
Business sues Catholic church for forcing them to break the law & lose customers

An event-hosting company alleges that it lost millions and was forced out of business because the church refused to do business with LGBTQ people.

The military is being sued for discriminating against people living with HIV

The military's discrimination against people with HIV is getting worse under the Trump Administration.

Provincetown pride light display
The San Francisco of the east coast is finally about to celebrate Pride

Provincetown has long been a queer hotspot, but one thing it hasn't had is an official pride event. This changes in 2018.

Romney says Trump is no role model, but neither is he

Trump might not be a role model for Romney’s grandchildren, but grandpa isn’t much of one himself.

A nondenominational religious group decides gay employees have to go

The American Bible Society demands that its workers follow a conservative interpretation of the Bible: only opposite-sex married couples need apply.

Dannel Malloy
Connecticut is now the first state to house transgender people based on their gender

The state recognizes the rights of transgender inmates with "the most protective" law in the country.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump breaks his silence about Roseanne, makes it all about himself

Trump said that ABC should be apologizing to him, not to the African American woman Roseanne called an ape.

Jessa Gillaspie and Becky McCabe
When she asked her girlfriend to marry her, she wasn’t expecting this response

When Jessa pulled out a ring, Becky's response was amazing... and really unusual.

Betsy DeVos tours a school while Torin Hodgman wears a trans flag in the background.
Genderqueer student quietly trolls Betsy DeVos during school visit

Everywhere she went, the Education Secretary had to face a trans student making a pointed statement.

Sara Gilbert and Wanda Sykes
How two lesbians helped take down Roseanne

After Roseanne's racist Twitter tirade, two lesbians associated with the show turned their backs on her.

Meet the gay black Army veteran who became a Republican

Rob Smith played a large role in ending "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," but he refused to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Jay Alfie
This teenager has to fight to be called by name at his graduation ceremony

“What are we talking about here, 10 seconds? But it’s probably one of the 10 most important seconds of his life."

Russian gay rights activist
Russians are threatening to ‘root out & stab’ LGBTQ World Cup fans

Everything will be fine, FIFA promised. Russia pinky-swore they'd be nice to you, they said.

Roseanne Barr
Roseanne says she’s quitting Twitter after racist & antisemitic meltdown

She compared an African-American woman to "Planet of the Apes" and said a Jew was "buying" candidates to "overthrow" the government.

Is Pope Francis pro-LGBTQ or not? The Church doesn’t know either.

Pope Francis keeps sending contradictory messages on LGBT issues. It's driving both sides in the Church crazy.

Alexander Tilghman
LGBTQ activists warned cops about mass shooter before he attacked. They didn’t listen.

Alexander Tilghman had a history of violent rhetoric about transgender people that was brought to the attention of police.

Christpher Huizar/Gabriel Roman
Cold-blooded attacker repeatedly stabs gay couple who were holding hands

A man shouting anti-gay slurs attacked the young couple when he saw them holding hands as they walked down the street in Denver.

Pride in Pictures 1980-81: The boys are back in town

Pride is the protest that's now the worldwide party of the year.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump made Memorial Day all about him with 1 tweet

Instead of remembering people who have died, he said that those dead people should be praising him.