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3 ways the LGB community is screwed if transgender rights fail

If altruism is insufficient to motivate you to alliance, at least give self-interest a chance.

United Healthcare denies gay man medication due to ‘high risk homosexual behavior’

It's not often a company comes right out and says in black and white that gay men aren’t worthy of the same protections as everyone else.

Is it time for HRC to do away with the Corporate Equality Index?

Diageo has been awarded "best place to work" honors by HRC for 9 years, but Hollis Bulleit says the Diageo-owned company her father founded is antigay.

Donald Trump
Bandcamp will donate proceeds to fight for trans rights in anti-Trump pushback

Bandcamp is donating all its proceeds on Friday to the Transgender Law Center in response to Trump's tweet banning trans soldiers.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg ACLU coloring book
ACLU celebrates #NationalColoringBookDay with Super Queer Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She's the hero we need, now more than ever. Even if we don't deserve her.

America’s first gender bending soldier fought in the Revolutionary War

Deborah Sampson dressed as a man to join the Army. While she married and had children after the war, her gender identity wasn't important on the battlefield.

Chechnya camps
Why is the mainstream media ignoring the abuses of gay & bi men in Chechnya?

We have known about one of the greatest atrocities to human rights occurring in modern times for four months, yet there have been few reports from major TV news outlets.

Former Congressman Aaron Schock is upset the feds want to know if he’s gay

Totally not-gay-at-all former Republican Congressman Aaron Schock really wants you to know he isn't gay. No, really. Maybe.

TeeTee Dangerfield
Atlanta woman found outside apartment complex is 16th trans murder victim

2016 was the deadliest year on record for transgender people, and this year is on pace to be as bad, if not worse. RIP, TeeTee Dangerfield.

Trump Hannity
Was Trump responsible for the Fox conspiracy story about a gay DNC staffer’s death?

A lawsuit claims he knew about a fake news story surrounding Seth Rich's death and secretly pushed it so it would distract from the Russia investigation.

Shot fired: Coast Guard Commandant ‘will not break faith’ with trans members

He's not the only one speaking out. 56 retired generals and admirals issued a statement today opposing the ban on transgender service members.

in a heartbeat
Animated short film celebrates young gay love & melts all the hearts

It tells the story of a young boy whose heart leaps out of his body and chases after the boy he loves.

Roseanne reboot to make history with inclusion of gender creative character

The inclusion of a gender nonconforming child would be a first for network television.

The St. Louis Cardinals denied a gay reporter a press pass for ‘Christian Day’

They told him to buy a ticket if he wanted to see what happened when an anti-LGBT activist addressed the crowd. So he did.

People are remixing Maxine Waters’ ‘reclaiming my time’ & the results are glorious

From gospel to dance music, these tunes are definitely not a waste of time.

Ivanka Trump wishes people would stop expecting so much of her

The First Daughter has been shown to be ineffectual in getting her father to move in her direction on key issues, most recently the transgender military ban.

Even Trump’s favorite poll shows that he’s isn’t ‘winning’ America’s approval

The news comes as another poll shows he is tarnishing America's image on the world stage. No one is tired of "winning." They're tired of Trump.

Australian Prime Minister will allow marriage equality bill to be introduced

When the Australian Parliament returns next week, expect legislation to be introduced to bring marriage equality to pass down under.

BREAKING: Trump fires Anthony Scaramucci as communications director

It's the first action by retired Marine General John Kelly, Trump's new chief of staff, on his first day on the job.

Radio hosts won’t apologize for transphobia that sparked #BoycottBreakfastClub

Transgender people and allies called for a boycott of the NYC radio show after a guest joked on-air about killing a trans woman.

Those crickets you hear? That’s Peter Thiel standing up to Trump’s attacks.

The gay billionaire was a prominent Trump supporter, but now he's nowhere to be found.

Family of intersex child settles lawsuit over genital surgery for over $400,000

This case could have an effect on whether or not doctors decide to perform surgeries on intersex babies.

Why is the gay Golden Girls ‘reboot’ being rejected by all the networks?

Even with George Takei, Leslie Jordan, and Bruce Vilanch involved, the networks are giving it a pass.

Former Navy surgeon: I’ll perform free surgeries for trans military personnel

While she made her offer, she also completely destroyed the right wing talking points about why trans people shouldn't serve.

Are straight cisgender soldiers so scared of trans people they can’t fight?

This right wing pundit thinks the American military is full of cowards.

Donald Trump
Majority of Americans think trans people should be able to serve in the military

The majority of the country disapproves of one of President Trump's hastily announced executive orders (again).