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Two men arrested in the horrific murder of a lesbian family

Police say that the two men knew the victims.

Trump gives up: The military will start recruiting trans people on Monday

After two appeals courts refused to delay open recruitment, the Department of Justice has given up.

Republican pressured to resign after comparing homosexuality to pedophilia

He asked why Democrats aren't mad about Barney Frank... but what did Barney Frank do?

Dept. of Silver Linings 2017: Trump fails to ban transgender troops from serving

Trump hasn't revisited the topic since his 140-character outburst, but he's finding out that the courts depend on the law, not on his impulsive tweets.

Lorena Borjas
NY Governor Cuomo pardoned a Latina trans activist so she can become a US citizen

Lorena Borjas' convictions stemmed from her time as a forced sex worker. She's spent her life helping others in similar situations.

Kevin Spacey
Dept. of Silver Linings 2017: #MeToo finally exposes creepy men (including gay ones)

Largely undiscussed in the conversation about #metoo is its impact on the closet.

Trump fires his HIV/AIDS council without warning & won’t explain why he did it

Experts assume new members appointed by Trump/Pence will focus on failed abstinence-only programs while ignoring people of color and LGBT people.

Judge tells Christian bakers cake isn’t free speech, so pay the fine for discriminating

Even though they're used in a ceremony, they "are still cakes made to be eaten" and they aren't "art" if the customer tells you what to make.

LGBTQ Nation’s ‘Newsmaker of the Year’ voting ends this week

Cast your vote while you can. The winner will be announced next week.

man surprised newspaper
Latino reporter discovers his byline was edited to include a gay slur on Christmas

"It was a very poor decision made by an employee who is no longer in a position to make that same mistake."

Sergei Kalashnikov
Russian senator argues against animal abuse law because it could lead to gay rights

Another lawmaker objected to the comparison... and came to the defense of dogs.

The editor’s notes for Milo’s canceled book are scathing & on point

The internet went wild after she posted numerous screenshots of the comments from Milo's disgusted editor to Twitter.

Transgender woman sues Walmart for workplace discrimination

This is the latest case of anti-LGBTQ discrimination brought against the company.

Roy Moore
A Republican pundit just burned Roy Moore so bad he’ll need sunscreen for a year

The disgraced former Alabama senate candidate is claiming voter fraud happened because too many black people voted against him.

Lesbian family viciously slaughtered in their own home at Christmas

Both women and their two children were bound and then the killer slashed their throats.

Dept. of Silver Linings 2017: Opposition to marriage equality is dying off (literally)

Millennials are overwhelmingly pro-marriage equality, while the most hard-core opponents are in their 70s and 80s.

larry kilgore
GOP candidate for Texas governor: I’d ‘gladly’ kill gay people

"Biblical law is a blessing," he said to justify his "Kill the gays" position.

A gay refugee was forced to apologize on TV for ‘disgracing’ Chechnya

"They said that I must first think about my family. I was also told that if I continue to speak, I would have problems."

Daniel Regli
This politician blamed gay suicide on weak anal muscles

A lot of people are laughing at him, but he claims he's a courageous truth-teller.

trump pride flag
4 positive political moments for the LGBTQ community that somehow got past Trump

While the LGBTQ community is suffering under the Trump administration, some good moves were made - but often came with a catch.

Manila Luzon got married to Mic J Rez on Christmas Eve

Manila wasn't the one who wore the dress, though.

Dept. of Silver Linings 2017: Roy Moore loses a race any idiot could win

Even in the most conservative states, voters have their limits.

Man’s plan to pose as a doctor to get a boyfriend goes about as well as you’d imagine

The man attempted the plan at two different hospitals. The judge diagnosed it as a serious crime.

2017’s top 10 LGBTQ moments on Ellen’s show

Ellen helped keep LGBTQ equality in the public eye throughout 2017.

lewis hamilton
Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton publicly shamed his nephew on Christmas & no one is having it

This Formula One star gave out toxic masculinity after his nephew asked for a princess dress for Christmas.