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Our youngest have it hardest behind bars but why do so many wind up there?

It's not just LGB adults who are overrepresented in lock-up.

Trump administration drops lawsuit against North Carolina in wake of HB2 repeal

It's the latest example of how Trump is swiftly abandoning the pro-LGBTQ actions of President Obama.

Donald Trump’s oldest son pokes fun at students opposing Chick-Fil-A

Donald Trump's oldest son took to Twitter to mock LGBTQ students who are taking steps to block a Chick-Fil-A on campus.

Longtime ally Dannel Malloy won’t run for reelection as Connecticut’s governor

Gov. Dannel Malloy led the charge in objecting to laws in Indiana and North Carolina that discriminated against LGBTQ Americans.

Court denies student lawsuit alleging LGBTQ protections cause ‘distress’

The Virginia Supreme Court said the student lacked standing to challenge the school district's policy protecting LGBTQ students from discrimination.

University waives tuition for transgender students

The university is in India and the local government has taken other steps that recognize transgender people as an oppressed class.

Is Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy about to retire?

Say it ain't so! Replacing Kennedy with another staunch conservative could set the high court on a right-wing course for decades.

adam and steve
Christians furious at Atlanta theater company for ‘blasphemous’ play

It's Adam & Steve! But a Catholic group is promising to pose "as large a protest as we can help make possible" to show their disgust.

Bishop’s message to us: ‘Christians will never ever’ accept you

Bishop E.W. Jackson told radio listeners California's leaders want to go to Hell and "take the whole country with them."

NC Republicans threaten to pull colleges from ACC if boycotted again

Republicans in the Tar Heel state are still simmering over the boycotts over anti-LGBTQ House Bill 2, even after they have ended.

Bathroom police catch two guys in the act high atop Florida’s phallic capitol

Reports indicate the gentlemen were in the midst of trying to join the Tallahassee equivalent of the "Grindr mile high club."

Health inspectors found record amount of violations at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago

From employees' dirty hands to fish potentially contaminated with parasites, the kitchen at Mar-A-Lago could have made someone really sick.

Virginia churches vandalized
Will there be justice for church & Jewish center spraypainted with hate speech?

Dylan M. Mahone, 20, of Annandale has been arrested for the anti-LGBTQ, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic vandalism of two churches and for posting hateful flyers.

Will Disney cast Harvey Fierstein as Ursula in ‘Little Mermaid’ reboot?

The "Hairspray" star gleefully accepted what to the world seemed like an invitation by iconic composer Alan Menken. So what gives, Disney?

Trump tax returns
Can a gay New York City councilman force Trump to release his taxes?

Can Councilman Corey Johnson finally get to the bottom of Trump's taxes with a bill narrowly targeting his business?

Denver will pay almost $1 million to family of lesbian teen killed by police

Jessica Hernandez was sleeping in a Honda Civic in a residential alley with four friends after a night out when police were called to check on a suspicious car.

‘Drag Race’ queen talks about why she stopped performing in blackface

Being accused of racism is not worse than racism itself.

How did a Republican congressman earn cheers from angry liberals at a town hall?

Town halls have become a risky proposition for GOP members of Congress since President Donald Trump's election.

Would-be terrorists who wanted to throw gays off Sears Tower arrested in Chicago

Two suburban men who posed for photos holding an Islamic State group flag at a Lake Michigan beach park, have been arrested on federal terrorism charges.

Men threw brick at teen’s head in possible hate crime

The men approached the teen and shouted anti-gay slurs before they attacked.

North Carolina Republican compares Lincoln to Hitler in defense of marriage ban

The legislator from the Party of Lincoln thinks the former president was a "tyrant" responsible "for the deaths of over 800,000 Americans."

Shocking moment on ‘Survivor’ when Zeke is outed as trans by another castaway

Zeke Smith of Brooklyn was stunned into silence when a North Carolina contestant asked him: "Why haven't you told anyone you're transgender?"

Chechnya gay camps
Will UN Ambassador Nikki Haley condemn Chechnya over reported antigay camps?

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson meets with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

‘It’s going to be epic:’ LeAnn Rimes is the headline act at NYC’s PrideFest

Mark your calendars for June 25 when the singer of "How Do I Live" lights up the stage in New York City's West Village.

Woman dares to expose Disney’s secret ‘heterosexual agenda’

Cindy Foster canceled her trip to Walt Disney World after learning that Disney films have heterosexual characters in them.

What does the United passenger’s sexuality have to do with his treatment?

Here's why no self-respecting queer publication is repeating the claims about the roughed up United passenger's gay sex scandal.

Melissa Etheridge smokes pot when she’s stressed & wants you to do it too

The out singer who survived breast cancer wants you to know this about the marijuana line she's now selling: “It’s good for you."

Texas bill allowing magistrates to deny marriage licenses moving through Senate

The bill passed with full Republican support, after Democratic amendments seeking to weaken it were defeated.