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David Hogg Laura Ingraham
Laura Ingraham takes an ‘Easter break’ as more advertisers flee her show

Fox News hosts sometimes go on "vacations" that they never come back from. Could this be hers?

Lesbian moms likely killed themselves & their 6 kids by driving car off cliff

The couple was being investigated for child abuse and police say the SUV stopped before it was "pure acceleration all the way" to the edge of the cliff.

Anti-LGBT pastor arrested for making little boys sit on his face

He's accused of molesting at least 8 children. Police expect more victims to come forward.

Cynthia Nixon is selling ‘unqualified lesbian’ campaign badges now

Qualified lesbians (and anyone else) can also pick one up for only $5.

National Organization for Marriage head compares himself to Christ for Easter

Brian Brown is just like Jesus because you aren't sending him money.

Was Jesus a queer drag king?

Not only was Jesus queer, but he might have thought you were cute.

Easter is the holiday for people on the margins of society

Jesus' death on the cross and the lynching of African-Americans are synonymous experiences.

Meet Colton Buckley, the other gay Trump supporter running for office

He's anti-marriage equality, anti-choice, pro-gun, and hates Hillary Clinton. In other words, he's a modern Republican.

Democratic representative: Young people don’t care about political parties

The kids aren't alright, and they're not going to shut up about it.

This Christian university now offers students a gun range

Learning to use weapons has helped the students be "better Christians."

New Amazon ad features gay couple getting ready for their wedding

The understated casualness makes this ad sheer perfection.

Donald Trump James Mattis
Trump’s trans military ban isn’t constitutional. But that’s not the point.

The ban can still keep transgender people from signing up - and living authentically - even if a court eventually overturns it.

Pete Buttgieg
Are the Democrats ready for a gay presidential nominee?

Pete Buttigieg is the out gay mayor of South Bend, Indiana, but his future is looming much larger than a small midwestern town.

ACLU sues Ohio for not allowing transgender people to update their birth certificates

Ohio is one of only three states that has a policy keeping transgender people from updating their gender identity.

Court blocks conservatives’ attempts to meddle in lesbian couple’s divorce proceedings

Tennessee lawmakers, through a conservative legal group, tried to interfere in the case, which was the state's first same-sex divorce.

This guy’s lawsuit said that the rainbow flag is a religious symbol. He just lost.

The judge was forced to explain that the gay rights movement isn't a religion.

Bill O’Reilly says LGBTs want to sweep ‘white people out of power’

Who knew that the infamous "homosexual agenda" was about disempowering white people.

Americans like trans soldiers more than they like Trump, poll finds

Americans also think Trump is handling LGBT issues badly.

Not guilty: Jury reaches a verdict in the Pulse trial

Noor Salman was accused of helping the gunman who killed 49 people in an LGBT nightclub.

Mike Pence says he’s ‘heartened’ by his hometown’s Pride festival

The Pride is a protest against Pence. Why is he pretending to like it?

David Hogg Laura Ingraham
As Laura Ingraham bleeds sponsors, Parkland survivors reject her fake apology

She wants forgiveness, but she isn't ready to meet David Hogg's demand.

Major Southern Baptist leader resigns due to ‘morally inappropriate relationship’

People are now speculating about what the anti-LGBT leader did... and with whom.

Think Paul Ryan’s bad? Wait until Steve Scalise replaces him.

The Congressman who has built a reputation for being anti-LGBT wants to lead the House of Representatives now.

Parkland shooter’s gay groupies are a sick twist on equality

Older gay men and teenage girls are sending shooter Nikolas Cruz stacks of love letters, explicit photos, and cash for his jail commissary account.

Prosecutors pretty much admitted they have no case against the Pulse shooter’s widow

By the end of the trial, prosecutors couldn't explain how Noor Salman helped Omar Mateen, much less prove it.

David Hogg Laura Ingraham
Is Parkland survivor David Hogg about to get Laura Ingraham taken off the air?

After she targeted the mass shooting survivor turned gun reform advocate on Twitter, advertisers are fleeing her show at his urging.

The NFL just got its first male cheerleaders

They're gay. They're cute. And they just made NFL history.

Roseanne Barr Donald Trump
Of course Trump called Roseanne Barr to congratulate her on reboot’s ratings

Because the only thing that matters to him are the ratings - especially when he thinks he can take credit.