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religious bible
Religious right leader’s estate sale had gay erotic art hanging in his home

Why was an erotic painting hanging in his living room?

danica roem
Transgender candidate hits back at opponent for misgendering her in new ad

As she takes hormone pills and puts on makeup, she explains why her opponent's attacks on her gender identity is an attack on voters.

America’s most antigay politician won his election & here’s why it should chill you

Why has Alabama's Roy Moore earned his reputation as a far right ideologue bent on turning America into a evangelical Christian theocracy?

lgbt ally rally
After queer students were bullied by Trumpers during Homecoming, this town wasn’t having it

The students were left in tears after being pelted with candy as the crowd chanted "Make America straight again" during a homecoming parade.

Ricky Martin launches crowdfunding relief effort for Puerto Rico hurricane victims

And he donated the first $100,000. Here's how you can help too.

man handcuffed arrested
Nearly a quarter of Americans think homosexuality should still be illegal

The numbers are trending in the right direction, but clearly there is a lot of work left to do.

Cairo concert pride flag
7 arrested in Egypt for raising rainbow pride flag at concert

Another disturbing story on the crackdown against LGBTQ people ongoing around the world.

mark coleridge
Catholic archbishop says same-sex couples can only love each other like friends

"It is love and it is valuable, but it's not and it can't be, the kind of love that we call marriage."

Watch this drag queen slay ‘The Voice’ judges

He's so amazing, Adam Levine turned his chair around after the first note was sung.

Stephen Colbert destroys ‘the world’s most powerful toddler’

From ignoring the devastation in Puerto Rico to threatening nuclear war, Donald Trump doesn't care about Americans as much as he cares about golf and football.

Steve Bannon
Steve Bannon tried to place a mole inside Facebook on the advice of anti-LGBT group

Never forget that, until recently, this is the man who was whispering in Trump's ear.

will and grace theme jimmy fallon
Will & Grace cast drop by The Tonight Show to sing the show’s theme song with Jimmy Fallon

The show, set to return to the airwaves after over a decade away, has an iconic theme song that had always, up to now, been instrumental.

marriage equality australia
Woman fears for her life as marriage equality opponent starts hurling rocks at her home

"I thought 'This is how I die — I die at the hands of this homophobe that is outside my house right now'."

straight lives matter rally australia
You could fit more people on a bus than showed up for this ‘Straight Lives Matter’ rally

More people than that show up for straight pride events in the United States. We call them "state fairs."

Racists target white gay & lesbian couples’ homes for graffiti

Two queer families woke up to find racist vandalism just outside their homes.

Professional athletes are standing up for patriotism by taking a knee

Patriotism and true commitment to our democracy takes more than waving a flag.

Chechnya redux: Police detain up to 100 gay & trans people in Azerbaijan

Police reportedly shaved trans women's heads and forced detainees to give addresses of other LGBTQ people.

This excited gay boy found the best way to get on a police TV show

He found a strange way to show that "police in New Zealand are comfortable with the homosexual population!"

Tunisia pledges to stop forced anal examinations of gay and bi men

Judges can tell men suspected of being gay to undergo an anal examination, and refusing is considered an admission of guilt.

Donald Trump wants football players to shut up and take more hits to the head

Hey, Donald, I’d like to see you get tackled by NFL players and see how much you like brain damage.

The gay relationship on the new ‘Star Trek’ series will not be ‘ground-breaking’

After decades of aggressive heterosexuality, "Star Trek" is late to this party. They shouldn't pat themselves on the back.

Trans woman beaten by 3 men at a taco restaurant in terrifying crime

The attackers were recording her with a phone and insulting her.

Bullies chanted ‘Make America straight again’ at LGBT students in a school parade

The bullies also threw candy and told the LGBT students to kill themselves.

This petition is asking for Wonder Woman to come out as bisexual

Fans want Warner Brothers to recognize Wonder Woman for who she is.

This woman with Down Syndrome wants the right to vote for marriage equality

She has a gay cousin and wants the right to vote for equality in the Australian referendum.