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A ‘family values’ politician has been accused of sexual assault on a teen boy

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council knew, but he didn't report the incident.

danica roem
Why is the Washington Post publishing a transphobic attack on Danica Roem?

It was written by her former opponent for the seat in the state legislature, Virginia's self-proclaimed "chief homophobe," Bob Marshall.

Roy Moore
Religious right attacks LGBT people to defend Roy Moore from sexual assault charges

It didn't work. He had to leave his own press conference when the room dissolved into chaos.

‘Transparent’ star Jeffrey Tambor may be written off show after second sexual harassment claim

Transgender actress Trace Lysette has accused Tambor of sexual harassment on set.

raiders patriots mexico
Will CBS broadcast antigay slurs during Sunday’s Patriots vs Raiders game?

Will CBS learn from the past or allow a hateful and bigoted term to find its way onto the airwaves?

Australia’s elaborate gay wedding proposals have started & this one is the first

The plan was, of course, dependant on the results of the vote to legalize same-sex marriages announced earlier this week.

Why are the right wing snowflakes so scared of the media?

Believe it or not, the virulently anti-semitic automotive pioneer Henry Ford can give us a clue.

kevin spacey
Old Vic inquiry into Kevin Spacey turns up 20 reports of misconduct

Only one of the person felt comfortable enough to raise an allegation at the time.

Right wing nut Alex Jones tells trans Trump supporter that transgender people are fat & ugly

He praised his guest by saying "she isn’t super ugly and doesn’t weigh 500 pounds."

Gay man found guilty of purposefully infecting others with HIV in landmark British trial

The man would use sabotaged condoms in order to infect his partners - and then he would taunt them about it over text message.

Roy Moore
Even more women are coming forward with accusations against Roy Moore

The only ones not running away from Moore are evangelicals, a shocking 40% of whom say they are now more likely to support him.

Senator Al Franken accused of sexual assault by LA newscaster

She says Franken forcibly kissed her against her will during a USO tour and groped her breasts while she was asleep.

‘Family values’ legislator quits after being caught having sex with a man in his office

The conservative Ohio state lawmaker was known for his anti-LGBTQ stances.

Monster convicted of torturing 8-year-old to death because he thought the child was gay

The prosecutor broke down in tears at a press conference after the verdict was announced.

Here are Trump’s 5 worst anti-LGBTQ nominees he still needs confirmed

While the Trump/Pence administration has been stocked full of homophobes and bigots, these five really stand out.

Julie Chu Caroline Ouellette baby
The former captains of the U.S. & Canadian women’s hockey teams have an adorable baby

They faced off numerous times in the Olympics, and last year were teammates.

couple australia divorce marriage equality
Will this Australian couple make good on promise to divorce if marriage equality passed?

Prime Minister has pledged to move forward with a law legalizing marriage by Christmas, meaning the couple could be facing a lonely holiday season.

Lesbian wins Oklahoma special election in another resounding rebuke of Trump

Trump won the conservative district with 67% in the presidential election, but voters are taking a second look at what the party stands for.

Donald Trump James Mattis
Pentagon bucks Trump & authorizes gender confirmation surgery for trans soldier

It is the first surgery approved after Trump's ongoing attacks on transgender military members.

Here are all the religious justifications for alleged child molester Roy Moore

“Remember that Jesus himself was accused, but he was completely innocent."

australia marriage equality
Australians say yes to marriage equality in historic vote

Now it is up to parliament to move forward on legislation allowing same-sex couple to wed in the country.

Randy Rainbow
Randy Rainbow looks back to the good old day of simpler scandals past

President Donald Trump, and the scandal he has brought, makes Watergate look like a day at the lake.