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A lesbian firefighter faced disgusting harassment at work. She won her lawsuit.

Other firefighters shoved her, insulted her, spit on her, refused to work with her, and even sprayed blood and "brain matter" on her.

This Mormon gay man got famous for marrying a woman. Now they’re getting divorced.

They traveled the world, telling people how happy their marriage was. They didn't talk about his suicidal thoughts.

gus kenworthy adam rippon
Gus Kenworthy agrees with Adam Rippon: Mike Pence has no place leading Olympic delegation

Now both of Team USA's out gay athletes have criticized the vice president for his lack of support for the LGBTQ community.

ellen degeneres justin timberlake
Ellen DeGeneres turned 60 today & everyone is celebrating

Ellen DeGeneres was serenaded by Portia de Rossi, Pharrell Williams, Justin Timberlake, and Dax Shepard for her birthday.

Milo Yiannopoulos Ann Coulter
Trump Administration sides with college Republicans who invited Milo & Coulter to Berkeley

The Department of Justice says it will file a Statement of Interest in the case in support of the college Republicans.

James William Hill III
Amazon employee who punched coworker in face for being gay is convicted of a hate crime

The state wasn't going to prosecute him for a hate crime. So the feds stepped in.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga debuts emotional new music video for stripped down piano version of ‘Joanne’

The song is a tribute to her late aunt, who had a huge impact on the singer's life despite the two never having met.

Russia just had its first same-sex marriage. Now the state wants to shut it down.

The happy couple found a way to get their marriage approved in Moscow. But Putin's government isn't happy for them.

Oprah Winfrey Chelsea Manning
Oprah for president? Chelsea Manning for Senate? We can & we must do better.

As the Trump administration has shown time and again, popularity but a lack relevant experience is not a winning combination for a good leader.

Emmerson Mnangagwa
Zimbabwe’s new president says he won’t lift a finger to legalize gay sex

"In our constitution it is banned, and it is my duty to obey my constitution."

Jason White
Gay candidate for sheriff forced to run as an independent after Republicans reject him

The former cop says he was prevented from running on the Republican ticket because he is married to a man, who happens to be the nation's first gay Navy seal.

Oscar nominations bring new level of diversity this year. But is it enough?

The Oscars cast a wide diversity net this year. But not everyone is happy.

There have already been 11 school shootings this year before the end of the first month

Where is the outrage from the White House and politicians? How long before we finally see some legislative action?

Imagine Dragons singer debuts new film targeting LGBT discrimination by Mormons

Mormon Dan Reynolds has taken aim at the church's long history of anti-gay attitudes.

antigay vandalism church
Church that painted its doors rainbow after antigay vandalism is yet hit again with slur

The LGBTQ-affirming church plans to repaint the doors with a new pride flag, this time including brown and black stripes.

Less than half of Americans now accept LGBT people in a dangerous reversal of progress

The Trump effect is real and it is causing serious damage to the LGBTQ community.

Jason Jones
Caribbean activist faces death threats as he awaits ruling to overturn antigay laws

Activist Jason Jones has received death threats since filing the lawsuit but believes the fight must go on.

Elton John
Elton John announces he is retiring from touring after nearly 50 years

He said it is time for him to focus on his family, but he won't stop being a creative person.

gus kenworthy adam rippon
Here are the out LGBTQ athletes who will compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics

Gus Kenworthy and Adam Rippon have qualified for Team USA, and several other LGBTQ athletes will represent their nations as well.

Trump’s comment about ‘s–thole countries’ gravely impacts LGBTQ asylum seekers

The U.S has been offering asylum to LGBTQ people from around the world since 1994. Is that about to change too?

Fresh off covering up sexual assault, Tony Perkins gives Trump a ‘mulligan’ for affair

Not only does he excuse sexual "sin," he even shoots down the Biblical motto of turning the other cheek.

British police stop neo-Nazi who planned to ‘slaughter’ LGBT people at pride event

"I'm going to walk in with a f--king machete and slaughter every one of the gay b--tards."

ben stokes
Cricket athlete charged for defending two gay men from an attack

Ben Stokes will be sitting out games until the situation is resolved.

Looking? Indonesia tries to block dozens of gay hookup apps

The Indonesian Supreme Court refused to criminalize homosexuality late last year, despite urging from lawmakers.

Two out lesbians make Oscar history with cinematography & adapted screenplay noms

Rachel Morrison became the first woman nominated for cinematography, and Dee Rees the first African-American woman for best adapted screenplay.