Olly McLellan, 32, and his partner Scott Cole, 30 Gay couple can’t escape homophobic former landlord who is stalking them
Crappy landlords. We’ve all had one or two over the course of our adult lives, but chances are you’ve never had one quite like Olly McLellan and Scott Cole’s.

Olly McLellan, 32, and his partner Scott Cole, 30
Gay couple can’t escape homophobic former landlord who is stalking them

Crappy landlords. We’ve all had one or two over the course of our adult lives, but chances are you’ve never had one quite like Olly McLellan and Scott Cole’s.

A bomb explodes inside a newspaper box for the LGBT publication Rainbow Times
City rallies around LGBT newspaper after bomb explosion

Rainbow flags are being flown to support an LGBT publication after one of its newspaper boxes was destroyed in a possible hate crime.

Gov. Paul LePage (R), Maine
Maine GOP leaders call for closed-door meeting with governor over gay slur

In an obscenity-laced tirade last week, LePage called a state representative a vulgar name that can also be used as a gay slur.

The Seven Deadly Sins
Don’t tell the religious right: Trump embodies all seven deadly sins

Pride, greed, lust, anger, gluttony, envy, and sloth... Trump's got them all covered but the evangelicals still love him.


Protesters demonstrate outside a gathering for the  National Association For Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH) in Phoenix, Ariz., in 2013.
Iowa state board explains vote against banning conversion therapy

The board says it already has sufficient authority to impose discipline on a licensed psychologist engaged in practices it deems harmful or unethical.

Missouri transgender inmate sues for access to hormone treatment

The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that there are 3,200 transgender inmates in the nation's prisons and jails.

New training video aims to show police how to treat trans people with respect

The goal is to show law enforcement officers how to ensure their interactions are respectful, professional and safe for all involved.

Gene Wilder
Remembering Gene Wilder with love and laughter

The comedic actor who made us laugh in films including "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory," "Blazing Saddles" and "Young Frankenstein" was 83.

Gavin Grimm
Will the Supreme Court tell this transgender boy he has to pee with girls?

The Gloucester County School Board asked the justices to reverse a decision that said Gavin Grimm could use the boys bathroom.

Ryan Kilgariff
Man sentenced to 9 years for biting off neighbor’s ear in homophobic attack

Ryan Kilgariff's terrified victim, a gay man, told police that he feared for his life: “I thought I was going to be murdered.”


John Kelly Gentry, Jr. in a 1982 booking photo beside a computer generated image of what he could look like today.
Police hunt for bisexual murderer who may have been living as a woman since 1983

After John Kelly Gentry, Jr. killed his girlfriend in 1983, police say he drove to a neighboring state and killed his boyfriend too.

Back to school, as the transgender girl everyone now knows as Stella

Two years ago, the 11-year-old Tacoma girl told her classmates she was still herself, but had a different name and pronouns.

Bea Arthur
Golden Girl: Bea Arthur’s shelter for homeless LGBT youth will open in 2017

40% of homeless youth are LGBT. Thank you for being a friend, Bea.

Research confirms bisexual men make the best lovers

A new study has found that bi guys are some of the most sexually attentive and emotionally available men out there.

Fate of marriage equality in Australia grows uncertain

As political parties distance themselves from the plan to hold a nonbinding national referendum on marriage equality, Parliament may be forced to make a decision.

FILE - In this Nov. 5, 2009, file photo, Juan Gabriel performs at the 10th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas. Representatives of Juan Gabriel have reported Sunday, Aug. 28, 2016, that he has died.
Flamboyant Mexican superstar singer Juan Gabriel dies at age 66

Although his former personal secretary, Joaquin Munoz, described their relationship in a book, the singer neither admitted nor denied being gay.

Channel your inner Ellen DeGeneres with her new emoji collection

Offerings include an avocado in a top hat, a rainbow flag, Ellen boxer briefs, a cat holding a tongue, and a "cool cucumber" decked out in a backwards cap and shades.

Transgender performance artist Bea Sullivan-Knoff, right, is suing to overturn Chicago's ban on women exposing their breasts in places where alcohol is served.
Transgender performer suing to overturn Chicago ban on topless women

"The law as it currently stands is sexist and transphobic. It only allows people who have a certain body type to be able to perform in a certain way."

Police say an alarm sounded when a man tried to replace lubricant with acid at a Sydney sex club.
Police: Man put hydrochloric acid in gay sex club’s lube dispenser

He has been charged with administering poison intending to injure or cause distress or pain, among other offenses.

Martin Blackwell watches arguments in his trial in Atlanta, Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016. Blackwell was convicted of pouring hot water two gay men as they slept and sentenced to 40 years in prison.
FBI won’t pursue hate crime charges in scalding assault on gay couple

The 48-year-old long-distance trucker poured scalding water on his girlfriend's son, Anthony Gooden, and his boyfriend, Marquez Tolbert, as they slept.

NBA player Reggie Bullock said his murdered transgender sister taught him to be himself.
NBA player recalls lessons his murdered transgender sister taught him

NBA player Reggie Bullock said that his sister Mia Henderson, who was murdered in Baltimore in 2014, was a strong person.

This Monday, July 11, 2016 photo shows a makeshift memorial outside the Pulse nightclub, a month after the mass shooting in Orlando, Fla. The more than 430 fundraisers posted on the GoFundMe website after the attack have exposed weaknesses inherent in these popular do-it-yourself charity campaigns: waste, questionable intentions and little oversight.
Online campaigns for Orlando shooting victims, from legit to laughable

One fundraiser said: "It was just for fun. If you look at the bigger picture, we raised $600 off a pair of underwear."

Victims of the most horrific crimes stepped up to help Pulse families

In the aftermath of the Orlando massacre, those raising funds for victims took to heart lessons learned in Newtown and Boston.

Here is the complete, heartwrenching, Orlando-themed Gaycation episode

Ellen Page and Ian Daniel visited those in mourning. Get tissues. You'll need more than you think.

Bryce Cuellar
Vegas cops bust YouTuber who threatened to kill ‘faggots and lesbians’

Police said Bryce Cuellar's YouTube channel has 160,000 subscribers and its videos have been viewed 73 million times.

Two tees, two philosophies: ‘LGBTQ for Trump’ vs. lesbian farmers

Two T-shirts for two different kinds of people are now available online, and it's not yet clear which one will earn you more glares.

Gov. Paul LePage (R), Maine
Clinton backers call on Trump to denounce GOP governor’s antigay rant

Republican Gov. Paul Richard LePage called a liberal opponent "cocksucker" among other things in a heated phone call.

LGBT Rights North Carolina
Republicans renew trans predator myth after judge’s HB2 injunction

N.C.s GOP leaders said HB2 offered "commonsense protections to keep grown men out of bathrooms and showers with women and young girls."

Lancaster County District Judge John Colborn declared the rules unconstitutional.
Federal judge blocks UNC from enforcing trans provision of HB2

In a very narrow ruling, a judge told the University of North Carolina they cannot bar the trans plaintiffs suing over HB2 from using gender appropriate campus bathrooms.