Leslie Jordan comments on his recent altercation with a gang of homophobic thugs at a West Hollywood Starbucks. Leslie Jordan comments on throwing his tea at homophobic thugs
"I'm being hailed a hero which is all well and good but I lost my temper."

HBO president Michael Lombardo addresses the cancellation of Looking.
HBO’s gay president was deeply saddened to cancel “Looking”

Michael Lombardo addresses the cancellation of the polarizing series.

As the parade continued on its diverted route, an area remained cordoned off.
Police detonate suspicious package at Brighton gay pride

A statement from police claims the device was detonated as part of "normal police procedure."

Buddy Cole, portrayed by Kids in the Hall's Scott Thompson
A salute to sissies

Matt Baume pays homage to a prissy parade of characters who've gleefully pirouetted through countless film classics.

Sabrina Maurer's case involves her fight over death benefits and inheritance taxes after the 2013 death of her partner, Kim Underwood.
Judge deems gay couple as spouses after 1 partner’s death

A judge has recognized a 2001 same-sex union as a common-law marriage in Pennsylvania even though one partner died before gay marriage became legal.

House Speaker David Ralston
GOP: Clergy can refuse to perform gay marriages

"It's just sort of grandstanding," said attorney Alan Begner.

Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert
Congressman wants to banish gay people to a deserted island for 100 years

Rep. Louie Gohmert thinks this will prove that God intended marriage to be between one man and one woman.

These gay-themed emoji have raised the ire of Russia's communication watchdog.
Russia wants to ban “gay” emojis

Psychologists will be called in to decide whether they promote homosexuality.


Louis Falcone claims cops severely beat him and called him "f*g" and "f*****t."
WATCH: Gay Staten Island man says he was beaten by cops, called homophobic slurs

"Four people on one, scrawny little guy?" lawyer Eric Subin said. "They're criminals; they belong behind bars."

Republican Gov. Sam Brownback
Agency balks at allowing same-sex married couples to be foster parents

Tom Witt of Equality Kansas said Kansas Governor Sam Brownback will "dig in his heels every step of the way to deny married couples their legal rights."

Greg Louganis speaks onstage during the "Back on Board: Greg Louganis" panel at the HBO 2015 Summer TCA Tour.
Greg Louganis contemplates his, fellow Olympian Jenner’s journeys

"We all have our journeys," Louganis, 55, told reporters. "Whether you're gay, straight, bisexual, transgender."

Ultra-Orthodox Jew Yishai Schlissel walks through a Gay Pride parade and is just about to pull a knife from under his coat and start stabbing people in Jerusalem.
Court orders Jerusalem Gay Pride attacker remain in custody

The court has extended his arrest by 12 days as the investigation against him continues, police spokeswoman Luba Samri said.

In a recent facebook post, Steve Grand writes: "I am a colorful, complex, deeply flawed, ever-evolving young man."
Steve Grand: Spend less time on my underwear, more on my music

"It would be nice if any other aspect of my life/work as an artist/advocate got a fraction of the press I get for wearing a bathing suit by gay media."

"We cannot be silent any longer," Itzik Shmuli writes. "The knife is raised on my community."
Jerusalem Gay Pride attack inspires prominent lawmaker to come out

"This is the time to fight the great darkness," he writes.

Yishai Schlissel is detained by plain-clothes police officers.
WATCH: Disturbing footage of Jerusalem Gay Pride attack

The aftermath of the attack -- the worst homophobic violence Jerusalem has experienced in ten years -- was captured on video.


Filmmaker Jill Soloway
“Transparent” creator Jill Soloway: Women, please keep making things

"There is a real all-out attack on us having subjectivity," Soloway says, "so I just beg everybody to be relentless in their pursuit of their voice."

Michael Ray watches a game being plays in the hallway of the Gen Con gaming convention in Indianapolis
Indiana convention’s CEO calls for broader LGBT protections

The CEO of a massive gamers' convention that is "shopping the show" to other cities and could relocate if lawmakers don't expand protections for gays and lesbians.

The BSA's decision to lift the ban on gay leaders may motivate the LDS Church to sever ties with the organization.
Mormons may create alternative scouting organization

Were the church to follow through, it could financially impact the BSA quite dramatically, as the LDS is the organization's largest Scouting sponsor.

One of the men accused of yelling antigay remarks soaked in coffee (left), Leslie Jordan (right)
Leslie Jordan throws coffee at men screaming antigay slurs inside WeHo Starbucks

The 4'11 actor approached the men, fuming, and told them to "Get out of my house!" before chasing them out the front doors.

The attacker, YIshai Schlissel, stabbed six people at Jerusalem's Gay Pride Parade.
PHOTOS: Man stabs several people at Jerusalem gay pride parade [UPDATED]

The attacker stabbed three people at the same parade back in 2005.

“We’ve come a long way against AIDS and we can’t stop now,” President Barack Obama said.
WATCH: Obama announces new national HIV/AIDS Strategy through 2020

The 2020 strategy calls for widespread testing, guaranteed access to regular doctor appointments, and making sure every American can get access to life-extending care.

Colleen Condon, left, and her partner Nichols Bleckley appear at a news conference in Charleston, S.C., shortly after filing a federal lawsuit seeking the right to marry in South Carolina.
SC gay marriage plaintiffs can now seek legal fees

Couples who challenged South Carolina's gay marriage ban in the federal courts can now seek tens of thousands of dollars in court costs.

Khader Abu Seif (far left), Naeem Jiryes and Fadi Daeem, protagonists of the documentary movie "Oriented"
New film highlights struggles of gay Palestinians in Israel

Khader Abu Seif's struggles as a gay Arab Israeli citizen are the subject of his documentary "Oriented," touted as the first to focus on gay Palestinian citizens.

Roy Moore
SPLC adds to ethics complaint against Justice Roy Moore

He's accused of violating judicial ethics with his public criticisms of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

Brett Jones
Ex-Navy SEAL alleges anti-gay bullying by CIA workers

Brett Jones said he filed the complaint last week against the federal agency, saying he was forced to endure homophobic slurs on June 11 in Afghanistan.

Defense Secretary Ash Carter
Pentagon will start dismantling military’s transgender ban on Monday

The goal is to have transgender troops added to the ranks within the next six months.

Bill O'Reilly
Bill O’Reillly: “From the waist down, [Caitlyn Jenner] is a he”

This was after calling pundit and advocate Danielle Moodie-Mills a "loon."

The Castro neighborhood in San Francisco
Is the decline of the modern “gayborhood” a good thing?

Are "tech-bros" and Grindr to blame? Or is it a sign of social progress?

The couple teamed up with photographers Fabio Lamounier and Rodrigo Ladeira.
Gay couple strips naked in streets of San Paolo — for a good cause

They wanted to raise awareness about homophobia in their country. See the uncensored photos here.

World record power lifter is now “transgender/genderfluid” Janae Marie Krok

"Being a total alpha male and transgender definitely makes me unique even in the transgender community," she said in a recent statement.

Hulk Hogan allegedly used a gay slur on the same tape that caught him saying racist remarks.
Hulk Hogan’s homophobic slurs caught on unauthorized sex tape

Hulk Hogan can be heard bashing gay people on the same tape in which he uttered racist remarks.

Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhall in Brokeback Mountain, which is celebrating its tenth anniversary.
Gyllenhaal: Heath Ledger was extremely passionate about gay rights

"He was extraordinarily serious about the political issues surrounding the movie," Jake Gyllenhaal told Out magazine.

The number of marriage licenses issued to gay couples in South Dakota represents about 5 percent of the 839 licenses issued to all couples from June 26 to July 27.
In first month, only 40 gay couples apply to be married in South Dakota

Gay rights advocates called the statistics reflective of the barriers the gay community still faces in South Dakota and other conservative states.

Eric Hetland, left, and Chris Zelis, fellow Scouts For Equality - Chicago chapter lead, hold up their applications for assistant scoutmasters before submitting them in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park.
End of Boy Scouts’ ban on gays prompts elation and alarm

The contrasting reactions followed the BSA national executive board's 45-12 vote on Monday to lift the nationwide ban while allowing church-sponsored Scout units to continue excluding gay adults.

Tony Perkins
Matt Baume: Are gay leaders a threat to Boy Scouts?

Why did the Boy Scouts of America ban LGBT adults in the first place? Matt Baume debunks the flimsy lies that kept the discriminatory policy in place.

Michael Sam
Openly gay footballer Michael Sam to make Alouettes debut

The Alouettes play Saturday in Calgary, and coach Tom Higgins says the defensive end could compete in any of the five games in August.

Boy Scouts Gays
Boy Scouts of America: Five reasons we’ve won the battle (but not the war)

What instigated this sea change? Here are five key ingredients that helped lift the BSA ban.

"I have overcome," said governor hopeful Sam Dixon in a statement. "And will not allow evil to win.”
Conservative MO lawmaker: Child abuse made me gay

Dixon claims child abuse led him to doubt his sexuality as a teen and live as a homosexual for five years.

Gavin Grimm
Part of lawsuit on school transgender bathroom policy tossed

A policy adopted in December requires Grimm, who was born female but lives as a male, to use either the girls' restrooms or a private facility.

Participants on O'Connell Street in Dublin take part in a Gay Pride parade in Dublin Saturday June 27, 2015.
Survey: 50% of Gay Pride attendees are heterosexual

Six out of 10 people at last summer’s Pride Parade in Stockholm were women, and four out of 10 were heterosexual.

Bill Cosby
Gay sexual battery accuser: Cosby can’t “read” sexual cues

She's one of over 30 women who have accused Cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting her at his Philadelphia-area home.

"Go find every song that's been written by a gay person for the last 100 years and don't sing it in church," Pastor E. Dewey Smith said during an impassioned sermon. "Let's see how many songs you can minister on that Sunday."
WATCH: Pastor attacks church leader’s hypocritical stance on gay people

"We demonize and dehumanize the same people that we use," Smith cried to a cheering congregation.

"In Brazil, even regular prisoners are an invisible to society at large. Transgender prisoners are doubly invisible . and vulnerable," said Claudio Nascimento, who heads the Rio Without Homophobia advocacy group.
Rio de Janeiro prisons seek to protect transgender inmates

Brazil's penitentiaries are notorious for rampant overcrowding and violence endured by all inmates. But advocates say few prisoners are as vulnerable as transgender people.

It’s Official: Boy Scouts of America end total ban on gay adults

The new policy, aimed at easing a controversy that has embroiled the Boy Scouts for years, takes effect immediately.

Steve Grand faced a fair degree of criticism (and a lot of staunch praise_ for posting this photo to his Instagram account two weeks ago.
Steve Grand confronts everyone who criticized his “immodest” swimwear

"I’m not looking for everyone’s approval all of the time."

In a statement, the City of Reno said it wants to apologize to anyone offended by the flag's brief disappearance.
Rainbow flag removed from Reno city hall after controversy

The American flag was lowered over the weekend, replaced temporarily with the LGBT pride flag. By Sunday evening, the pride flag had been removed.

The donations and support will fund two annual Courage Scholarships that will acknowledge, affirm, and reward the courage of a graduating senior from Salem High School, and a graduating senior from another part of Missouri.
Missouri “Courage Scholarship” raises $12K in 12 Days for LGBT, ally students

The scholarship has raised 1K for each month the Missouri county voted to mourn traditional marriage -- receiving donations from across the country and as far away as Brazil.

Gavin Grimm
Gloucester County transgender student granted trial after hearing in Norfolk

At a hearing today, Gavin Grimm, 16, went before a Federal District judge to fight for his right to use the bathroom of the gender he identifies with.

This weekend, Scouts for Equality have been Tweeting the personal touching stories of men and women who've been fired from the BSA.
Here are 13 heart-breaking stories of amazing people thrown out of the Scouts simply for being gay

Get to know some of the countless men and women who've been fired from the Boy Scouts of America for being gay.

Drama teacher Emma Baldry's admission that she's gay inspired one of her students to come out, too.
Gay teacher’s honesty inspires student to come out

The student wrote an extremely moving coming out letter, which you can read here.

Twin Peak Charter School senior Evan Young reads his valedictorian speech on May 31, 2015 in Boulder, Colo. The Twin Peaks Charter Academy that barred Young, a gay valedictorian from coming out during his commencement speech denies it discriminated against the teen, but says no discussion of sexual orientation is appropriate for a graduation ceremony.
Lawyer: School that blocked gay speech didn’t discriminate

Eighteen-year-old valedictorian Evan Young was blocked this spring from giving a graduation speech in which he planned to out himself as gay.

The Boy Scouts' membership policy has been increasingly scrutinized in recent years, with prosecutors in New York and Colorado actively investigating the organization's hiring practices.
Boy Scouts expected to lift its ban on gay leaders today

However, even under this new policy, church-led scouting groups will still be able to limit leadership jobs to heterosexuals.

Elle Hearns, a transgender woman who helped organize the conference, said transgender women live on the margins and are too often victims of violence.
Conference unites black activists; focuses on transgender lives

The movement is paying special attention to youth, women and people who identify themselves as lesbian, bisexual, gay and transgender.

An Ethiopia national flag, left, is seen next to a U.S. flag, center, in a busy street ahead of U.S. President Barack Obama's visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
Ethiopia leaders oppose Obama’s stance on gay rights

"Oppose the president if he raises the gay issue here," said the Ethiopian Orthodox Church-linked Weyiniye Teklehaimanot Association.

As editor-in-chief of Interview magazine, Sischy gained her reputation as as an astute taste-maker and cultural commentator.
Graydon Carter remembers legendary writer/editor Ingrid Sischy

The "empress" of fashion and art -- who was Interview's editor-in-chief for 18 years –– passed away Friday at the age of 63.

WJBK-TVJayne Rowse (left) and April DeBoer
Gay marriage fight could cost taxpayers nearly $2 million

Under federal law, there seems to be no dispute that lawyers are entitled to payment from taxpayers.

WWE wrestler Darren Young
Is the WWE ready for a gay wrestling character?

Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon hints that Darren Young's character may come out.

David Lee Magnum
Missouri man gets 30 years for exposing sex partners to HIV

Mangum originally was charged after a male sexual partner tested positive for HIV and alerted police.

Michigan state capitol in Lansing.
The Michigan Constitution says only heterosexual couples can marry

The Citizens Research Council of Michigan wants to erase this part of the constitution; says it's "dead."