Will the Fab Five Return? Carson Kressley says ‘yes’ to Queer Eye 2017

Carson Kressley spilled the beans on Andy Cohen's Bravo show.

This is not your mother’s Valentine’s Day cosmetics advertising campaign

One fan tweeted to Lush, "love that you use a nonheteronormative couple here. Take my money forever."

3 weird new myths about transgender people debunked

No, an antipsychotic drug that can "cure" transgender people isn't being covered up by a cabal of liberal scientists.

Sidekicks, nerd girls, tomboys & more: Female animators draw out clichés

Why do almost all female sidekicks look like nerds while female heroes are over-the-top beautiful. And why there are so few gay, lesbian and trans characters?


New allegations: Education nominee Betsy DeVos funded radical Christian academy

Truth Wins Out claims DeVos funded a Christian extremist group intent on indoctrinating youth in the way “Stalin, Hitler and Lenin" did.

kodo nishimura
Gay Buddhist monk is also a makeup artist who helps trans people look their best

While Buddhist monks usually dress in an austere fashion, Nishimura believes, "It isn’t wrong if it helps you deliver your message to people."

More than a million protesters marched this weekend, but will they go anywhere?

Groups scrambled so fast to arrange the massive demonstrations that they have had limited time to determine how to channel the energy into additional action.

Trump’s enablers will cause more damage to the country than he ever could

Each time you enable an addict, you keep them and ourselves further from the truth and from help.

ryannah quigley
Trans woman attacked outside queer conference, assailant arrested

"He just kept telling me 'You're a faggot' and 'You're going to hell'."

angelo gargasoulas
Man stabs gay brother then plows car through crowd, killing five others

The killer said "I’m going to kill all gays and poofters and lesbians," before stabbing his brother then intentionally driving through a crowded area.

Trump’s inauguration adds to weakening of separation of Church and State

In actuality then, how "separate" are religion and government in the United States? Where is the peoples’ right of freedom from religion?


These signs capture the spirit of the Women’s March on Washington

The signs referenced everything from abortion rights and violence against women of color to Putin and Trump's taste in music.

Anti-gay Russian leaders prepare to vote on decriminalizing domestic violence

The bill was introduced by ultra-conservative lawmaker Yelena Mizulina, who also authored Russia's "gay propaganda" ban.

Boy George defends Melania Trump, says people should ‘remain positive’

Boy George lamented — with a hint of humor — that President Donald Trump didn't mention the LGBT community — "or me" — in his inauguration speech.

women's march on washington
The faces of the Women’s March turn Washington from red to rainbow

Women (and some men too) marched on Washington, D.C. and around the world, demanding progressive ideals be upheld.

women's march on washington
Women’s March on Washington draws hundreds of thousands in D.C., around the world

Speeches were delivered by the likes of Ashley Judd, America Ferrera, Michael Moore, and Scarlett Johansson.

pat mccrory shame
Pat McCrory chased down an alley in D.C. with critics shouting, ‘Shame!’

Watch the former governor of North Carolina catch heat for the anti-LGBTQ law he signed, House Bill 2.

Feds sue New York police over man’s HIV discrimination claim

Prosecutors say the man was denied employment as an emergency dispatcher because he is HIV-positive.

What ‘Hidden Figures’ can teach the LGBTQ community

“Hidden Figures” shows us how to get around barriers like racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia — or even better, drive right through them, leaving the path open for others.

Trump’s ‘America first’ rhetoric & cabinet picks threaten our rights

“Our Country First” has been the battle cry of nationalist fascism throughout the world.

Transgender men in Georgia win the right to change their names

The county judge had told both men that he would only allow a transgender person to choose a gender-neutral name.

Watch: Can’t make it to DC? Live stream the Women’s March on Washington

There's more than one way to participate in the Women's March on Washington.

Texas Supreme Court will hear challenge to same-sex marriage legalization

Top conservatives hope the case will provide an opening to challenge the landmark 2015 ruling legalizing gay marriage nationwide.

women's march on washington
Long line at D.C. store selling Women’s March merch, as protests continue

Organizers of the Women's March on Washington are expecting 200,000 people to attend, and we spoke with some of them about why they wanted to participate.

Resist Trump: Smashed windows, chaotic confrontation near inauguration

Police deployed pepper spray in a chaotic confrontation blocks from Donald Trump's inauguration as protesters registered their rage against the new president.

New Trump White House website absent any mention of LGBT rights, climate change

What the new WhiteHouse.gov website does contain is also causing concern.

comet ping pong protestors
Protesters outside Comet Ping Pong in DC: ‘Homo sex is sin’

Their signs did not refer to the Pizzagate conspiracy theory, but protesters asked why the restaurant wasn't open at noon and mentioned pedophilia.