Jefferson Starship singer takes Chik-fil-A’s money & gives it to pro-LGBTQ group

When Chik-fil-A asked to use the song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" in a commercial, Grace Slick said “F**k yes" and used the money to help LGBTQ rights.

5 perfect foods to prepare for the ultimate healthy workout

Yogurt and cottage cheese are two of the five foods you'll want to choose for a truly healthy pre-workout meal.

Randy Rainbow calls out Trump for his constant lies in hilarious new video

He is asking politely, please stop doing that, Donald.

Christian group event ‘sabotaged’ by thousands of obscene RSVPs

The antigay Australian Christian Lobby didn't expect this when they asked for RSVPs to an event about same-sex marriage and anti-bullying.


Drag Race queens take center stage to promote ‘Feud’

Watch Alyssa and Detox perform their own hilarious sendup of the upcoming TV movie about Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Large hearing on workplace discrimination bill in Nebraska

70% of Nebraskans favor employment protections that ban sexual orientation discrimination.

keke collier
Transgender woman shot to death in Chicago

Keke Collier was seen getting into a car with a man who ultimately shot her.

Judge puts hold on lawsuit as Utah moves to repeal ‘no promo homo’ law

The Utah senate is considering a bill to overturn the ban on speaking positively about LGBTQ people in schools.

Study: Female employers preferred gay job candidates

The study showed a difference in biases among female and male recruiters regarding gay job candidates.

Alabama moves to legalize adoption discrimination

The Alabama Senate Health Committee wants to give the green light to religious adoption agencies to discriminate against LGBTQ parents.

Sorry, Betsy and Jeff: Transgender rights are a federal issue

If we waited for the states to pass many civil rights advances in the US, many of them would not have happened.


Trans boy wrestler forced to compete with girls, qualified for state tournament

Mack Beggs has a 52-0 record competing as a girl, as required by Texas law.

Ellen responds to Trump’s move to legalize discrimination

Ellen tweeted that Trump's move to legalize discrimination was "not okay."

Bipartisan bill proposed to repeal HB2 in North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — North Carolina lawmakers filed bipartisan legislation Wednesday aimed at breaking an impasse over the state’s “bathroom bill,” but it’s likely to face tough going in the Republican-controlled legislature. Two House Republicans…

Trump Administration rescinds transgender student protections

The directive does not provide an alternate interpretation of Title IX, saying that it is a state issue.

Watch: Deranged homophobe interrupts church congregation

The man interrupted service at an LGBT church to tell everyone "homosexuality is wrong."

Milo Yiannopoulos’s hate speech finally tanked

Free speech has its limits and a responsibility to promote civil discourse for the welfare of others.

Betsy DeVos and Jeff Sessions fighting over transgender guidelines

Anonymous sources are saying that DeVos wanted to keep Obama-era transgender student protections.

Anti-abortion activist warns LEGO movie is ‘chock full of pro-gay propaganda’

"It seemed the creators were so anxious to subtly indoctrinate the little ones into the gender ideology that making it humorous came as a distant second thought," he wrote.

Study: Marriage equality reduced teen suicide

The study estimates that 134,000 fewer teens attempted suicide each year because of marriage equality.

Candice Wiggins says 98 percent of WNBA is gay, bullied her for being straight

“So many people think you have to look like a man, play like a man to get respect. I was the opposite. I was proud to a be a woman, and it didn’t fit well…

Government money used to pay for gay clubs with backrooms

Money that was supposed to go to victims of homophobic violence was spent on clubs where prostitutes work in Italy.

Nevada considers deleting marriage ban from constitution

While the Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage bans are unconstitutional, both Democrats and Republicans in Nevada argue that it still affects people.

Mike Pence’s hypocritical concentration camp photo-op

A leader in a party that rose to power by scapegoating immigrants, opposing abortion, and supporting gay conversion therapy has no place to condemn Nazi Germany.

Brazil’s Carnival music becomes more politically correct

Lyrics of some traditional Carnival songs are now seen as racist and homophobic.

Roxane Gay responds to Milo’s book being canceled

Roxane Gay says that Simon & Schuster aren't doing the right thing by canceling Milo's book; they're just making a business decision.

What Trump’s new transgender student guidelines might mean

The White House promised new guidelines for transgender students. Here's what that could mean.

White House: Trans students’ civil rights should be left up to the states

“The president has maintained for a long time that this is a states’ rights issue and not one for the federal government,” Spicer said.