CA meningitis outbreak endangers gay, bisexual men and everyone HIV+

Vaccinations are recommended for all gay, bisexual, and "other men who have sex with men," as well as everyone who is HIV positive.

Bigots explode over Hilton ad featuring two happy men in bed together

"Two men playing tennis, cards, or having lunch, that would have been reasonable," states the American Family Association.

Oil Lesbians
Canadian oil advocate apologizes for post declaring ‘lesbians are hot’

The admin of the Facebook page wrote that he used stock images of two women embracing "to highlight injustice."


Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore
Alabama chief justice defends telling judges to ignore marriage ruling

Suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore claims he was merely trying to answer questions from probate judges that his fellow justices would not address.

Trump/Putin 2016? Kasich trolls the Trump campaign over ties to Russia

You know things have gotten bad when a former Republican candidate for President is officially trolling the nominee with a fake website, video, and press release.

Watch this minister when she hears parents trying to de-gay their son

What would you do if you overheard a minister trying to pray away the gay from a young man? This woman takes the parents to church.

Jesse Vroegh, left, is suing over his employer's failure to provide equal access to restrooms and locker rooms.
New details in trans nurse’s lawsuit reveal disturbing discrimination

Jesse Veroegh is a transgender man denied the use of the men's room at work despite being covered in pepper spray.

Pulse nightclub may become permanent memorial to 49 victims

A new foundation hopes to erect a memorial and raise money to help with victims’ financial burdens.

Dwanya Hickerson
Navy seaman arrested for murder of transgender woman in Mississippi

Dwanya Hickerson is charged with killing Dee “DJ” Whigham inside her Biloxi hotel room.

Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame
Tilda Swinton is remaking Auntie Mame, darling!

Patrick Dennis, the author of the original book, was bisexual and married to a woman, but well known in the Greenwich Village gay scene.


Richard Nixon
Bernie supporters who won’t back Clinton should remember Richard Nixon

I was able to vote for the first time in 1968. When Eugene McCarthy didn't win the Democratic nomination, I refused to vote. The country got Richard Nixon.

North Carolina has already spent $176k to defend their anti-LGBT law

State lawmakers last month agreed to take $500,000 from a disaster relief fund to pay for lawyers to defend a law mandating where trans people can pee.

Miss Cleo
Lesbian TV psychic Miss Cleo dies of cancer at 53

Youree Dell Harris was a struggling actress when the Psychic Readers Network hired her in the late 1990s to play Miss Cleo.

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton waits back stage to speak to volunteers at a Democratic party organizing event at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, N.C., Monday, July 25, 2016.
Democrats officially choose Hillary Clinton as presidential nominee

Clinton becomes the first woman to ever lead a major political party into the general election.

LGBTQ delegates: They’re here, they’re queer, get used to it

More lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender delegates are attending this year's Democratic National Convention than any other in history.

Watch as this crazy interview with Ellen DeGeneres goes off the rails

"Who came up with this? Is this all you have?" asks the clearly baffled star of "Finding Dory."

Mexico police find burned body of missing trans beauty queen

Paulett Gonzalez was crowned Gay Beauty Queen in the Mexican state of Nayarit last year, and vanished more than a month ago.

N.C. governor delivers transphobic punchline introducing Donald Trump

Anyone with questions about which bathroom to use, said the governor, should "go to the Philadelphia convention where all of the Democrats are."

The suggested pride flag emoji
Will there finally be a pride flag emoji soon?

A formal proposal for a rainbow LGBT pride flag emoji has been submitted to the governing body that regulates the graphics worldwide.

Tucker Carlson is ‘disgusted’ by DNC’s gender neutral bathrooms

"I guess we're liberated by this?" asked the conservative mouthpiece. "Everyone should come visit one and see the reality of it."

Hillary Clinton (left), Christy Spitzer Thornton and Kassie Thornton
Homophobic cabbie ordered to pay kissing lesbians $14K

The couple say they will set aside the fine if he takes lessons in why discrimination is harmful.

The 2016 Democratic National Convention is being held in Philadelphia.
5 queer things to watch for at the Democratic National Convention

Here’s a DNC drinking game: take a shot every time a speaker mentions “LGBTQ.” You probably won’t be sober until next weekend.

Whoops! A British version of the "Finding Dory" children's book includes an unsavory slang term.
Whoops! British ‘Finding Dory’ book includes not-kid-friendly language

Sometimes words don't mean the same thing in America as they do across the pond.

Steven Anderson
Stop sending America’s most homophobic preacher unwanted pizzas!

Anti-gay preacher Steven Anderson is crying foul after becoming the “victim” of a series of ongoing pranks.

Former President Bill Clinton applauds Former Democratic Presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., as he speaks during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016.
Hostility flares as Clinton becomes first woman to rise to nomination

A glass ceiling is shattering as Clinton ascends to the presidential nomination, making her the first woman to lead a major party into a White House race.

LGBT people in London protest Russia's crackdown on LGBT people.
American minister expelled from Russia because he’s not antigay enough

Authorities claim he was about to perform a same-sex wedding. He says he was eating cookies and talking about old Roman mosaics.

Former Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., speaks during the first day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia , Monday, July 25, 2016.
Sanders, Warren, and First Lady calm rowdy Democratic convention crowd

Behind the scenes, Sanders and Clinton aides joined forces to try to ease tensions.

Michelle Obama speaks to the 2016 Democratic National Convention.
Drop everything and watch Michelle Obama’s speech to the DNC

This is the speech everyone will be talking about tomorrow. The First Lady proved tonight that her husband isn't the only orator in the family.

Like the Star Trek: Beyond villain Krall, Donald Trump has a reputation for spreading fear.
Zachary Quinto: Star Trek villain bears striking resemblance to Trump

"It’s unprecedented in our lifetime how precariously we’re all perched—not just here in this country but around the world.”