Yayo Grassi poses for a photograph in home Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 in Washington. The pope’s meeting with Grassi came to light Friday as the Vatican was distancing itself claims that the pope's meeting with Kim Davis was an endorsement of her stand on same-sex marriage. The Pope’s gay friend insists the Kim Davis meeting was a set-up
"I was very surprised and very suspicious from the beginning," Yayo Grassi claims.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey
Supporters, critics of transgender bills clash at hearing

Critics of proposals to extend protections to transgender people in Massachusetts said the state should focus on the privacy rights of children and women.

Indiana state capitol in Indianapolis.
Carmel, Indiana narrowly passes LGBT anti-discrimination ordinance

The Carmel City Council defeated efforts by social conservatives to block the measure.

Rick Wiles
Rick Wiles: Because of gay marriage, people will die

"I'm not advocating violence... but they will crush anybody who speaks against homosexuality."

John Mateer
Long Island teen alleges he was beaten by frat boy for being gay

"Don't let a frat guy know that you're gay," he wrote on Twitter. "I am bleeding on my phone."

Members of Westboro Baptist Church found themselves outnumbered by high school students and made a break for it.
Angry high school students chase off members of the Westboro Baptist Church

Members of the hate group were in for a surprise when they visited a Missouri high school to protest the election of a trans girl as homecoming queen.

David Berger
Fired Vatican insider: Over 50% of priests are gay

An academic says the most important rule at The Vatican is: You can have as much gay sex as you want -- as long as you never admit it in public.

Yayo Grassi poses for a photograph in home Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 in Washington. The pope’s meeting with Grassi came to light Friday as the Vatican was distancing itself claims that the pope's meeting with Kim Davis was an endorsement of her stand on same-sex marriage.
The Pope’s gay friend insists the Kim Davis meeting was a set-up

"I was very surprised and very suspicious from the beginning," Yayo Grassi claims.


Blount County has drawn up a resolution that asks God to spare its citizens when he passes judgement on marriage equality.
Tennessee county begs for God’s forgiveness for gay marriage

A resolution from a Tennessee county commission asks God to not inflict his fiery wrath upon its citizens.

Over the last ten years, requests involving transgender bathroom use have become a regular battle around the country.
Transgender student’s bathroom request divides Nevada lawmakers

Three conservative state lawmakers are criticizing a new anti-bullying law that broadly protects transgender students.

Reverend Albert Mohler, Jr.
Southern Baptist theologian sharply criticizes ‘reparative therapy’

However, he claims the only way to change the "sin" of same-sex attraction is to turn to your nearest BIble.

One of two young men who were hurdled off a rooftop in Mosul for being gay.
ISIS throws four gay men to their death

Two separate reports claim that a total of four men were murdered by ISIS this weekend because they were suspected of being gay.

This July 24, 2015, photo released by Simon & Schuster shows theater writer Michael Riedel, author of "Razzle Dazzle: The Battle for Broadway." The book tell how the Great White Way has been shaped over the past century.
Theater gossip Michael Riedel writes a history of Broadway

The acid-tongued stage gossip has written a book about Broadway's history and he's not opinionated or snarky at all. There's no Michael Riedel.

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Anthony M. Kennedy, left, Stephen Breyer, center, and Clarence Thomas, leave St. Mathews Cathedral, after the Red Mass in Washington on Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015. The Supreme Court's new term starts Monday, Oct. 5.
Familiar, divisive social issues on Supreme Court agenda

Commentators say the lineup of cases suggests that conservatives will win more often than they will lose over the next few months.


Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan Cahn: Hurricane Joaquin may pummel DC because of gay marriage

Cahn predicted that God would play Bad Cop last September and trounce DC for legalizing gay marriage.

Joe Biden
Joe Biden: Homophobes still exist, and most of them are running for president

Speaking at the HRC National Dinner over the weekend, Joe Biden took a not-so subtle swing at the Republican field of candidates.

Mike Huckabee
A gay dad sounds off on the day Mike Huckabee waged war on a bag of potato chips

Mike Huckabee, a financial wizard of the Bigotry Industry, has stepped in to capitalize on a very limited edition, and now totally consumed, batch of corn chips.

Adam Rippon of the United States performs during the men's free skating in the ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Seoul, South Korea, Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015.
US figure skater Adam Rippon comes out

"I want to say something to the dad out there who might be concerned that his son is a figure skater."

50 Cent
50 Cent blames Empire’s ratings plunge on too much “gay stuff”

He criticizes the show regularly, since he executive produces the rival drama Power.

Apple CEO TIm Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook on why he came out

"People need to hear that being gay is not a limitation. "

Pope Francis attends the opening session of a two-week bishops' meeting on family issues, at the Vatican, Monday, Oct. 5, 2015. The Synod of bishops and cardinals from around the world is aimed at making the church's teaching on family life relevant to today's Catholic families.
Pope urges prejudices be put aside at start of family synod

Conservatives have been insisting that the gathering strongly reassert church doctrine on homosexuality and the indissolubility of marriage.

Heath Lambert
Southern Baptist Seminary to discuss transgender issues

A conference hosted by the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary will focus on what it calls the "present crisis" of gay and transgender issues.

In this Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015, photo, provided by NBC, Kate McKinnon, left, portraying Hillary Rodham Clinton, and Hillary Rodham Clinton, right, portraying Val, appear during the "Bar Talk" sketch on "Saturday Night Live," in New York. Most political candidates play themselves on "SNL," often for just a cameo in a sketch or to declare the show's famous tag line, "Live from New York, it's Saturday night!" Seldom do they play a character in a sketch, as did Clinton.
Meet Val the bartender: Hillary Clinton does an ‘SNL’ skit

The sketch poked gentle fun at Clinton's late-arriving support of gay marriage and her inability to take a vacation.

University of Alabama
University of Alabama trains staff on transgender students’ needs

Advocates say similar programs are becoming common on campuses nationwide as issues facing the transgender community gain broader attention.

Harvey Milk
San Francisco’s last gun store is closing for good

A city still scarred by the 1978 assassination of gay rights activist Harvey Milk will no longer legally sell firearms.

Pope Francis greets Italian Episcopal conference (CEI) president Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, left, during a vigil ahead of the opening of the Synod of bishops, in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican, Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015.
At synod, Pope asserts marriage is forever — forever between a man and woman

He forcefully asserted that the church can't be "swayed by passing fads." Then he said the church doesn't judge...

Joe Biden
Biden backs transgender military service as US weighs policy

"No longer is there any question transgender people are able to serve in the United States military," Biden told a crowd of 3,000 activists

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, left, at her side, speaks after being released from the Carter County Detention Center, Tuesday, Sept. 8, 2015, in Grayson, Ky. Davis, the Kentucky county clerk who was jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, was released Tuesday after five days behind bars.
Law firm leading Kim Davis’ crusade is labeled a hate group

Advocacy groups have long claimed The Liberty Counsel is nothing but a hate group; others hail it as "a law firm willing to stand up to the kings of our time."

Yayo Grassi poses for a photograph in home Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 in Washington. The pope’s meeting with Grassi came to light Friday as the Vatican was distancing itself claims that the pope's meeting with Kim Davis was an endorsement of her stand on same-sex marriage.
Gay former student of Pope Francis’ speaks out

On the pope's meeting with Davis: "I thought, 'This is really strange. This is not like him.'"

Pope Francis
Lawyers: Vatican official helped set up Kim Davis meeting

"The private meeting request was unsolicited and facilitated by Vatican officials," says the statement from Liberty Counsel.

In this Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2015, photo, a notification posted on a door outside of the probate office states "there will be no marriage licenses by Washington County probate office issued by an Alabama probate judge, Nick Williams, a judge that is using a segregation-era law to avoid gay marriage in Chatom, Ala. Williams, also a Baptist minister who serves as probate judge in Washington County, is among those who have stopped issuing any marriage licenses.
Alabama judges use segregation-era law to avoid gay marriage

Some judges who oppose same-sex marriage are using a long-forgotten amendment to get out of the marriage business altogether.

Monsignor Krzysztof Charamsa, left, and his boyfriend Eduard, surname not given, pose for a photo as they leave a restaurant after a news conference in downtown Rome, Saturday Oct. 3, 2015. The Vatican on Saturday fired Charamsa who came out as gay on the eve of a big meeting of the world's bishops to discuss church outreach to gays, divorcees and more traditional Catholic families.
Vatican fires priest for coming out

"I came out," said Krzysztof Charamsa, a mid-level official. "This is a very personal, difficult and tough decision in the Catholic church's homophobic world."

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton gestures as she speaks to the Human Rights Campaign in Washington, Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015.
Hillary Clinton promotes gay rights as central pillar of her 2016 bid

"I see the injustices and the dangers that you and your families still face," she told hundreds of gay activists at the annual Human Rights Campaign meeting.

Kim Davis
Kim Davis’ lawyers post photos of her in Vatican Embassy waiting room

The Liberty Counsel insists that "the meeting with Kim Davis was initiated by the Vatican."

Pope Francis
Vatican turns the tables on the Kim Davis affair

A spokesperson insists that Pope Francis's "meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position."

Memories Pizza co-owners Crystal and Kevin O'Connor
Homophobic establishment Memories Pizza inadvertently caters gay wedding

The Christian-run eatery in Indiana that made waves by claiming they would never cater a gay wedding just got seriously pranked.

Anthony Cappola
New Jersey candidate quits race after book of rants surfaces

Anthony Cappola dropped out of the race after a book he wrote surfaced that includes rants against gays, Asians, immigrants, and others.

Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson explains how vindictive gays are for taking away everybody’s freedom

"They better be careful what they’re doing," Robertson said, "because they’re taking away the rights of everybody.”

Pope Francis talks to journalists during a press conference he held while en route to Italy, Monday, Sept. 28, 2015.  Pope Francis returned to the Vatican Monday at the end of a 10-day trip to Cuba and the United States.
Pope privately met with a same-sex couple in DC

The day before his meeting with Kim Davis, Pope Francis met with a same-sex couple that's been together for 19 years.

A gay man has shared his story of falling headfirst into a bizarre vampire subculture in New Orleans.
Gay former teen prostitute shares life in New Orleans vampire cult with chilling detail

A gay man has shared his story of falling headfirst into a bizarre vampire subculture in New Orleans.

The stories of abuse and oppression from international LGBT people on the Alturi site are harrowing.
New LGBTQ organization to focus on fighting inequality internationally

Alturi seeks to “educate and engage individual supporters who want to help improve the lives of LGBTI people around the world.”

Kim Davis
Vatican: Pope’s meeting with Kim Davis was not a form of support

The Vatican spokesman said Pope Francis met with "several dozen" people at the Vatican's embassy in Washington.

The victim only managed to escape after punching the perpetrator in the face and jumping out of his vehicle.
Man kidnapped by Craigslist trick is threatened with castration

According to court documents, the victim picked up the man in his car at around 12:30 a.m. on January 25. That's when the night took a very dark turn.

Daniel Pierce
See how this abandoned gay teen turned his life around in one year

Local NBC affiliate 11Alive caught up with Daniel Pearce to see how life has changed, and things are looking good.

Pope Francis
A gay dad’s note to the Pope: You snubbed us for Kim Davis? Really?

Like a kid who's been an absolute angel all afternoon, only to totally prank out at the end, the Pope shot the ultimate spit-wad at the LGBT community as his parting gift.

Family tries to “fix” their trangender son by tricking him into an arranged marriage

A trans man says he was tricked by his parents into going to India where they arranged a sham marriage in an effort to "fix" him.

Former Republican House Majority Representative Jud McMillin
Anti-gay lawmaker resigns after sexting entire contacts list video proof of his adultery

His statement claims the “time is right for me to pass the torch and spend more time with my family.”

This is a  Monday, Sept. 28, 2015 file photo of British Olympic diver Tom Daley and Oscar-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, right as they pose for photographers upon arrival at the Pride of Britain Awards 2015 in London. Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have announced their engagement. The announcement was published in The Times newspaper Thursday Oct. 1, 2015 but did not disclose a date for the marriage.
Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, British Olympian engaged

The announcement was published in The Times newspaper Thursday, but did not disclose a date for the marriage.

The former brick and mortar Sweetcakes by Melissa bakery
‘Sweet Cakes’ bakery owners refuse to pay damages to lesbian couple

The Kleins are claiming financial hardship as the reason, although crowdfunding efforts have brought in over $500,000 on their behalf.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis
Kentucky Governor: Kim Davis’ arguments ‘absurd’ and ‘obtuse’

"Simply stated, Davis' role is a legal one — not a moral or religious one," Beshear's attorneys wrote in the court document

Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hillary Clinton was against the State Department using LGBT-friendly phrases

She strongly opposed the State Department's decision to swap out “mother” and “father" for “parent one” and “parent two” on passport applications.

In this image released by Lionsgate, Julianne Moore, left, and Ellen Page appear in a scene from "Freeheld."
In a time of progress, dramatizing a gay rights landmark

"Freeheld," a gay-rights drama starring Julianne Moore and Ellen Page, was shaped by the same currents of change it depicts.

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner will not be charged in fatal car crash

Prosecutors declined to charge Caitlyn Jenner for a California car crash that killed another driver, citing insufficient evidence.

Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis makes a statement to the media at the front door of the Rowan County Judicial Center in Morehead, Ky., Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. Davis announced that her office will issue marriage licenses under order of a federal judge, but they will not have her name or office listed.
Vatican confirms meeting with Pope Francis and Kim Davis took place

The Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, said the meeting was private and that no photos would be released.

Sean Crumpler's mugshot
Man accused of keeping 12 male sex slaves, branding them with tattoos

According to sources, he "hunted" for victims on Grindr, specifically targeting homeless youth or young men in desperate need of assistance.

Linda Harvey
Linda Harvey says fighting anti-LGBT bullying is sexual abuse

She writes in WorldNetDaily that these efforts amount to nothing more than " cleaning up sodomy to seem child-friendly."

Joe Votruba
Radio host comes out to conservative audience

Joe Votruba made the announcement on the air of New Jersey 101.5, the largest FM talk radio station in America.

Kim Davis
Pope Francis allegedly has secret meeting with Kim Davis, tells her to “stay strong”

"It was really very humbling to even think that he would want to meet me or know me," Davis said in an interview with ABC.

Thank you for helping us reach this important milestone.
Here’s ten of LGBTQ Nation’s most-read posts

LGBTQ Nation is celebrating a major milestone this week, and we want our readers to join the party.

A sexologist says many of the patients he works with are closeted married men who use the internet to find other guys to have se with.
Closeted married men are keeping relationship counselors working 24/7

A sexologist claims the majority of his clients are people cheating on significant others with websites like Craigslist and Ashley Madison.

President Barack Obama, accompanied by Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, right, and United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, left, speaks as he chairs the Leaders’ Summit on Countering ISIL and Countering Violent Extremism, Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2015, at the United Nations headquarters.
A dozen UN agencies issue unprecedented call for LGBT rights

The statement says violence and discrimination against LGBT individuals have far-reaching effects on society and even economic growth.