Conservatives send out fake email saying Tammy Baldwin wants kids taught gay sex

Conservative group Restore American Freedom and Liberty also called out gay Sen. Baldwin "disgusting."

The hero behind Milo Yiannopoulos’ downfall is a 16-year-old girl from Canada

“I had no idea that it would blow up to the extent that it did,” said the teenage girl whose tweet wrecked Milo's weekend and perhaps his career.

gay couple Israeli Air Force
Israel Air Force posts photo of gay couple on Facebook to celebrate ‘Family Day’

The decision to include the couple drew plenty of both supportive and negative comments, but the air force had their back.

The trans teen wrestler forced to compete with girls won & now parents are upset

Officials said he had to compete as a girl, but after he won the tournament one parent is suing and claiming "she" had an unfair "enhancement."


What if your moisturizer could fight off skin disease too?

Bacteria live on everyone's skin, and new research shows some friendly germs produce natural antibiotics that ward off their disease-causing cousins.

Two guys kissed on a Disney Channel cartoon & it was no big deal

Star vs. The Forces of Evil, now in its third season, featured a gay kiss without so much as a boycott by the religious right.

Winning: Social media flooded with Hillary jokes after last night’s Oscars gaffe

Social media LOLsobbed that the election wasn't a mix-up like the Oscars.

‘Moonlight’ mixup: Oscars end with fake news as ‘La La Land’ loses best picture

Faye Dunaway read an envelope that said "La La Land," but midway through the last acceptance speeches, it was revealed 'Moonlight' won Best Picture.

Gay teacher comes out to school, gets ‘phenomenal’ response

Daniel Gray said the response from the school has been "phenomenal."

Tucker Carlson invites transgender professor to show, insults her

Tucker Carlson insisted that he wasn't "attacking anyone," while he claimed that transgender people are faking to access billions of dollars in federal money.

Arkansas court rules LGBT ordinance illegal under state law

The supreme court of Arkansas ruled that a Fayetteville anti-discrimination ordinance violated a state law that prevents such ordinances.


‘Moonlight’ takes home six Film Independent Spirit Awards

Director Barry Jenkins said the film stood "as a beacon of inclusivity" in contrast to the Trump Administration.

Afghan refugees told to go back to Kabul and pretend to be straight

The UK issued new guidelines for LGBT Afghan refugees arguing that someone could live in the closet in Kabul safely.

First openly gay scholarship player recruited at University of Arizona

Tempe High School football player My-King Johnson came out when he was 12-years-old.

Apparent HRC ad on Grindr targets CPAC attendees

The ad showing in the DC-area denounces conservatives who enjoy gay hook ups but then advocate against queer rights.

ACLU sues in Iowa for transgender student’s free speech rights

The student was sent home for writing "Love trumps hate" on his arm.

Reality TV star wants $4.5M from Andrew ‘delivered’ Caldwell in lawsuit

"Real Housewives" star Kordell Stewart claims that he was professionally harmed by gay rumors started by Andrew Caldwell.

Syrian cinamatographer can’t enter US for Academy Awards

Khaled Khateeb worked on the Oscar-nominated film "The White Helmets," but cannot enter the US to attend the award ceremony.

Profiles in Cowardice: Betsy DeVos

Republicans wanted us to believe that Betsy DeVos was doing the right thing, when she clearly wasn't.

Vermont reaffirms transgender protections

Gov. Phil Scott reaffirmed that state law bars discrimination against LGBT students.

Gay couple attacked by man in moped: ‘You live in Trump country now’

“I bet you fa**ots voted for that b***h Hillary,” the suspect reportedly said as he was chasing the couple on his rented moped.

Trump’s roll-back of transgender rights causes worldwide scare

Activists in Ireland are worried about how transphobes will be emboldened by Trump's actions.

John Travolta was Ricky Martin’s first crush

Ricky Martin watched Saturday Night Fever repeatedly just to see one scene in particular.

NAACP calls for boycott of North Carolina over HB2, voting rights

Cornell Brooks of the NAACP urged religious, sports, and entertainment events to take the business elsewhere.

gavin grimm
Transphobic orgs misgender Gavin Grimm in Supreme Court briefs

Gavin Grimm is a boy, but these organizations referred to him with female pronouns.

Red carpet clash: Meryl Streep vs. Chanel in ‘pay to wear’ Oscar gown dispute

Creative director Kurt Lagerfeld claims he got a call from the actress’s team, saying, "We found somebody who will pay us.” Streep's people deny it.

Beyoncé sticks it to Trump by voicing support for students after trans order

The comments came as part of GLSEN's 100 Days of Kindness initiative.

Betsy DeVos shows her true anti-trans colors at conservative conference

Watch the education secretary criticize the Obama administration transgender guidelines for the nation's schools as a federal “overreach.”