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Conservatives are enraged at this adorable hotel ad featuring a lesbian couple

A scene from Marriott Bonvoy's LGBTQ+ inclusive ad for Westin Hotels.
A scene from Marriott Bonvoy's LGBTQ+ inclusive ad for Westin Hotels. Photo: Screenshot

“WESTIN ATTEMPTS TO NORMALIZE SIN!” That’s how One Million Moms has characterized a new ad from the Marriott International hotel chain featuring a lesbian couple.

The perpetually outraged anti-LGBTQ+ organization has launched another one of its online campaigns urging people to boycott Westin Hotels & Resorts until they pull the LGBTQ+ inclusive ad.

“A recent Westin commercial focuses on a lesbian couple in bed under the sheets,” the group’s website reads. “Blatantly throwing homosexuality in the viewer’s face, the ad features a same-sex couple sharing an intimate moment in a hotel room.”

The 30-second ad in question, posted to parent company Marriott Bonvoy’s YouTube channel four months ago, does indeed feature two fully clothed women in bed together in its opening seconds. One of the women quickly hops up to do yoga, while the other continues to lounge under the covers, all to a jaunty cover of The B-52s’ “Roam.” Notably, despite featuring the lyric “Around the world the trip begins with a kiss,” at no point does the couple so much as smooch.

Nonetheless, the ad was still too risqué for One Million Moms.

“This ad is inappropriate on many levels and is attempting to desensitize viewers. Westin should avoid aiming to please a small percentage of consumers while pushing away conservative customers. Obviously, Westin is refusing to remain neutral in the culture war,” the site reads. “Promoting same-sex relationships has nothing to do with a hotel chain’s marketing campaigns. Yet, Westin wants to clarify their stand on this controversial topic instead of remaining neutral in the culture war. But One Million Moms continues to stand up for biblical truth, including passages such as Romans 1:26-27 which prohibits sexual perversion of this type.”

The petition goes on to state that One Million Moms is concerned “that this commercial is airing when children are likely to be watching television.”

A counter on the site indicates that a petition, which was posted on Thursday, has been signed by over 10,000 people so far—falling well short of the one million mark. It opens: “I am not buying into your social agenda that pushes the gay lifestyle.”

Ironically, the Westin ad focuses on “finding wellness” at the brand’s hotels—something the folks at One Million Moms desperately need.

The campaign is just the latest in the anti-LGBTQ+ group’s inane track record of targeting brands and media properties for their queer-inclusive marketing and products. Their past moral outrage has been directed at Parents magazine for featuring a same-sex couple, an anti-smoking ad that mentioned erectile dysfunctionHighlights magazine for acknowledging gay people, Scholastic books for featuring LGBTQ-inclusive children’s books, the Roseanne reboot for featuring a non-binary child, a Disney cartoon series for its brief scene of two men kissing, a Zales jewelry commercial for featuring a lesbian couple, and the fairy tale drama series Once Upon a Time for showing a lesbian kiss.

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