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Meet the ex-gay grifter behind Kanye West’s downward spiral

Gay man Milo Yiannopoulos was the Grand Marshal of the Straight Pride Parade.
Then-out gay man Milo Yiannopoulos was the Grand Marshal of a Straight Pride Parade Photo: Twitter/@superhappyfunamerica

Kanye West’s meltdown yesterday – where he said on Infowars that he liked Hitler and “loves Nazis” – comes just weeks after he announced that he was working closely with ex-gay grifter Milo Yiannopoulos.

It’s not surprising that West thought his antisemitic tirade would be met with more approval from Alex Jones and his audience if he’s been spending so much time with Yiannopoulos, considering the latter’s hateful rhetoric against Black people, Jewish people, gay people, disabled people, and others from just this past month.

Several weeks ago, West and Yiannopoulos were spotted hanging out by the celebrity gossip site X17.

“This is Milo right here, working on the campaign,” West said. He clarified that he meant his own 2024 presidential campaign.

Yiannopoulos’s account on Telegram – he has been kicked off numerous social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook – shows that he is working closely with West and has been photographed with the rapper several times in the past few weeks. Yiannopoulos also claimed that he set up Donald Trump’s recent Mar-a-Lago dinner with white supremacist Nick Fuentes in order to get revenge on the former president.

Yiannopoulos’s Telegram account is full of hatred for historically oppressed minority groups. Almost daily, he’s posting messages that would be considered career-ending for a more mainstream political consultant.

“No N-Word November has begun,” he wrote before bragging about using the N-word. “I’ve already failed, but don’t let that stop you.”

Telegram message from Milo Yiannopoulos

He posted a clip of a man holding a woman’s head and captioned it “Disney be like WATCH THE BLACK HOMOS,” possibly a reference to the new Disney movie Strange World, where one of the main characters is a gay, biracial teen.

Telegram message from Milo Yiannopoulos

He shared a message from someone else calling Pennsylvania Senator-elect John Fetterman (D) a “re***d” after he suffered a stroke and referred to his Republican opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz, as “a Turk” and laughed at it.

Telegram message from Milo Yiannopoulos

In another message, Yiannopoulos denounced Trump by saying that he is “continuing to suck the boots of the Jewish powers that be who hate Jesus Christ, hate our country, and see us all as disposable cattle.”

Telegram message from Milo Yiannopoulos

He accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) husband Paul Pelosi of “DRUNKEN FA***TRY” and called CBS News’s decision to stop using Twitter “The absolute fa***try.”

And that’s just a sampling.

West has been spending time at midrange restaurants and on private jets with Yiannopoulos and Fuentes, where the three antisemitic, racist, and homophobic men can share their thoughts on politics and reinforce each other’s biases and conspiracy theories.

West gets two companions who won’t push back against his hate, and Fuentes and Yiannopoulos get the lifestyle that comes with West’s vast wealth.

Yiannopoulos has been accused of grifting West by fellow right-winger Laura Loomer. This past weekend she said that Yiannopoulos collects “s**t” on wealthy people he interacts with on a hard drive he calls “The Vault.” She also shared messages where Yiannopoulos called West “gay” and a “BLACK HOMOSEXUAL” – West has never come out as gay and was married to Kim Kardashian – from earlier this year. She also posted video of Yiannopoulos bragging about his hard disk.

On Telegram just hours after West’s meltdown on Infowars and after he got kicked off Twitter, Yiannopoulos stood by West, saying that West getting kicked off Twitter for posting a swastika superimposed on a Star of David violated his “artistic expression” and called out Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk. Yiannopoulos asked his followers to “Pray for Ye” and said, “God often uses the most unexpected people in the most unexpected ways to accomplish His Will.”

Yiannopoulos used to be one of Trump’s biggest supporters, back when he was an openly gay far-right troll, referring to the former reality TV host as “daddy” and using his substantial influence on the far-right to support Trump’s 2016 campaign.

When Trump lost the 2020 election, Yiannopoulos swore “vengeance,” declared that he would “BURN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY TO THE F**KING GROUND,” and called Trump a “selfish clown.”

The next year, Yiannopoulos claimed that he was no longer gay. He even made a video where he allegedly threw his engagement ring – which he called “the Sodomy Stone” – into the ocean to prove just how not-gay he is now.

Earlier this year, he was spotted with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and she said that he was her intern. He was still making racist content for the internet. It’s unclear if he is still her intern, but he said he was helping Greene do campaign spots as late as October of this year. While he hates Trump now, he continues to shower affection on Greene on social media.

Fuentes – who says that having sex with women is gay so he refrains from any sexual activity at all – is a controversial figure on the right. The normally accommodating Mike Pence has called on Trump to apologize for giving “a white nationalist, an antisemite and Holocaust denier a seat at the table.”

Fuentes even allegedly caused a fight between Rep. Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), after Greene spoke at Fuentes’ America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC). Boebert was said to be so upset by Greene’s lack of political savvy in being seen with Fuentes in public that she confronted Greene at a meeting of the Freedom Caucus. Witnesses thought they were going to get physically violent until another member of Congress “stepped in to de-escalate.”

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