Billie Eilish’s coming out, an anti-LGBTQ+ group implodes & late night laughs

Billie Eilish
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Consider this the week for late-night laughs.

Gay Republican George Santos provided plenty of fodder after a congressional report showed he spent campaign cash on Botox and OnlyFans, but Seth Myers and Leslie Jones skewered the congressman. And what can top the Jimmy Kimmel and Trixie Mattel team up to troll Ted Cruz?

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Americans oppose Republican anti-LGBTQ+ priorities

The polling isn’t looking great for the GOP in the upcoming election.

Pretty much everybody opposes everything new Speaker Mike Johnson stands for. Gov. Ron DeSantis is polling terribly in the first three states hosting primary elections. Why? Americans are more accepting of gay people than ever.

Did Billie Eilish just come out?

She’s “gay and tired” and “physically attracted” to women And straight maybe?

Book banners came for this town. They didn’t anticipate resistance.

In this exclusive story, we explain how a Colorado showdown unfolded as a community rallied to protect the freedom to read. 


“We’re trans, but we’re also happy — we don’t just survive, we thrive” 🏳️‍⚧️ #transawarenessweek #storytime #LGBTQ #LaverneCox

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Marlon Wayans reveals that his son is transgender

The actor and comedian melted hearts with his announcement and message about parental love.

Pope Francis fires anti-LGBTQ+ bishop

Even the Pope can get fed up.

Dad’s passionate speech before school board goes viral

“You are never going to find a right way to do the wrong thing.”

Yo-Yo Ma worked with a drag queen & a trans singer on a new song

The trio shot an incredible video for the song in Alaska.

The superintendent wanted to boot a trans boy from the school musical. Didn’t happen.

The school board got involved – and it was a unanimous decision.

One of the most viciously anti-LGBTQ+ political groups is imploding

Multiple board members have resigned over the past few months, and half of the staff has left.

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Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, and Reese Witherspoon are fighting over Britney Spears – but you might not expect the reason why.

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