Man who attacked lesbian congresswoman got sentenced to over two years in jail

Angie Craig
Rep. Angie Craig Photo: Angie Craig

Kendrid Hamlin, 27, punched out Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) earlier this year. Yesterday, he was sentenced to 27 months in prison.

According to prosecutors, Hamlin, who is homeless, got into an elevator with Craig at her apartment complex in D.C. and said that he needed to get into her apartment. She told him to get out of the elevator and Hamlin got in Craig’s face. He pushed her and then punched her in the jaw.

She wanted to get out of the elevator, but Hamlin was behind her, holding her away from the elevator buttons so she couldn’t open the door and escape. According to court documents, he put his hands on her collarbone.

In order to get him off her, she threw her hot coffee over her shoulder and Hamlin let go. She got the doors open and Hamlin grabbed her again to keep her from getting out. She started to scream for help, and Hamlin let go and fled.

Craig went back to her apartment and locked the door, calling 911.

Hamlin was later arrested and allegedly bit one of the officers during his arrest and another when he was taken to the hospital because he said that he had been hit by a train and needed medical treatment.

He pled guilty in June to one count of assault on a member of Congress and two counts of assault on a law enforcement officer.

“My sense of safety and security has been significantly impacted,” Craig wrote in a victim statement. “Following the attack, I have developed strategies with professional help to combat and address periodic anxiety. I have sought personal self-defense training.”

Craig also said that the ensuing media coverage led to her address being disclosed and a “flurry” of death threats were sent to her and her staff.

In his defense, Hamlin’s attorney Kathyrn Guevara said that her client was remorseful, that he had a troubled childhood, that he struggled with his mental health and schizophrenia, and that he had been homeless for ten years at that point, according to Courthouse News Service. She said that he didn’t have any problem with Rep. Craig and that he didn’t target her specifically.

In a written statement, Hamlin said that his attack and subsequent arrest were a “sign from God” to turn his life around.

“I really do apologize to Angie Craig for putting my hands on her, to the officers and to you your Honor,” he wrote.

Prosecutors asked for 39 months in prison.

His mother asked the court for leniency.

“Us, just citizens, we can’t do it alone,” Harriet Hawkins told the court. “I don’t want him, another Black man, to be alone in the system.”

Judge James Boasberg sentenced Hamlin to 27 months and recommended he serve his sentence in a federal medical center to receive drug treatment.

Shortly after the attack, Vice President Kamala Harris reportedly spoke with Craig. “The vice president called to check in on Rep. Craig and wish her well,” a source told CNN. Harris reportedly told the congresswoman to “do what’s needed to take care of herself given the trauma.”

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