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Christian pundit calls trans billionaire “another rich Jew” turning US into “a perverted cesspool”

Rick Wiles on TruNews
Rick Wiles on TruNews Photo: Screenshot/RightWing Watch

Evangelical pundit Rick Wiles viciously attacked a wealthy, Jewish transgender woman on his show, saying that Christians are “oppressed” by “Jewish tyrants” like her who want to “turn America into a perverted cesspool.”

“This is [deadname] Pritzker,” the conspiracy theorist – whose show TruNews the Trump administration respected enough to grant press credentials to – said while showing a photo of Jennifer Pritzker, the only transgender billionaire in the U.S.

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“He or his family are the owners of the Hyatt hotel chain,” Wiles said, misgendering her. “So they’re billionaires, and they’re using their wealth to fund the homosexual, transgender mental illness campaign in America.”

His co-host said that the Pritzker family is “responsible for the gender reassignment human experimentation.”

Last week, Pritzker said in a video conference hosted by the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce that “as a transgender woman, these unnecessary and hurtful laws are personal to me.” She was referring to the state’s “slate of hate,” which includes two laws that have already been signed into law by Gov. Bill Lee (R) and three more awaiting his signature, all attacking LGBTQ rights.

She said that she may have to relocate her family trust out of the state because the laws raise concerns about “the impact they will have on Tennessee’s reputation and, ultimately, economic well-being, as businesses and tourists turn elsewhere.”

Wiles clearly disagrees with her on the policies. But he didn’t just say that, he attacked her gender identity and even her religion, saying that she’s part of a Jewish conspiracy to oppress non-Jews in America.

“Are the Ptizkers Presbyterians or Methodist?” Wiles rhetorically asked his co-host, who told him the family is Jewish.

“I’m shocked, I’m shocked,” he said sarcastically. “Another rich Jew using his money to turn America into a perverted cesspool.”

“When are the American people going to rise up against this Jewish oppression? It is oppression. This is oppression. The American people are oppressed by Jewish tyrants.”

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