See the Sprite ad for Argentina Pride taking over social media

See the Sprite ad for Argentina Pride taking over social media
Screenshot from the Sprite Argentina Ad.Photo: via YouTube

To celebrate Marcha de Orgullo – Bueno Aires Pride – Sprite created a 1 and a half minute advertisement leading up to the event, which was last Saturday.

The Coca-Cola Company-owned soda brand’s commercial went internationally viral, compiling over 3 million views on Twitter alone.

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The ad shows several different people preparing for Pride, with the approval and support of their friends and family to the tune of Rogers & Hammerstein’s “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

The closing scene features a dad watching their child joining the parade’s festivities, as the message “Pride: What you feel when someone you love chooses to be free” fades into the screen (on the version tweeted out by Sprite Argentina and shown in Argentina, this message is in Spanish.)

Here’s Queerty’s summary of last week’s Pride festivities:

Last weekend’s festival was the 28th Buenos Aires Pride. The first one in 1992 was attended by only about 300 people, some of whom wore masks. Last weekend’s festival was attended by an estimated 300,000.

One of those to attend was Estanislao Fernàndez (below), the 24-year-old drag queen son of Argentina’s new President-elect, Alberto Fernàndez.

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