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Organizers vow ‘straight pride’ parade will happen whether they get a permit or not

Don Grundmann addresses the Modesto city council and says his group is racist.
Don Grundmann addresses the Modesto city council and says his group is racist.Photo: Screenshot

The organizers behind the Modesto, California, Straight Pride Parade say they’re going to have the parade whether they get a permit from the city or not.

The National Straight Pride Coalition is an openly white supremacist organization that wants to put on a Straight Pride Parade because the “inherent malevolency/evil of the Homosexual/Sodomy Movement” is attacking “Western Civilization,” which was made by the white race according to them.

Organizer Don Grundmann talked to CBS Sacramento about his plans since City Hall denied his application for a permit.

“There’s many, many new plans. Five at least, maybe 10,” he said.

He said he met with city officials yesterday to discuss a compromise.

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“We’re just waiting for the bureaucratic wheels to grind, and they can grind very slowly,” he said.

As confident as he may seem, a spokesperson for the city said that the problems with the application are deep. First, the city wants the Straight Pride Parade to use a different location. They also said that the organizers don’t have insurance for their event.

“We are certainly not telling him or his supporters that he does not have a right to gather,” the spokesperson said.

Without a permit, the straight pride marchers won’t be able to reserve public property and they will be limited in terms of what they can do.

Grundmann – who, earlier this month, defended his organization as a “totally peaceful, racist group” – said he doesn’t know what the Straight Pride Parade will look like, whether there will be an actual parade or things like food vendors.

Counterprotestors said that they will be there.

“We cannot just sit idly by and let this happen,” said local activist Chris Holland. “Our community is made up of every color of the rainbow and every marginalized community is in fear of them bringing violence.”

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