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GOP candidate for governor called teachers “demons” for teaching about “filthy” LGBTQ+ people

Anti-LGBTQ+ Lt. Gov of North Carolina, Mark Robinson
Lt. Gov of North Carolina, Mark Robinson Photo: Screenshot

A 2021 video shows staunchly anti-LGBTQ+ GOP candidate Mark Robinson referring to LGBTQ+ people as “filthy” and calling teachers who speak to students about LGBTQ+ issues “demons.”

Robinson – the Republican nominee for North Carolina governor and the state’s current lieutenant governor – was reportedly speaking at a 2021 Independence Day event held by Conservative Coalition North Carolina.

“I’m a little more concerned with what’s going on in our classrooms when you have these demons in there trying to teach our children about all this filthy homosexuality and transgenderism, trying to force it down their throats,” Robinson said, adding that kids are also being taught to “hate America.”

He also made the contradictory statement that “you have the right to be transgender, but you cannot transcend God’s creation and you are not playing on the girl’s team if you’re a man.”

“When did freedom become insanity?” he asked, emphasizing his belief that there are two genders: “Two. Count them. Two. There’s two sets of DNA, male and female. That’s it.”

In the same speech, he blasted the notion that racism is a problem in America, saying, “We’ve reached a point in this nation where people don’t care what you look like anymore.”

He also repeatedly praised Donald Trump and said America needs to “wake up” and “tell those socialist b****rds who want to destroy this nation, ‘You will not do it on my watch, you will not do it now, you will not do it ever.”

Donald Trump recently endorsed Robinson, calling him “Martin Luther King on steroids.” This is despite the fact that Robinson once called the Civil Rights Movement a communist plot to “subvert capitalism” and “to subvert free choice.” He was speaking on a podcast in 2018 and said Black protestors and white allies who had protested racist laws by eating at a racially segregated Woolworth’s lunch counter during a July 1960 protest in Greensboro, North Carolina were “ridiculous” and wrongly trying to pull “the rug out from underneath capitalism and free choice and the free market.”

As the November election looms closer, a spotlight has been cast on Robinson’s long history of inflammatory comments.

In March 2023, Robinson declared that God created him to battle against LGBTQ+ rights and added, “Makes me sick every time I see it — a church that flies that rainbow flag, which is a direct spit in the face of God almighty.”

In 2017, he wrote on Facebook, “You CAN NOT love God and support the homosexual agenda.”

In 2021, Robinson compared LGBTQ+ people to cow dung and claimed straight people are superior to gay people due to their ability to procreate. In the same sermon, he declared there are only two genders and disparaged trans people’s bodies: “I don’t care how much you cut yourself up, drug yourself up and dress yourself up, you still either one of two things — you either a man or a woman.”

He also said people who support events like Drag Queen Story Hour do so because they desire to molest children.

He has previously proclaimed that being gay is a step before pedophilia, that former First Lady Michelle Obama is secretly a trans woman, and that trans-affirming people are “devil-worshipping child molesters.” He also condemned gay people as an “abominable sin” in response to the 2016 Pulse massacre.

Robinson created an education task force to investigate and remove LGBTQ+ literature from public schools, as well as report instances of LGBTQ+ inclusion in schools. Teachers’ names, employers, and information were released unredacted in the report, yet many of the complaints weren’t verified or even authenticated.

Also, in 2021, he refused to heed calls for his resignation after he declared that homosexuality and “transgenderism” are “filth.” He has also called the trans equality movement “demonic” and “full of the spirit of Antichrist.”

In November of that year, he allegedly wagged his finger in the face of a state lawmaker who made a speech about supporting LGBTQ+ people.

He also called claims that millions of Jewish people were killed during the Holocaust “hogwash.”

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