NC Lt Governor compares trans women to “that weirdo in the dog suit” in horrific rant

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson
Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Photo: Screenshot

Fresh off of calling homosexuality “filth,” video has surfaced of North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson (R) calling the transgender equality movement “demonic” and “full of the spirit of Antichrist.”

“Here’s something else I’m not supposed to say: Ain’t but two genders,” Robinson told congregants at Bishop Patrick Wooden’s Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh this past August.

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“You can go to the doctor and get cut up, you can go down to the dress shop and get made up, you can go down there and get drugged up, but at the end of the day, you are just a drugged-up, dressed-up, made-up, cut-up man or woman,” he continued. “You ain’t changed what God put in you, that DNA.”

“You can’t transcend God’s creation; I don’t care how hard you try. The transgender movement in this country — if there’s a movement in this country that is demonic and that is full of the spirit of Antichrist, it is the transgender movement.”

“Then they tell me, ‘Follow the science, follow the science,'” Robinson said sarcastically, mocking liberals. “You don’t even know what gender you are! What do you know about science!”

“There’s two ways I can do this thing here,” he said, referring to proving someone’s gender. “The simple way is to go around the corner here to the bathroom and you can drop your pants or whatever you’ve got on, and I can show you what you are.”

“Or I can take a little blood at your arm and take it down here to the scientist,” he said. “He can put in his little petri dish and look at it, ‘Oh, this is the DNA of a white male.’ Well, is there anything in between? ‘No, it’s the DNA of a white male.’ It don’t matter what you did down there at the therapy doctor and all that.”

While he’s arguing that DNA tests can show what someone’s gender is, he also apparently believes that DNA tests can show what someone’s race is. That is not true.

Then he compared transgender people to a hypothetical person who wants to be a dog, getting laughter from congregants.

“If you want to call yourself a cocker spaniel, go ahead,” Robinson said. “You want to go to the dressmaker and say, ‘Make me a cocker spaniel suit that I can fit in. I’m gonna put it on, I’m gonna run around, bark all the time.’ Go ahead.”

“You can run around here and be a cocker spaniel all day long, but I ain’t got to follow you in your delusion! When I see you, I ain’t gonna say, ‘There goes that cocker spaniel.’ I’m gonna say, ‘There goes that weirdo in the dog suit. That man thinks he’s a dog, but he’s not really a dog, he’s a man.’”

“It’s time for grown-ups and time for Christians to start standing up and being unafraid to tell the truth,” he said. “They’re dragging our kids down into the pit of Hell trying to teach them that mess in our schools. Tell you like this: That ain’t got no place at no school. Two plus two don’t equal transgender; it equals four. We need to get back to teaching them how to read instead of teaching them how to go to Hell.”

Robinson made headlines this past week when he called homosexuality and “transgenderism” “filth” while speaking at the Asbury Baptist Church in Seagrove, North Carolina.

In August, he accused teachers in the state of promoting “cutting off male genitalia” to children by reading children’s books about accepting people who are different. This was part of the “Indoctrination in North Carolina Public Education Report” produced by a task force he headed on critical race theory in public schools.

When he presented the report to the state legislature and a Democratic lawmaker asked him why the report seems “Fox News-driven,” he stormed out of the building.

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