Anti-LGBTQ Rep. eviscerated for his response to the mass shooting at an LGBTQ bar in his district

U.S. Rep Doug Lamborn (R-CO)
U.S. Rep Doug Lamborn (R-CO)Photo: U.S. House of Representatives

Anti-LGBTQ U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-CO) received so much backlash for his tweet about the Club Q shooting that he turned off responses.

On Saturday night, a gunman opened fire inside the LGBTQ bar – located in Colorado Springs, which is in Lamborn’s district – killing five people and injuring 18.

In response, Lamborn tweeted, “I am saddened to hear of the senseless loss of life in the shooting last night. Law enforcement and first responders are to be commended for their rapid response. All people should pray for the victims and their families.”

Writing for The New Civil Rights Movement, journalist David Badash called it “a tweet so generic it could be used for any shooting that takes place any night of the week anywhere in the country.”

Lamborn — who was just re-elected with 56 percent of the vote — opposes same-sex marriage, supports anti-LGBTQ people discrimination, and recently introduced the so-called “Stop the Sexualization of Children Act,” a national bill that would ban LGBTQ identities from classrooms. He has previously called to end funding for PBS over a gay cartoon rat and a queer celeb appearing on Sesame Street.

Lamborn also received a score of 0 on the Human Rights Campaign Congressional Scorecard that measures federal lawmakers’ support for equality.

Many who responded to his tweet were livid and accused him of helping spread the rhetoric that leads to this kind of anti-LGBTQ violence.

They also reminded him that it was not law enforcement who stopped the shooter, but rather two heroic patrons inside the bar.

Two days after his original statement, Lamborn released another, more official one on Twitter, this time with commenting turned off from the start.

The new statement is only slightly less generic than the last – it includes the names of the five people who were killed in the attack – and still does not mention the fact that the shooting took place at an LGBTQ bar.

Editor’s Note: This article originally stated that Lamborn was elected by a margin of 56%. It has been updated to reflect that he was elected with 56% of the vote.

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