Ted Cruz claims Disney will make cartoons about Mickey Mouse & his dog Pluto having sex

Ted Cruz's daughter disagrees with his politics
Republican Texas Senator Ted CruzPhoto: Shutterstock

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) attacked Disney with the bizarre accusation that they’re going to make Mickey Mouse and his dog Pluto have sex “in every episode now.”

Speaking on his podcast Verdict, Cruz was angry at Disney for releasing a statement disagreeing with Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law and for leaked Zoom conference audio that showed a Disney executive supporting more LGBTQ content.

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“In every episode now, they’re gonna have Mickey and Pluto going at it, like really?” Cruz said, although he didn’t say what show he was referring to that would have the human-like mouse having sex with his own pet dog.

He then suggested that Disney put that content on another channel: “You can always shift to Cinemax if you want that.”

“Thank you for that image, senator,” his co-host Michael Knowles joked.

Cruz got mocked on Twitter.


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