Marjorie Taylor Greene is freaking out that she’s going to court over her role in MAGA insurrection

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene smirks next to her transphobic sign.
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene smirks next to her transphobic sign.Photo: Screenshot

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is freaking out now that she is going to have to appear in court on Friday in a lawsuit to determine if she can run for Congress considering her alleged support for the January 6 Insurrection.

“It’s absurd what they are claiming and lying about,” Greene said on former Trump official Jenna Ellis’s podcast. “And they’re going to allow the press in the courtroom, they’re going to allow the whole thing to be videoed live out to go anywhere in the world they want to.”

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Earlier this week, District Judge Amy Totenberg in Georgia allowed a lawsuit to go forward that could result in Greene being disqualified from the 2022 ballot. The five voters from her district accuse her of coordinating with the people behind the attempt to violently overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The voters point to the Fourteenth Amendment, which says that any elected official who “shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against [the U.S. Constitution], or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof” is not allowed to be a member of Congress.

Greene tried to have the lawsuit dismissed, but Totenberg ruled that the suit could go forward.

“This case involves a whirlpool of colliding constitutional interests of public import,” she wrote in the ruling. “Upon a thorough analysis of each of the claims asserted in this case, the Court concludes that [Greene] has not carried her burden of persuasion with respect to this important and essential prerequisite to [Greene’s] demonstration of an entitlement to injunctive relief.”

Which means that a hearing that was scheduled for Friday morning will be happening, and Greene appears to be very nervous about it.

“And you know what, that’s going to look like the Democrats and the nasty mainstream media – you know, the ones that lie about me constantly anyways – well, they’re going to be able to twist and turn and clip out any little piece they want of the horrible things that these funded attorneys are going to try to say about me,” she said.

Greene has previously complained about her statements being taken out of context. Just last week, for example, Greene said that her statement on January 6 was reduced to “a twisted sound bite” by CBS journalist Scott Wong, when she accused the media of “this over-dramatization of a riot that happened here at the Capitol one time.”

She then posted video of what she actually said to Wong – the words that she claimed were “twisted” – and the video showed that she said exactly what Wong said she said.

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