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Prominent Christian activist says “the Nazi Party started in a gay bar”

Bryan Fischer on his radio show
Photo: Focal Point/via YouTube

A prominent Christian conservative is now claiming that the Nazi Party was founded and staffed by gay people.

“Let’s not forget that the Nazi Party started in a gay bar,” said radio host Bryan Fischer earlier this week on his show Focal Point. “The Nazi Party started in a gay bar in Munich, Germany.”

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Bryan Fischer is the Director of Issues Analysis for the American Family Association, the SPLC designated hate group that’s behind One Million Moms.

In his radio show from this past Tuesday, Fischer said that Adolf Hitler himself was an “active homosexual.”

“Without exception, the officers in Hitler’s private army were homosexuals,” said Fischer. “You had no chance of advancing through the ranks unless you were a hardcore homosexual.”

Now, readers may be wondering why the Nazis put gay people in concentration camps if the entire thing was run by the gays, but Fischer has an answer. The only gay men who were put in concentration camps were “effeminate.”

“Now, it’s true that Hitler did send homosexuals, even killed some of them, but sent them to concentration camps,” Fischer said. “The ones that the Nazis sent to concentration camps were effeminate homosexuals. They believed in the Greek homosexual idea. The muscular, masculine, male homosexual.”

If listeners already believed that the Nazis were in fact snooty Grindr gays, then Fischer dropped another bomb: even gay men today are Nazis, and they get together in secret and dress up.

“In fact, in a lot of homosexual circles, they will dress up in Nazi gear as kind of reminiscent of how the entire Nazi Party got started,” he said. He did not explain how he learned about these secret gay Nazi dress-up parties, nor did he discuss where they happen.

While his claims are laughable, his rhetoric can be dangerous and promote violence against LGBTQ.

“Bryan Fischer has been spewing the same bizarre and laughable rhetoric about LGBTQ people for far too long,” GLAAD said in a statement.

“Any listeners, especially those who may have LGBTQ children, family, or coworkers, should recognize that Fischer is someone who earns a paycheck for spouting anger about the existence of LGBTQ people and that he’s willing to say anything to get attention in a world that is growing tired of his fringe commentary about LGBTQ families.”

In 2014, Fischer wrote that Jews and Muslims are not deserving of First Amendment protections for freedom of religion because “We are a Christian nation and not a Jewish or Muslim one.”

Since at least as early as 2011, Fischer has compared gay people to Nazis, although at that time it Fischer was saying that gay activists were as bad as Nazis – an extreme statement but not detached from reality as claiming that Nazis were literally all gay.

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