Religious right declares ‘defiant homosexual’ Mayor Pete is ‘biggest threat’ in presidential race

Bryan Fischer
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A prominent Christian conservative has said that South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg is the “biggest threat to religious liberty in history.”

Bryan Fischer is the Director of Issues Analysis for the SPLC designated anti-LGBTQ hate group American Family Association.

In a column on the far-right website OneNewsNow, he calls Buttigieg “an open and defiant homosexual” and says that it makes sense to reject him for his “sexual proclivities” – comparing being gay to being Donald Trump.

“We can certainly understand the left’s condemnation of President Trump for his sexual romps with porn stars 12 or 13 years ago,” Fischer writes. “This means, of course, that unless they are profoundly hypocritical, [progressives] will be able to understand our legitimate concerns about Buttigieg’s aberrant sexual conduct and what it means for his qualifications to become the leader of the Free World.”

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Fischer is quite clear that his problem is with Buttigieg’s sexual orientation, not just his policies, but he also goes after his policies.

His first big problem is that Buttigieg is in favor of transgender people’s civil rights.

Buttigieg embraces virtually every part of the extremist LGBT agenda, including its push for special rights for transgenders. He said, “We’ve got to end the war on trans-Americans,” and said he would be hard-pressed to sign the Equality Act in 2020 if it did not contain robust special protections for transgenders. He promised that people who are so sexually confused they don’t know if they are male or female will have “a very prominent place” in his campaign.

He also criticizes Buttigieg for supporting the Equality Act, which he calls “The Homosexual Supremacy Act,” claiming that the law that outlaws discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in employment, housing, public accommodations, and other areas would require churches “to hire homosexual choir directors” and would allow “men barging into restrooms reserved for little girls.”

“Therapists who try to help teens overcome unwanted same-sex attractions will have their professional licenses yanked and be put out of business,” Fischer writes, although he doesn’t explain why that’s a bad thing, or even how it’s related to the Equality Act.

Fischer writes that Buttigieg’s support for transgender rights and the Equality Act – both of which many Democrats in the primary have either come out in favor of explicitly – is worse than his straight competitors because he’ll play the gay card.

He will use his sexual preference like a shield to protect himself and his agenda from criticism by accusing anyone who challenges his radical sexual agenda of hatred and bigotry. We’ve already seen that in the shameful way he has treated Mike Pence, who has been nothing but kind, gracious, and personable in all his interactions with Buttigieg.[…]

Do not let his boyish good looks and charm deceive you. He threatens everything that you and I cherish.

Well, at least Fischer was able to find one thing to compliment Buttigieg about. Who knew it would be his “boyish good looks”?

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