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LIVE VIDEO: Watch President Trump speak at hate group gathering

Donald Trump anti-lgbt
Photo: Graham Gremore

President Trump will address the Values Voters Summit in Washington, DC today, becoming the first president to address the gathering of white supremacists, far right activists and religious zealots.

Trump will share the stage with former Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson who has said he wants to “rid the Earth” of “wicked” gays. Also appearing will be Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has said he doesn’t know whether or not gays and lesbians should be put to death and was recently removed as a state supreme court justice for instructing state employees to ignore the US Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality.

Also appearing will be House Minority Whip Steve Scalise who was recently wounded in a mass shooting in DC. Scalise’s life was saved by a lesbian police officer who shot and killed the attacker. Scalise has said the incident did not change his mind about gun control or LGBT rights.

You can watch Trump’s speech live. The video is supposed to go live at 10:10am Eastern time.

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