Holding LGBTQ people liable for natural phenomena is a total eclipse of reason

Holding LGBTQ people liable for natural phenomena is a total eclipse of reason

The utter power and strength of the LGBTQ community allows us to control the course of hurricanes, floods, droughts, and pandemics, and thus, we get to determine who lives and who dies, who retains their treasured belongings and who gets wiped out and washed away. Well, that is if you believe the total eclipse of reason on the theocratic right who hold us responsible for causing many of the greatest natural disasters of modern times.

The latest installment from the loony bin came from Pastor Kevin Swanson who argues that Hurricane Harvey was caused by Houston recently “having a very very pro-homosexual mayor,” and because of the city’s refusal to repent from its “sexual perversion.”

Jesus sends the message home, unless Americans repent, unless Houston repents, unless New Orleans repents, they will all likewise perish. That is the message that the Lord Jesus Christ is sending home right now to America.”

Adding to Swanson’s list of factors bringing on the devastating storm, he attempted to position Christians as the victims in this drama by accusing Huston of “persecuting pastors and churches,” and he blamed the Texas state legislature for recently failing to pass a bill “that would have prevented cross-dressing men from using the women’s restrooms” because “they wanted to encourage the abomination of men attempting to dress like women and women attempting to dress like men.”

Swanson, a Colorado-based pastor and radio talk show host, asserted in 2015 that God gives HIV/AIDS to gay people as “retribution to their sexual habit.” This, he said, is a sign of God’s kindness because having the virus makes it more likely they will renounce their homosexuality, thereby saving them from eternal damnation.

But wait! Hurricane Harvey is only the most recent natural disaster attributed to LGBT people. In a 2016 column on the website in an article titled “Hurricane Matthew Is The Wrath Of God Poured Out On the Cities Of Orlando And Savannah For Supporting The Evil Sodomites” (this must be urgent since the initial letter in each word of the title is capitalized!), the author, a Christian extremist, stated:

Florida is a nice place, but it unfortunately has become a lot like California, representing both the best and the worst that America has to offer. This is especially true in the area of homosexuality. While there are many conservative and religious Floridians, there are a tremendous amount of sodomites and immoral activity that takes place there.”

The author, Andrew Bieszad, argued that the hurricane that hit Florida and other points in the Southeast resulted from God’s wrath directed against the scheduled pride festivals (“sodomite pride parades”) in Orlando, Florida and Savannah, Georgia. Bieszad asserted that this particular hurricane has dramatically erupted in “unnatural” ways and “is unexplained by science,” and that:

The word ‘Hurricane’ originally comes from the Taino Indians, a people who inhabited the Caribbean and parts of Florida when the Spanish arrived in the 16th century. The original word, ‘Huracan,’ was a god of evil in their pagan religion, and the natives thought that these storms were attacks from this evil deity. Interesting.”

In addition, Bieszad asserted that it was no mere coincidence that this hurricane holds the name “Matthew.” Saint Matthew is depicted as an angle in the Christian Bible, and angels are “the ones obedient to God [who] always play important roles in executing God’s will, both for aiding man in his struggle for righteousness and punishing him in accordance with God’s will.”

But Bieszad simply pulls from the looney bin scavenged before by so many others. For example, in May 1978, Anita Bryant, Florida orange juice queen and chief organizer of her so-called “Save Our Children” campaign to overturn a gay-rights ordinance in Dade County, called homosexuals “human garbage,” and blamed the drought then overtaking California on their sinful behavior. Ironically, however, just one day following the election of gay San Francisco City Supervisor Harvey Milk, and six months following Bryant’s claim, it started to rain.

In addition, others blamed the torrential winds, rain, and devastating flooding of hurricane Katrina in 2005 on LGBT people. Reverend John Haggee, evangelical pastor of a “megachurch” in Texas, was quoted in an interview in 2006 saying that “God caused Hurricane Katrina to wipe out New Orleans because it had a gay pride parade the week before and was filled with sexual sin.”

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