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Kevin Swanson: God gave AIDS to gay people to be kind

Kevin Swanson: God gave AIDS to gay people to be kind

During a recent broadcast of his “Generations Radio” program, anti-gay activist Kevin Swanson suggested that God created HIV/AIDS to punish gay people. And, he says, that’s a good thing.

Discussing a World magazine story that addressed the treatment of people with HIV/AIDS, Swanson claimed that gay people receive far too much aid from the government, and that they’re “especially favored by the government and given a fair amount of support for their homosexual activity and the disease that seems to accommodate their activity.”

He then said that HIV/AIDS is ““God’s retribution to their sexual habit,” and that the disease is a sign of “God’s kindness,” since it gives gays time to meditate on past indiscretions, renounce homosexuality, and be spared burning in hell for all eternity.

“It’s also a wake-up call,” he said. “Be thankful that God doesn’t kill you all at once. He slows you down for a moment, he makes you sick, he gives you a head’s up.”

He urges gay people to learn from the likes of Kelly Gissendaner and Karla Faye Tucker, two women who converted to Christianity before being executed for murder.

Listen to the broadcast below:

h/t: Right Wing Watch

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