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Pastor freaks out & destroys Barbie Dream House with Bible taped to a bat

Greg Locke, Barbie Dream House, baseball bat, pastor, preacher
Greg Locke destroying a Barbie Dream House Photo: Twitter screenshot

Far-right anti-LGBTQ+ pastor Greg Locke is known for staging over-the-top spectacles, including hosting book burnings and re-enactments of Jesus’ crucifixion. One of his latest spectacles involved him destroying a Barbie Dream House playset with a bat wrapped in a Bible.

When speaking about “deliverance” to his congregation at the Global Vision Bible Church, he had an assistant hand him a baseball bat with a Bible duct-taped and zip-tied to it. He then quickly read the Bible verse of 2 Corinthians chapter 10, verse 4: “For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.”

He then said that “pulling down” means to demolish. “It means you demolish the house that the evil spirit left when you kicked it out,” he said. Then, admiring his bat and mentioning the name of his church, he added, “So maybe in our Global Vision store we need to start selling Bible bats in the name of Jesus.”

“Because what some of you need to understand is that you’ve been delivered from the demon, but you’ve not pulled down the stronghold yet,” he continued. “You’ve got to get rid of the triggers on that iPhone. You’ve got to get rid of the triggers on that Netflix. You got to lose her number. You got to lose his number.”

“The demon comes out when you expel it,” he screamed. “The stronghold comes down when you demolish it with the Bible!”

He then grabbed his bat and smashed the children’s playlet to vividly illustrate his analogy.

It’s unclear if Locke specifically destroyed a Barbie Dream House to protest the recent Barbie film. In July, fellow right-wing Christian preacher Kent Christmas asked God to “loose a Holy judgment” on the film because it’s “full of transsexual and transgender and homosexuality.” The film has several queer actors in it, but no explicit LGBTQ+ content.

In February 2022, Locke threatened to expose six witches who allegedly infiltrated his Tennessee church, unless they voluntarily left his congregation.

That same month, he held a book burning outside of Nashville, in which people burned Harry Potter books and Disney products. During the book burning, a gay man threw a Bible in the fire, proclaimed “Hail Satan!” and kissed his same-sex partner before leaving the event.

For Easter in 2021, he decided to “reenact” the crucifixion, setting up a cross outside the church that his son was put on, and dressing up his teen daughter as the Virgin Mary.

Locke has a long history of anti-LGBTQ+ comments. He has said that LGBTQ+ people are “demonic,” “perverted,” and want to “cram it down my kids’ throats.” He also called “transgenderism” “nonsense” and said that LGBTQ+ people are “openly celebrated” and not “persecuted” like Christians.

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