Jennifer Coolidge reading the “The Night Before Christmas” is the present you need this year

Jennifer Coolidge reading "The Night Before Christmas"
Jennifer Coolidge reading "The Night Before Christmas"Photo: Screenshot

Actor Jennifer Coolidge is making the Yuletide G-A-Y.

The longtime LGBTQ ally appears in Netflix’s gay holiday rom-com, Single All The Way, and as a special treat, she’s reading the classic Christmas poem, “The Night Before Christmas.”

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The performance, delivered in her quirky style, is full of giggle-worthy moments and inside jokes for the queer community.

Netflix’s special is filled with stars and laughs, but icon Coolidge steals the show.

Hallmark and Lifetime will also release LGBTQ-themed holiday movies this year after LGBTQ Nation called on the networks to create flicks that centered queer relationships and storylines and not solely cisgender heterosexuals.

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