“Ex-transgender” & “ex-gay” Republican staffer fired after being busted at MAGA riot

Kevin Whitt, American Principles Project, anti-transgender ad, Mass Resistance, former drag queen
Kevin Whitt Photo: YouTube screenshot

A Texas Republican staffer who says he used to be gay and transgender is accusing his state’s GOP of “canceling conservatives, obviously” after he got fired for allegedly participating in the January 6 MAGA riots at the Capitol.

Kevin Whitt got national attention last year when he appeared in ads opposing Joe Biden’s campaign where he said that affirming a transgender child’s gender is “legal child abuse” and implied that Biden supports “sex change surgeries at 15-years-old.”

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Whitt was hired in November 2020 – several months after appearing in the anti-transgender ads – by the Texas Republican Party as a field organizer.

On January 7, 2020, Whitt posted a video to Instagram that showed a crowd of people outside the Capitol in D.C. Alarms could be heard going off in the background, according to the Texas Tribune.

“This is the door of the Capitol,” he said in the video. “I’m trying to move as close as I can.”

In the caption, he wrote, “Say Her Name, Ashli Babbit!! RIP Patriot.” Ashli Babbitt was a QAnon conspiracy theorist who was shot by an officer during the Capitol riots while she was trying to climb through a door panel to get to lawmakers.

Whitt told the Texas Tribune that he didn’t actually go inside the Capitol. Just after the video that showed him outside the Capitol and trying to get in, he claimed that he “stepped outside and got out of it.”

But just after the newspaper called Whitt’s employer for a comment, he was fired. It appears as though they weren’t buying his excuse.

“Information has come to light of some troubling video of one of our former employees,” said a spokesperson for the Texas GOP in a statement. “Due to this footage, we terminated our relationship.”

Whitt rose to some fame on the right by claiming that he used to be transgender, gay, and a drag queen, but that God showed him his “true identity” as a cisgender, straight man and his “desires to do drag, party, or have sex lessened.”

“I did not come to Christ seeking change in my sexuality,” he says on the website for Changed, a conversion therapy organization. “I simply came to Him with the desire for a healthy life. He did the rest.” Several sources told LGBTQ Nation last year that Whitt was an unpopular drag queen who did not live as a woman and only identified as transgender after joining the hate group.

In a separate video posted to social media in December, Whitt was in D.C. confronting a woman outside of Comet Ping Pong pizza, the famous pizzeria that was at the center of Pizzagate. The false conspiracy theory said that the Democratic Party was running a child sex trafficking ring in the basement of the restaurant – a building that doesn’t even have a basement – and in 2016 Edgar Maddison Welch of North Carolina went to the pizzeria with multiple weapons to shut down the nonexistent pedophilia operation.

While the conspiracy theory may sound wild to most people, Whitt said he “100% believe[s] that Pizzagate is real.”

In the video, he tells the woman that she is “in a restaurant that is known for pedophilia.” She asks him to leave, but he refuses.

“Y’all are abusing children,” he yelled at the restaurant. “You are pedophiles. Do not eat here. All of y’all should leave. They are serving up dead kids. This place is known … for a restaurant that is sex trafficking children.”

Both the videos were deleted from social media just before he got fired.

In 2010, Whitt auditioned for RuPaul’s Drag Race but was rejected. He identified himself as a drag queen and not a trans woman. By 2019, he was working with the anti-LGBTQ organization Mass Resistance as an “ex-transgender.”

As the director of Mass Resistance, Whitt has spoken near the site of the Pulse nightclub shooting to publicly campaign against conversion therapy bans, has called Jesus his “conversion therapist,” has protested Drag Queen Story Hour events, and has claimed that child sexual abuse and emotional neglect “cause” people to become gay or transgender.

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