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Faith healing “school” becomes a COVID hotspot with 137 cases. It has ties to Donald Trump.

Donald Trump gets blessed by Christian evangelicals.
Donald Trump gets blessed by Christian evangelicals. Photo: Right Wing Watch

Someone at the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry (BSSM) wasn’t paying attention in class. The California “school” for faith healers is the latest COVID hotspot with 137 infections in the past month alone.

And, of course, the leadership of the ministry has ties to President Donald Trump’s coterie of evangelical Christian “advisors” and reportedly anointed “every door in the White House” with olive oil at Trump’s request.

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“We have seen that a primary source of the transmission has occurred in off-campus living situations and social interactions outside of school hours that are common to student life,” a news release from the school said, reporting that there are currently 68 active cases.

Apparently students don’t get homework at the school.

Trump allegedly disguised the unaccredited school’s owner, Bill Johnson, as a janitor shortly after taking office and instructed him to anoint every door with olive oil in a bid to ward off demons according to the megachurch’s east coast head.

Trump has met with evangelical leaders and submitted to the anointing and “laying on of hands” ritual in photos widely circulated by the religious right.

1600 people have registered at the “school” this year to learn how to fleece gullible Christians out of their money.

Earlier this year, the school agreed to stop sending students to local hospitals to “cure” coronavirus. The church canceled missionary trips and told congregants who are feeling sick to stay home. They encouraged their over 9000 members to wash their hands frequently, too.

“We believe that wisdom, modern medicine, and faith are meant to work together, and express the value for each in the pursuit of continued health and healing,” church spokesperson Aaron Tesauro said.

“It’s clear that when it comes to something really serious like coronavirus, their actions speak louder than their words,” said Michael Shermer, a professor at Chapman University who has been a critic of the church. “So, God is omniscient and omnipotent and can cure diseases if he wants, but just in case: wash your hands!”


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