Jennifer Lopez is a proud auntie when she does an introduction for her non-binary nibling

Jennifer Lopez and Brendon
Jennifer Lopez and BrendonPhoto: Instagram screenshots

Jennifer Lopez introduced a short film by her non-binary nibling (sister’s child) Brendon Scholl as she continues to be an amazingly supportive auntie.

The singing, acting, dancing sensation said that Brendon’s film Draw With Me is is “very close to my heart because it was a family affair. It’s about accepting change and challenges with love and knowing that when we do, anything’s possible.”

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The film is about a transgender young person and their process in coming out to family and using art to learn about themselves.

In the trailer for the film, Brendon talks about how they were worried about losing friends and family.

“I said, ‘Don’t you want to be a girl?'” Brendon’s mother says in the trailer, talking about the moment she found her child’s chest binder. “And they kinda looked at me and said, ‘I’m not a girl.'”

“I shouldn’t have to be scared to tell people who I am,” Brendon says.

Draw With Me will be available on VOD and will be presented at film festivals, according to Lopez’s post.

Lopez has publicly supported her nibling for years, writing in a 2017 Instagram post that they are “strong and smart and loving and a obviously a leader.”

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