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Rightwing pundit explodes with anger after finding out he was interviewed by a gay conservative

Tommy Sotomayor
Tommy Sotomayor on his show "Live."Photo: Live with Tommy Sotomayor/YouTube

A far-right political commentator exploded in disgust when he found out he had been interviewed by a gay man.

In a video that’s gone viral, “men’s rights activist” Tommy Sotomayor can be heard screaming “Noooooo! He got a husband?[…] I shook his hand!” when he found out that he was interviewed by Dave Rubin, who is gay.

Rubin is a libertarian and the host of the conservative show The Rubin Report. Sotomayor is a YouTuber who is known for his extreme conservative views, including saying Black Lives Matter activists are “retarded kids” and saying that black people are a bigger threat than guns.

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Sotomayor appeared on Rubin’s show a while back and he talked about how much he doesn’t like gay people.

“You can’t even have a preference around a liberal,” Sotomayor whined. “A liberal homosexual says, ‘You should accept my lifestyle.’ But if you say, ‘Well, I accept your lifestyle, I just don’t want my kid to be one,’ well, you’re a bigot.”

He went on to compare being gay to drug addiction. “But wait a minute, I accept the fact that you want to be homeless, I don’t want my kid to be homeless. I accept the fact that you want to smoke crack, I don’t want my kid to smoke crack.”

Rubin told Sotomayor. “This is the type of stuff that I think needs to be heard more,” he said.

Well, Sotomayor didn’t reciprocate that level of respect.

He apparently didn’t know that Rubin was gay, and his reaction when he found out on his YouTube channel Live w/ Tommy Sotomayor was over the top.

A viewer commented, “They hate Dave Rubin because he’s a gay man with the wrong opinions.”

“Dave Rubin is gay?” Sotomayor shouted.

“Nooooooooo! He got a husband?”

“I did not know! I was in his presence! I didn’t know! I shook his hand! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

“Why didn’t y’all tell me before I went on his show?”

The video has been viewed over 500,000 times on Twitter.

Full interview below.

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