This GPS featuring drag queens may be fake, but you’ll want it now

RuPaul drag queen alums are the new voice of GPYass!
RuPaul drag queen alums are the new voice of GPYass!Photo: Screenshot

Saturday Night Live did an “advertisement” for GPYass! navigation that may be fake, but it sounds like something we’d use every day.

Featuring Peppermint and Jiggly Caliente along with host Steve Carell, the short spot highlighted the useful directions and warnings the system gives drivers…

“Turnt around!”

“Bitch, slow your ass down so you don’t squash a child flat like a squirrel.”

The RuPaul queens – and the hunky gogo dancers – may not be available for sale now, but we’re guessing someone out there is furiously working on a prototype.

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