Grand Theft Auto mod adds pride parade to game to honor Orlando

While playing last week, we drove a truck down Verona Beach Boardwalk, mowing down dozens of beach bums, tourists, and street entertainers with three squad cars hot on our trail. That was just before we chased a Mack Truck down the freeway, crashing into innumerable commuters and mowing down loads of innocent pedestrians. Later, we decompressed by blowing up a bunch of meth-head bikers, as one does.

Perpetrating unspeakable acts of violence is not only inevitable when going through the game, it’s the very essence of the game. It’s also one of the most entertaining aspects of the game.

Unfortunately, it won’t be long before some infernal antigay gamer proudly posts YouTube clips featuring one “protagonist” — say, hardened career criminal Michael De Santa — firing into the parade with automatic machine guns, or simply mowing down people with a stolen truck, just because they can.

Nevertheless, here’s what Christian Valtersson, president of Stockholm Pride, had to say about the mod:

The message of love and equality is always needed and we are happy that players get to host their own Los Santos Pride Parade. It has been wonderful to get to cooperate with such creative and talented people as the ones who made this idea into reality.”

So, yeah. Awkward to say the least.

Here’s a preview of the mod, currently only available for PCs, and you can download it here:

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