Family Research Council tweets insult to LGBT people on Pride day

The Family Research Council, the hate group masquerading as a religious organization, took to Twitter on the anniversary of some of America’s biggest moments in LGBT history, to insult the community.

“Love wins when true diversity of thought is tolerated,” the group wrote along with a graphic showing the same words. “Support #FADA” The hashtag stands for the First Amendment Defense Act, the proposed federal law that would allow individuals and businesses to discriminate against LGBT customers.

The group’s leader, Tony Perkins, is notorious for making inflammatory remarks about the LGBT community, but continues to be booked on several cable news networks as a legitimate pundit without any mention of the group’s hate group status or his past association with the Ku Klu Klan.

The group added the hashtag #freetobelieve at the end. Conservative Christian and anti-LGBT hate groups have been coordinating to push the idea that claiming a religion exemption should exempt them from following civil rights laws. Churches and clergy are already given exemptions from the laws.

Many states have rushed to pass or debate legislation meant to give conservative Christians special rights to discriminate, but most have been vetoed or died during debate after national outcry.

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