No charges for man who attacked politician because there were no injuries

Ulrike Lunacek Staff Reports

VIENNA — A man who attacked Austria’s openly gay Greens politician Ulrike Lunacek by spraying butyric acid on her at Vienna’s LGBT pride parade last month, will not face charges because no injuries were sustained.

Ulrike Lunacek

Ulrike Lunacek

The Local reports that while the suspect has been identified, yet remains at large, prosecutors say he will not be charged, as no one was injured.

“The culprit is incapable of being held to account, he cannot be prosecuted for his act,” said prosecutor Thomas Vecsey.

The assailant sprayed butyric acid at Lunacek on June 13 as she was giving an interview on the sidelines of the parade.

Butyric acid, categorized as a toxic substance by the Environmental Protection Agency, is an oily, colorless chemical made predominantly of fats with a rancid smell, and is the primary cause of the foul smell associated with human vomit and flatulence. It is a common addition to stink bombs for this reason.

Lunacek said she is considering whether to take further legal action.

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