U.S. Navy: Uniformed sailors can march in San Diego pride parade

U.S. Navy: Uniformed sailors can march in San Diego pride parade

SAN DIEGO — Sailors based in San Diego most definitely will be allowed to march in uniform with the military contingent at San Diego Pride on Saturday, a Navy spokesman told San Diego Gay & Lesbian News Wednesday afternoon.

“Yes they can march in the Pride Parade,” said Brian O’Rourke, a Navy spokesman based in San Diego.

O’Rourke said that sailors can march in the Pride Parade in their uniforms, but are reminded to obey all Navy and military regulations prohibiting such things as participation in political activities or protests. That is not the mission of the military contingent.

Earlier today, SDGLN broke the story that service members were getting mixed messages about marching in uniform at the Pride Parade, which is the largest civic event in San Diego and is expected to draw almost 200,000 people this weekend.

Behind the scenes today, local politicians reacted with surprise and began making calls to local Navy officials, SDGLN has learned.

A letter from a local Navy official sent early this morning to Sean Sala, one of the organizers of the military contingent, disputed that sailors were authorized to march in their uniforms in the parade. O’Rourke said there was some confusion about the regulations involving marching in uniform.

So it is now official. Sailors, put on your uniforms and march!

Members of the Marine Corps and the Coast Guard are not permitted to wear their uniforms. Members of the Army and the Air Force who sought permission from their commanding officers will also be allowed to march.

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