Obama hosts LGBT leaders, champions, advocates at White House pride reception

LGBTQ Nation

President Obama on Wednesday spoke to LGBT grassroots and community leaders, youth champions and advocates from around the country at a White House event observing LGBT Pride Month.

Obama said, “What gives me hope is the deeper shift that we’re seeing that’s a transformation not just in our laws but in the hearts and minds of people — the progress led not by Washington but by ordinary citizens.”

“It happens when a father realizes he doesn’t just love his daughter, but also her partner.

It happens when a soldier tells his unit that he’s gay, and they say, well, yeah, we knew that –- but, you know, you’re a good soldier.

It happens when a video sparks a movement to let every single young person out there know that they’re not alone.

It happens when people look past their differences to understand our common humanity.”


The bottom line is, Obama said, “I’ve met my commitments to the LGBT community. I have delivered on what I promised. Now, that doesn’t mean our work is done.”

“There are going to be times where you’re still frustrated with me. I know there are going to be times where you’re still frustrated at the pace of change. I understand that. I know I can count on you to let me know. […] But what I also know is that I will continue to fight alongside you.”

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