Russian police arrest activists for staging unsanctioned gay pride rally

Photo credit: AFP LGBTQ Nation

Photo credit: AFP

Russian police on Saturday detained at least five gay rights activists in a public courtyard in St. Petersburg, allegedly for holding an unsanctioned gay pride rally, reports AFP.

Using similar tactics to a gay rights protest in Moscow last month, the protesters tried to outwit the security forces by only revealing the location of the demonstration at the last moment.

Around 30 activists staged the protest in the inner courtyard of the world famous Hermitage Museum — the area where visitors queue for tickets — brandishing slogans in favour of gay rights.

“Equality without compromise”, “homophobia is an illness” and “homophobia — the country’s shame” were among the slogans.

Russia, where homophobia remains rampant and homosexuality became legal only in 1993, forbids gay pride marches.

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