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Marjorie Taylor Greene’s boyfriend angrily ends interview as MAGA rapper threatens interviewer

Brian Glenn speaks with MeidasTouch content creator Adam Mockler
Brian Glenn speaks with MeidasTouch content creator Adam Mockler Photo: X screenshot

Brian Glenn, a right-wing radio host who is also the boyfriend of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), ended an interview with the left-leaning news organization MeidasTouch after being asked about the 34 felony convictions of former President Donald Trump.

In a recent interview, MeidasTouch content creator Adam Mockler asked Glenn, “When [Trump] was convicted on all 34 counts, what did you think about that?” Mockler was referring to Trump’s May 30 conviction for falsifying business records to hide hush money payments that his 2016 presidential campaign made to cover up his alleged extramarital affair with adult video actress Stormy Daniels.

Glenn replied, “None of those 34 counts is worth… You got a worthless case…. It’s worthless because there was no crime that was committed.” He was repeating a common right-wing talking point that has been debunked.

Reminding Glenn of the crime that was committed, Mockler said, “Falsifying business records with the intent of covering up another crime.”

Glenn pointed at Mockler, saying, “That’s what they said. That’s what you said.”

Mockler replied, “That’s what the jury said, the jury hand-picked by Donald Trump’s lawyers.”

Waving his hand dismissively, Glenn said, “I know exactly what you’re all about right now. You’re not an independent journalist,” Glenn said. “You’re nothing but a Trump hater and you’re out here trying to get everybody to be tripped up.” Glenn is a host and director of programming for the Right Side Broadcasting Network, a right-wing allied media outlet that supports Trump and his “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) agenda.

Turning to an off-screen crowd, Glenn then yelled, “Let me ask you a question: Who thinks Trump’s 34 indictments are worth a piece of crap?”

Instantly, pro-Trump rapper Forgiato Blow, a bearded man with a tattooed face in a red MAGA hat, jumped on-screen and shook his golden necklace bearing Trump’s bejeweled head.

As Glenn continued calling the charges against Trump “worthless” and Mockler tried to ask another question, Mockler was asked, “Would you rather have Joe Biden in the White House for another four years?”

Mockler replied, “Absolutely, absolutely.”

Instantly, Glenn backed away from Mockler, saying, “Interview over! Interview over!” and telling Mockler that he has “zero common sense.”

Mockler began asking why Glenn distrusts the judicial system, and Glenn asked why Mockler wanted to elect an “incompetent” president.

Referencing the January 6, 2021 Capitol riots, Mockler replied, “I don’t want the dude who made his supporters attack the Capitol.” Glenn then asked how Trump did that, and Mockler said Trump’s rhetoric incited the attack. Mockler then said that Trump told his followers to “march peacefully” to the Capitol.

While Trump did say that, he also told his followers that the election was “stolen” and told them to “fight like hell” or else lose their country, in what has become known as “the big lie.”

Blow then stood directly in front of MeidasTouch‘s camera, blocking its view of the interview. When Mockler touches his shoulder to get him to move, the devotee warns him, “Don’t touch me, bro…. If you’re worried about 34 [felony convictions], you’re going to worry about 34 a** whoopings in a minute, boy.”

Blow had Greene appear in his music video that accused the national retail chain Target of “targeting” kids with LGBTQ+-themed Pride Month merchandise. He also made a “F**k Bud Light” rap video with a joke about gay men “spreading” HIV — Greene shared his video on social media.

Glenn then told Mockler, “Don’t bring that bulls**t over here, don’t bring that bulls**t over here.”

In May 2023, Greene tried to laugh off a resurfaced video of Glenn doing drag despite her ardent opposition to drag for the past several years.

In the video, Glenn appeared in a wig, a pink dress, and white gloves with a white handbag on television.

“I may keep the pantyhose on,” Glenn said in the video. “It does feel kind of good actually.”

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