Marjorie Taylor Greene promotes bizarre anti-Target MAGA rap video

Marjorie Taylor Greene promotes bizarre anti-Target MAGA rap video
Forgiato Blow/Marjorie Taylor Greene/Daniel Levy Photo: Screenshots/Shutterstock

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-GA) favorite rapper – Forgiato Blow – has a new song out protesting Target for selling Pride merchandise, and Greene shared the bizarre video on Twitter.

The video for the song “Boycott Target” (featuring fellow conservative rappers Jimmy Levy, Nick Nittoli, and Stoney Dudebro) opens with a shot of Blow wearing a basketball jersey and shorts with the letters “USA” emblazoned on both, drawing attention to his crotch as Jimmy Levy pushes him in a red Target shopping cart while carrying Pride-themed bottles of Stella Rosa.

And then the video, which appears to have been at least partly shot in a Target store, gets weirder.

“Target is targeting your kids!” Blow says, a bit of wordplay he uses throughout the song because he believes it’s clever.

“You know the LGBTQ, they went too far,” he raps. “You know they cuttin’ these kids/They leavin’ tra***es with scars/Why they pushin’ their agenda, promotin’ sexual genders.”

Then he misgendered Fox News contributor Caitlyn Jenner.

Throughout the video, Blow et al. are interacting with brands and products that have been the targets of rightwing rage in the past year, including Tampax tampons (a reference to the false internet rumor that the brand paid trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney $10,000), Stella Rosa wine (for putting a rainbow on their label), Bud Light (Mulvaney again), and Paw Patrol (Nittoli gestures towards a toy featuring the only female Paw Patrol pup in the original cast, Skye, although it’s unclear if the existence of a girl in the Paw Patrol was ever a rightwing controversy).

“American Conservatives are once again showing who has the real buying power,” Greene wrote, sharing the video. “It’s not the woke mob, they only bully and riot.”

Since Target unveiled its 2023 Pride collection in early May, the retailer has been hit with a wave of criticism from anti-LGBTQ+ conservatives both online and in stores. Some have recorded their protests, posting the videos online and calling for a boycott of the chain. One designer who collaborated with the retailer on several of the products in this year’s collection has even reportedly been inundated with hateful messages on social media, including death threats.

Greene has promoted Blow in the past, including when he made a video for his song “F**k Bud Light.”

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