Lil Nas X, Bad Bunny, Robin Roberts, & 7 drag queens

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Andorra’s Prime Minister came out as gay this week. This makes him the eighth out world leader. He’s being hailed as a fearless advocate, but we’ve put together an incredible group of local heroes that should be honored. Vote now for your favorites to win the Heroes 2023 awards.

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California is about to forbid book bans because knowledge is power and only cowards ban ideas

Democracy depends on well-educated citizens.

Defending Americans’ right to know things has become one of the most important battles in modern society. Illinois has already passed a similar law to California, former President Barack Obama is doing TikTok cameos on the issue, and local communities are standing up to demand their right to read what they want.

In an incredible show of unity, hundreds of parents and students showed up to support a trans tennis coach

“If you are concerned about protecting kids, have role models they can look up to.”

People in Michigan are using the ballot box to protect LGBTQ+ rights

Instead of voting to roll back equality, they’re exercising their civic rights to fight on our behalf.

Lil Nas X helped his bisexual brother come out

His little brother said the rapper “really opened doors for a lot of people” — including him.

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts married her partner in a gorgeous intimate ceremony

You have to watch their first dance. We’re not crying, you are.

Flight attendant goes viral with his lip-sync safety announcement

While the recording drones on about exit rows and oxygen masks, he gives the obligatory announcement a little pizazz.


I asked my fairy godmother for a wish and this happened ✨ #disneyland #fairygodmother #pride #wish

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Bad Bunny goes on the offense

He’s not queerbaiting. He’s open-minded and has killer fashion sense.

The 7 drag queens who most influenced American culture

Sashay down memory lane to uncover the queens who left a heel print upon American history.

Judge deals second blow to Texas’ drag ban

The law was supposed to go into effect on September 1.

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