Rightwing transphobe schools Caitlyn Jenner on why the GOP wants nothing to do with her

Caitlyn Jenner, Republicans, California
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Transphobic right-wing broadcaster Matt Walsh schooled transgender millionaire Republican Caitlyn Jenner on why it makes no sense for her to consider herself a part of the GOP and Donald Trump’s movement to “Make America Great Again.”

The conversation began when Jenner proclaimed in a May 16 tweet that the FBI’s treatment of Trump has been “messed up.” In response, Twitter user @colli1900 first asked Jenner, “Don’t you realize that Republicans don’t approve of people like you? They are trying to erase you and deny your right to body and identity autonomy.”

Jenner replied, “Wrong. There a few fringe [people] that say trans isn’t real. But that is not the GOP. The GOP and MAGA is the big tent party and believe in common sense principles (no men in women’s sports, parental rights, protecting children, etc.). Sorry, we don’t fit your narrative. The left is by far the most exclusionary discriminatory group of (people) out there.”

The “common sense principles” Jenner mentioned all fall in line with the aims of GOP supporters and MAGA “parental rights” groups. These groups support “Don’t Say Gay” laws banning LGBTQ+ content from schools and also laws banning trans students from participating in school sports teams and from bathrooms matching their gender identities.

But what Jenner didn’t mention was that, nationwide, these groups are trying to pursue these policies for all trans people regardless of age. Just yesterday, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a slate of bills that would require Jenner to use male pronouns and a men’s bathroom in educational settings, and also require her to register with a state medical board to continue receiving hormone therapy.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh — an anti-trans activist who believes trans people want to “drug and mutilate kids” — quickly pointed out the absurdity of Jenner’s political affiliation. He commented on Jenner’s tweet, “Your position is completely unintelligible. You assert the validity of ‘transgenderism.’ You claim that you are a woman. You accepted the Woman of the Year award. And yet you declare that ‘trans women’ in women’s sports are actually men and don’t belong there. Total incoherence.”

Caitlyn Jenner was named Glamour magazine’s Woman of the Year in 2015.

Many of the “common sense principles” Jenner supports are also supported by people like Walsh and many other GOP/MAGA pundits and politicians. They think that trans people like Jenner are “against god” or have a contagious mental illness that “grooms” children to be “gender-confused,” leading to “rapid onset gender dysphoria” and that they must pursue “irreversible” medical treatment that will “mutilate” their genitals.

Jenner believes these are “fringe” views, but they’re leading voices in the Republican party, and they’re certainly not interested in allowing trans adults to exist peacefully.

She has previously mentioned that GOP leaders were embarrassed to be seen with her in public.

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