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Caitlyn Jenner has social media meltdown after getting called out for her transphobia

Caitlyn Jenner conceding
Caitlyn Jenner conceding Photo: screenshot

Transgender conservative pundit Caitlyn Jenner had a public meltdown after receiving criticism for retweeting a politician’s attack on a trans woman, railing against the “so called ‘inclusive’ lgbt community.”

Last week, Jenner reposted a tweet by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) which criticized trans comedian Dylan Mulvaney’s TikTok video asking people not to stare at trans women’s crotches in public. In the video, Mulvaney celebrated her “day 74 of girlhood” and talked about wearing tight shorts and why she doesn’t want to tuck.

Blackburn, who is transphobic, reposted Mulvaney’s video, writing, “Dylan Mulvaney, Joe Biden, and radical left-wing lunatics want to make this absurdity normal.”

In Jenner’s retweet of Blackburn’s post, Jenner wrote, “Marsha Blackburn thank you for speaking out and having a backbone – one of the best senators we have. Let’s not ‘normalize’ any of what this person is doing. This is absurdity!”

When a cisgender woman wrote to Jenner, noting that she herself has a genital bulge and asking Jenner to delete her post, Jenner misgendered Mulvaney by writing, “He is talking about his penis!”

Numerous Twitter users criticized Jenner for misgendering Mulvaney, for retweeting an anti-LGBTQ politician, and for body shaming poorer trans individuals who may neither want nor be able to afford genital surgeries.

In response, Jenner went off on a tirade.

“There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance, and normalizing exposing your genitals in a public way and a public place,” Jenner said, even though Mulvaney never told people to expose their genitals in public.

“I do not support that at all, in the slightest,” Jenner continued. “Dylan…congrats your trans with a penis.”

Jenner then wrote in a series of tweets, “I have never received more death threats, death threats to my team, nasty hate mail than this week. It is all from the so called ‘inclusive’ lgbt community. I am so disgusted by the hateful individuals threatening my life for giving my opinions on news topics of the day.”

“Since when is a different opinion grounds for such hatred and death wishes? Do better!” Jenner continued. “Difference of opinion, dialogue, and conversation is critical to making progress as society. Trying to shut me down by threatening my life over and over will never stop me from speaking my opinion. NEVER!”

She then concluded, “The lgbt community is NOT a community – it is a demographic. I love so many in it – but being an outspoken common sense conservative in it is dangerous. The left has reached new levels of violence and intolerance. So sad to see.”

Jenner’s complaint about the “violence and intolerance” of the left is a common right-wing talking point that ignores the decades of violence committed against trans and other queer people.

Since Jenner came out as trans in April 2015, she has increasingly supported right-wing transphobic politicians and has even served as a regular anti-trans commentator on Fox News.

Mulvaney recently received transphobia comments online, and some praise, after sitting for an interview on trans rights with Democratic President Joe Biden and an interview with the beauty brand Ulta.

In response to Jenner’s comments, Mulvaney made a TikTok video celebrating her 233rd day of being a girl and criticizing Jenner for making comments that caused her social media followers to publicly ridicule Mulvaney.

Mulvaney said that when she made the “day 74” video, she was still unsure about the best way to wear skirts and dresses.

“In this moment, I am not as comfortable talking about my private parts as I was when I made that video,” Mulvaney said, noting that she has since begun wearing underwear that help conceal her genital bulge.

“You’ve been accepted by a group of people that very clearly does not accept me, and nearly every day this week, I have been called a freak, a child predator, an absurdity,” Mulvaney said in her video.

“I am none of those things that your cohorts are painting me to be, and my question for you is: don’t you feel a little lonely over there? These people that you’re standing with, I don’t know if they have your best intentions at heart. But they will use you to make mine and the trans community’s life a lot harder than it already is.”


Day 233- a message to Caitlyn. To my followers, please do not send her any hate. ❤️ #trans #daysofgirlhood #caitlynjenner

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