Texas restaurant owner’s sharp reply to a homophobic customer goes viral

Dakota's Steakhouse of Hereford
Dakota's Steakhouse of HerefordPhoto: Trip Advisor

When you go to Dakota’s Steakhouse of Hereford, Texas, you’re going to get served. By most reports, the staff is friendly and the owner is supportive.

And when one homophobic customer decided to make insulting remarks about one of the staff members, that’s exactly what she got. Served.

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Debbie Eaton left a review on the restaurant’s Facebook page, declaring she “will not be back if boys look like women with nails painted and are serving people.” To ensure that the owners took her complaint seriously, she closed with, “seriously.”

When one customer seemed to agree with her, Eaton returned to expand on her grievance.

“ugh nails longer than mine,” she wrote. “Eyebrows painted on and make up wtf Scott came unglued so gross oh and a sparkly choker necklace.”

Responding from the restaurant’s account, owner Josh Murray not only defended his staff, but he also twisted the (steak) knife.

“At Dakota’s Steakhouse we support our staff 100%,” he wrote. “No matter their religion, race, criminal history or sexuality; I don’t judge. I choose to provide an opportunity of employment for everyone.”

“If this offends you then please stay at home. After all if you could cook Debbie, then maybe Scott wouldn’t be looking at his server all night.”

The restaurant’s reviews have lit up as people pour onto the page to offer congratulations for not only supporting his staff, but especially his queer server.

“I love that a business supports ALL people and as a mom of a LGBTQ child and an ally, I would love to come eat at this restaurant,” Leticia Wooten wrote. “keep up the amazing work and I bet your staff are amazing.”

“Great management who supports their employees,” Stephanie Dunn wrote. “Worth visiting if only for that fact.”

“great team and supportive of their staff against ignorance and bigotry,” James McSporran added. “well done.”

A restaurant's snappy reply to a homophobic review has gone viral
A restaurant’s snappy reply to a homophobic review has gone viral Facebook


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