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CPAC panelist pardoned by Trump brags about rejecting her trans child

Angela Stanton King
Angela Stanton King at a 2020 White House event Photo: White House Photo

QAnon believer Angela Stanton King, a felon pardoned by former President Donald Trump, will speak at the Conservative Political Action Conference on a panel that has already seen one person, online commentator Young Pharoah, uninvited over anti-Semitic tweets.

King, however, is her own special type of deplorable. Earlier this month, she launched into a series of tweets denigrating her own daughter for coming out as transgender.

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“I wake up daily thinking about how morals, values, & common sense are no match for societal norms,” she tweeted. “Thinking about how I fought for my son & sacrificed to raise him. While his Dad was rotting in prison. Just for him to grow up and decide he wants to be a woman. Seriously wtf.”

King spent two years in prison for her role in a car theft ring before being pardoned by Trump. She gave birth to her fifth child in prison.

“If you think your child is safe in today’s society you got another thing coming,” she continued. “What parent in their right mind wants their child lost? Dismembering their bodies in search of becoming something they’ll never be. How tf is that normal?”

Not all transgender people have surgical procedures. Multiple studies have shown that parental support and medical treatment is in the best interest of transgender people and greatly reduces the risk of suicide. All major medical associations agree that accepting a transgender child and supporting them is the best path forward for both mental and physical health.

“I spent 60k getting a Degree in Psychology. I thought I was losing it. But I leared that it’s a psychological disorder ‘Gender Dysphoria’ & instead of the Government helping our kids they’re pushing it as normal to join forces w/ Big Pharma & line their pockets.”

“Does anyone consider the parents?” she continued. “These predators want my son to believe that I don’t love him if I won’t accept him as a woman. How f’cking dare you!!”

King has repeatedly compared LGBTQ people to pedophiles and mocked Zaya Wade, NBA star Dwyane Wade’s transgender daughter. She ran for deceased Rep. John Lewis’s (D-GA) congressional seat in 2020 and lost handily.

When Lewis died, she tweeted “Pass the torch, don’t die with it in your hand.”

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