Ellen is taking heat on social media over a mediocre joke because it’s 2020

Ellen DeGeneres
Ellen DeGeneres Photo: Shutterstock

2020 continues to be the worst year ever. The latest example? People just plain hate Ellen. Like no reason anymore, they just hate her.

On the totally free website known as Twitter, Ellen posted a so-so joke about how new iPhones are coming out faster than PlayStations.

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Is it the funniest joke ever? Eh. But judging from the response to it, you’d think she committed a war crime.

And a lot of people linked the un-funniness of the joke to the fact that Ellen is a woman – remember that it hasn’t been all that long since Vanity Fair declared that women were simply not funny.

It’s not like any of these people paid for the joke and were then disappointed. Thousands of people post mediocre jokes to Twitter every day and don’t face this level of hatred.

And don’t fool yourself into thinking that these people are standing up for people who work for Ellen, who have, yes, come forward with allegations of sexual harassment and poor working conditions. Or that Ellen is mean – something that no male comedian would ever face public scorn for.

These folks just hate her. The joke was an excuse to express that hate.

The fact that she’s probably the most visible LGBTQ person in the country is not a coincidence.

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