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Pat Robertson predicts Trump will be reelected & it will spark the end of the world

Televangelist Pat Robertson
Televangelist Pat Robertson Photo: Screenshot

Christian televangelist and self-appointed “prophet” Pat Robertson told his viewers today that Donald Trump will win reelection as president.

In the process, he said, it will spark the end of the world.

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“Without question, Trump is going to win the election,” Robertson said before going on to add that a Trump win would spark major civil unrest in the nation and “at least two” assassination attempts.

“You talk about Trump Derangement Syndrome,” he said, using a rightwing term to describe opposition to Trump’s extremism, “it’s going to be horrible.”

While America is in turmoil, Robertson continued, Muslim-majority nations will use the opportunity to attack Israel. God, however, will intervene, he says, wiping out Muslims and leading to “a remarkable time of peace.”

But don’t get the warm and fuzzies just yet.

After several years of peace and prosperity, the End Times’ “Great Tribulation” will kick off when an asteroid hits the Earth.

This is hardly the first time Robertson has predicted the end of the world due to a celestial strike. Back in 1998, he condemned Orlando, Florida for hanging Pride flags from lamp poles as Disney World celebrated “Gay Days” at the amusement park.

Robertson said the flags and fun would “result in hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorist bombs, and possibly a meteor.” He urged government officials to “turn from their wicked ways” to avoid calamity.

He did not call on Trump to turn from his wicked ways during today’s broadcast. Instead, he has steadfastly defended Trump’s worst sins.

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