JK Rowling got a psychic warning about 2020 from Saturday Night Live: “Stick to the books!”

"Madame Vivelda" has a warning about 2020 for J.K. Rowling.
"Madame Vivelda" has a warning about 2020 for J.K. Rowling. Photo: Screenshot

Saturday Night Live warned J.K. Rowling to “Stick to the books!” in 2020, but the message was delivered too late.

In a weekend skit, out comedian Kate McKinnon portrayed “Madame Vivaldi,” a psychic with some dire news about the future when pop singer Adele and other cast members drop by in 2019.

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The hilarious piece skewers some of the year’s strangest moments as Madame Vivaldi paints a bleak – and confusing – picture of 2020.

Out comedian Bowen Yang’s future included a trip to Kentucky taken in lieu of a Paris vacation and peeing in bags to avoid using public restrooms. And crying.

Adele will stop touring and develop an obsession with adult coloring books. And she’ll cry.

Because, in 2020, there will be a lot of crying.

Rowling, who has spent a large portion of the year crying on Twitter over blowback to her transphobic remarks, has not responded. In a turn of events worthy of 2020, the Harry Potter author claims that the offense sparked by her blatantly anti-transgender statements is “anti-woman.”

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