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14 celebrities who support Donald Trump (plus Kanye West)

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It’s not just your Uncle Bucktooth and racist neighbor who support Donald Trump. Plenty of celebrities are deplorable too.

Unsurprisingly, most of them are white men. The majority of them are over 40. And none of them have much of a career any longer.

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Let’s take a look at 14 celebrities who are supporting Trump’s reelection campaign – and Kanye West.

50 Cent

The rapper’s biggest priority isn’t racial justice, LGBTQ rights, or keeping children out of cages. How much the multimillionaire pays in taxes is most important to him.

Kirstie Alley

The former Cheers star has gone full MAGA, regularly tweeting her support for Trump and trying to instigate arguments on social media.

Kelsey Grammar

An unapologetic Republican, and one of the other stars of Cheers, Grammar has been a GOP stalwart for decades.

Isaiah Washington

Washington is an actor who worked on Grey’s Anatomy for three seasons but was let go when he allegedly called co-star T.R. Knight “a fa***t.| Now his biggest role is retweeting memes on Twitter to “own the libs.”

Roseanne Barr

The Roseanne creator successfully rebooted her award-winning sitcom decades after it went off the air and promptly tanked her career by making racist remarks on social media. She blamed the blowback on her support for Trump and to prove she’s a liberal, she likes to promote Brandon Straka, a gay Trump supporter.

Stephen Baldwin

Because Jesus said to cage children, turn away strangers, and horde riches.

James Woods

Woods has embraced every inch of MAGA World and couldn’t be prouder of himself for it. He and Trump have even exchanged flattery on Twitter. The actor’s complaints are so weird that even the dictionary has corrected him online.

Mary Hart

The former Entertainment Tonight host is a longtime Republican. She reportedly prioritizes the party over the president, but the results are the same.

Jon Voight

Actor Jon Voight’s reputation for callousness and petty spite have dominated tabloids for years, so his loud support for Trump is no surprise. Even his daughter, actor Angelina Jolie, has reportedly cut off all contact with him.

Scott Baio

The 80s sitcom star has made being a Trump supporter his biggest gig to date, reveling in the attention he gets from posting conspiracy theories online, but lamenting that it’s cost him work.

“If you’re not hiring me because I’m a conservative, shame on you. If there’s a civil war, then don’t forget who has all the guns,” he said recently.

Stacey Dash

See Stephen Baldwin. She also likes to claim she’s an LGBTQ ally by promoting gay self-promoter Brandon Straka.

Antonio Sabato Jr.

The actor even spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2016, causing a dramatic spike in Google searches for “Who is Antonio Sabato Jr and why is he speaking at the Republican convention?”

Randy Quaid

Quaid, who had roles in everything from Brokeback Mountain to National Lampoon’s Vacation, grew a massive beard that matches his crazy conspiracy theories and inspired multiple YouTube videos like “WTF happened to RANDY QUAID?

Dean Cain

The former Superman actor turned born-again “filmmaker” worships the other washed-up celebrity in the White House. Like his idol, he spends his time on Twitter attacking journalists.

Honorable Mention: Kanye West

West has gone from being a major Trump supporter to launching his own presidential campaign – with help from Donald Trump’s campaign. His wife, Kim Kardashian, has blamed his bipolar disorder for his bewildering behavior.

None of the others have the same excuse.

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